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PlayStation Goes Social – Video Game Engagement Trends

With the announcement of PlayStation 4’s social elements, companies, game developers and gamers are coming together in a more integrated social ecosystem.

After watching last night’s PlayStation 4 LiveStream I learned some interesting things about Sony’s next iteration of their upcoming system the “PS4”. I learned that Sony has been watching and listening by integrating social networks, integrating 4th screen technology and cloud technology.

PlayStation Goes Social - Video Game Engagement Trends

I assume Sony is planning on hitting these mediums as follows:

Social Networks:

Sony has partnered with Facebook and UStream to help gamers collect and share content instantly with a dedicated “Share” button on the back of the controller. This is HUGE news to any gamer who’s ever wasted their time saving, editing and uploading their pwnage (pure ownage) to YouTube. Now gamers will be able to share their pwnage instantly in game as well as to the world. Seems like a gaming marketer’s dream.

If you don’t believe that people are actively doing this as we speak, here’s a clip from my COD:MW3 (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3) clan member Dan.


PlayStation Goes Social - Video Game Engagement Trends

4th Screen:

Sony is leveraging what it calls “Remote Play” so users can experience their game on multiple screens and keep users engaged in their game for longer periods of time while helping to boost their PS Vita handheld sales.

Game developers and Sony will also be working on separate apps to leverage smartphones and tablets to help bring gamers together and incorporate updates, news and invites to gamers on the go. Do you see the “social” theme coming through here?

PlayStation Goes Social - Video Game Engagement Trends

Cloud Technology:

To the Cloud! Everything has to be on the cloud these days, even our games! Sony seems to have the right idea of leveraging cloud services to give users instant gratification by allowing them to buy a game and play it instantly while the rest of the game downloads. On top of that, Sony will or should be leveraging some of the PS4’s new social technology to help target market specific games to users on their networks based on their “likes”.

Only time will tell how successful the PlayStation 4 will be when it’s finally released, but it’s a great idea to socialize their technology on a medium that’s already its own social channel.

How To Safely Travel With Diabetic Child

How To Safely Travel With Diabetic ChildSpring break is coming and many families will be leaving for a vacation.

Traveling with children is stressful enough never mind if you have children with special needs.

My teenager (14) is type 1 diabetic for almost 6 years now. I remember how stressed I was planning our first longer trip.

I know many people who stopped traveling for many years after their children were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was not planning to be one of those people.

I love my child and his safety is very important to me, but I also wanted our life to remain as normal as possible for him.

To those people who’s children has been recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes……you can travel and still keep your diabetic child safe.All you need is a plan.

Travel With Diabetic Child

Diabetes shouldn’t stop you or your child from doing the things you want and love to do. If you want to travel, and you have a child with type 1 diabetes, you must plan ahead carefully.

I want to share with you few tips we follow before and during traveling with our diabetic son:

#1 Visit pediatrician for a complete check-up several weeks before leaving for a vacation. Discuss the travel itinerary with diabetes team (nurse and dietitian) and work out plan and emergency situations.

#2 Ask doctor for up to date Travel Letter – written document stating that child is type 1 diabetic and is allowed to carry medicine and supplies. The Travel Letter lists all the medications and supplies diabetic child our will be traveling with.

#3 Pack double of all the medication and diabetic supplies needed during the trip.

#4 Purchase special insulating travel case for diabetic supplies and keep 2 day supply (and all insulin) in it and handy. Store the rest of the medication and diabetic supplies in a container (Rubbermaid…)

#5 Make sure all medications and diabetic supplies are in original packaging with name of diabetic child.

#6 In a separate container pack quick snacks like granola bars, crackers, water and juice boxes to prevent and treat hypoglycemia.

#7 Keep all medication, diabetic supplies and snacks in a carry-on luggage (for air travel). Let the security personnel know which carry-on contains child diabetic supplies. It usually helps speed things up as there is not need to question everything inside.

#8 If you are traveling by air and going through security check notify the screening officer in advance if your child uses an insulin pump. The walk-through metal detector and the hand-held metal detector may affect the functioning of an insulin pump, so you can ask the screening officer to perform a physical search in a private location if necessary.

#9 If your child wear an insulin pump don’t forget to pack syringes as they can be used in an emergency to withdraw insulin from an insulin cartridge.

#10 If your child uses insulin pen don’t forget to pack an extra pen

Safely Travel With Diabetic Child

How To Safely Travel With Diabetic Child

#11 Also make sure you pack:
extra batteries
extra glucose meter (we always bring 3)
Glucagon kit
travel sharps container
basic first aid kit

#12 Make sure your diabetic child wears a proper medical ID bracelet or necklace.

#13 Testing glucose is very important while traveling. My son checks his glucose every 2 hours to keep safe especially while flying.

Travel With Diabetic Child

More things to remember when traveling with diabetic child:

Insulin storage is very important . Insulin must be stored properly, as it will spoil if left in temperatures that are too hot or too cold. Insulin retains its potency at room temperature for thirty days.

Wearing proper and supportive shoes is another very important detail when traveling and exploring with diabetic child. It’s a good idea to keep pair of slip-on shoes in carry-on bag.

Many diabetics including diabetic children suffer from skin conditions like dry skin, cracked heels, slow healing of bruises and scrapes. It is always good idea to carry a special skin lotion when traveling. Special skin lotions for diabetics are not readily available in many places.

One of the top diabetic healing skin creams is Neoteric Diabetic Oxygenated Advanced Healing Cream and you can read it’s great review @ Confessions Of An Overworked Mom

Great Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

Great Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

Planning a honeymoon on a budget is sometimes a necessity, especially for many young couples. They keys to a great, inexpensive honeymoon are creativity and flexibility. Below are three ideas for making your honeymoon more wallet-friendly.

Great Cheap Honeymoon IdeasBed and Breakfast
With a bed and breakfast, not only can you find a nice little romantic hideaway, you also can save a little money–and breakfast is included. There are many high-end bed and breakfasts across the United States, but for a honeymoon you want a quaint place that suites your tastes. Customers of the historic Waverley Inn in Nova Scotia, have included Oscar Wilde and George Vanderbilt. The inn features antique furnishings, original oil paintings and Victorian four-poster beds. Rooms, including breakfast, were a mere $124 a night in 2009.

If glitz is a little more your thing, stay on the outskirts of Las Vegas in Boulder City, Nevada, where glitz, glamor, peace and quiet are all part of the experience. The Boulder Dam Hotel has 20 quaint guest rooms in the heart of the city. Rooms charges started at $69 in 2009.

All-Inclusive Honeymoons
One reason honeymoon expenses are so high is the extra cost of food, drinks and activities. An all-inclusive honeymoon includes your hotel room, food, drinks, non-motorized sports and sometimes excursions. To save more, travel in the off-season and look for deals. Great deals can be found online at An all-inclusive rate in a junior suite at the Pueblo Bonito Rose All Suites resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas was only $379.99 in 2009, including airfare from Los Angeles.Great Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

Family Timeshare
If you have family members who own a timeshare, let them know you are having a hard time finding an inexpensive resort and maybe they will offer their place as a wedding gift. Or check out After clicking on “timeshare rentals,” scroll the list of cities to find one that works for you. A weekly rental in Palm Springs at the Plaza Resort and Spa was $700 in 2009; the Wyndham San Diego was $500.