Medical Breakthrough massage chairs are really effective and useful when it comes to physical ailments such as back pain or joint pain. This is why we are here with the top 3 medical massage chairs that are there in the market. You can check as well. Since there are tons of components to look at when it comes to these expensive chairs here we are with all the pros and cons so that you can choose a massage chair that is perfect for you. 

  1. Medical Breakthrough 5A

Starting our list with Medical Breakthrough 5A which is a chair that offers you all the basic features that you expect from any massage chair. You get: 

  • The option of zero gravity massage with which you can experience a completely weightless massage experience. 
  • Similarly, you have the whole body massage option which is a perfect way to relax your whole body. You can also switch to lower back mode as well to get rid of any pain or stiffness in your lower back. 
  • With their advanced 3D scan technology, you get a quality massage experience as all your pressure points are located and the air cell that are there in the chair adjusts accordingly. 

Considering all this Medical Breakthrough 5A is a really good and affordable option when it comes to medical breakthrough massage chairs. Here are the pros and cons of Medical Breakthrough 5A. 

This is an ultimate massage chair that offers you every kind of massage, while some of the innovative features that you get with this chair are exclusive to this brand only. The advanced 3D scanning technology is there to provide you with optimum results when it comes to massage. Lastly, the massage chair is equipped with multiple air cells and cushions and they adjust according to your body making this chair more comfortable for you. 

On the downside, there is no full body stretch feature, and this is an old model when compared with all the other options that are there on this list. 

  1. Medical Breakthrough 7

Next in this list, we have Medical Breakthrough 7 which is a more advanced and upgraded version of Medical Breakthrough 5A. With Medical Breakthrough 7 you also get features like zero gravity massage, whole body massage, lower back massage, along with advanced 3D scanning technology making this massage chair really great options. 

Besides all that, you also get some additional and advanced features with this chair. 

  • You have a head massager that is really effective when it comes to head massages. 
  • The massage rollers in this massage chair are comparatively longer when compared with the previous models. This provides you with additional comfort as well. 
  • Moreover, you also get the option of a complete arm and hand massage which was not available in Medical Breakthrough 5A. 
  • Lastly, you also get the full body stretch mode that helps you with the stretching of your legs while keeping your hips in place. 

The upgraded version of Medical Breakthrough 5A offers you new technology, along with longer massage rollers, a head massager, arm and hand massager, and additional air cells for extra comfort. 

However, this model lacks the body twist feature while it is more expensive than the model that was mentioned above. 

  1. Medical Breakthrough 8 

Last in this list is Medical Breakthrough 8 which is the most advanced and expensive medical breakthrough massage chair of this list. Along with all the features that were listed above including, zero gravity massage, whole body massage, lower back massage, advanced 3D scanning technology, arm & hand massage, and full body stretch, you get some really advanced and useful features with this one. 

  • You get a complete body twist feature that is not there in any other model on this list. 
  • With 167 customizable air cells in this device, you get superior comfort levels and seamless massage experience. 
  • Instead of the traditional head massage, you also get a firm neck massage that is just perfect for you. 
  • Lastly, you can also enjoy music with the help of the in-built MP3 player and the headphones that you get with Medical Breakthrough 8.

Medical Breakthrough 8 is the most advanced massage chair in this list that offers you an inbuilt music system, 167 customizable air cells for comfort, a frim neck massage that replaces the traditional head massager, and the complete body twist feature that is not there in any other model on this list. 

However, Medical Breakthrough 8 is quite expensive when compared with the other models. Also, the missing head massager option can be a problem for some of us.