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A water filter is a staple in every home today. We are aware that local tap water carries harmful chemicals and contaminant. A water filter is much needed here to filter out these pollutants and get safe water for us. Are you on plans to get a water filter for your home of late? Well, when it comes to residential drinking water filters, there is a wide range of styles and models to choose from. Some leading water filter brands like propur offer almost all kinds of filter while you will also find brands that specialize in one particular type. For those uninitiated, the post below offers a brief on the different kinds of water filters so that you can choose a type as per your specific needs. 

Pitcher filter

This is certainly the common-most water filter, courtesy easy portability and affordability. A pitcher filter generally comprises of two parts. The upper half center carries activated carbon which helps to filtrate out contaminants and unwanted substances from water. The lower half of the pitcher collects the filtered water. You can collect safe drinking water from lower half of pitcher.

However, it’s to mention here that these pitcher filters generally have limited capacity and hence good for small families. As they are easily portable, you can also carry them along in your picnic or camping trips.


  • Ability to remove wide range of unwanted substances
  • Portable
  • Economical
  • User-friendly


  • Limited capacity
  • Slow

Countertop filter

As the name says, these filters are installed in kitchen countertops. One of the best aspects of the filter is that it assures a super-fast filtration. Some of the countertop options come with in-built faucets. Otherwise, you would just have to connect the filter with your existing countertop faucet and you are done. These filters can handle large capacity of water and there is no need to fill and empty your jug all the time.

Another good thing is, countertop filters are pretty easy to install and doesn’t demand elaborate plumbing modifications. But yes, they will occupy a considerable space on your countertop.


  • Fast performance; it gets into action the moment you turn your tap on
  • Better filtration capacity
  • Not very expensive


  • Not suitable for small or narrow countertops

Faucet-mounted water filter

This is another filter that you will have to fit with your faucet. The filter works to remove harmful contaminants in tap water before it flows out to you so that you can enjoy clean cooking or washing water. You will be glad to know, these filters are generally very affordable and hence are popular across households. Not only that, the filter can improve taste and smell or tap water.


  • Low price
  • Small size
  • Easy installation 
  • Convenient operation


  • Slows down water flow
  • Might not be compatible with a low faucet

Reverse Osmosis filter

The RO water filter is one of the best and most advanced forms of water filters. It works on the principle of cross filtration. These filters have two types of outlets- one allows easy flow of pure water while the other one eliminates contaminated water.


  • Eliminates around 95 percent contaminants
  • High quality water
  • Better taste
  • Low maintenance


  • High cost

Weigh the pros and cons carefully to find out the right kind of filter for your home.