Fortnite is one of the favorite digital games of people of all age group. It is a shooting game in which you have to kill your enemies. It is developed by a company named Epic Games and was firstly released in 2017. If you love to play shooting games in which you get to battle with different players from all over the world, Fortnite is the best option. This immensely popular game has attracted over 125 million players from around the globe. In a single battle 100 players join and fight against each other and the one who remains alive wins the game. The developers have infused some fantastic features in the latest fortnite season 10 and enhanced the gameplay.

Some of the best features of fortnite that make it the best


The graphics are undoubtedly the biggest advantage of fortnite. It has immensely high and vibrant graphics. The premium quality of pictures makes the gameplay more attractive and enhances the level of engagement of the player. It provides the best graphics for competitive gameplay and makes the game interesting.

The entirely destructible environment in the battle royale

In most of the games, the player cannot engage with the surroundings, but fortnite offers the players to destruct and rebuild the environment by using various powers and energies in the game. The developers have taken this feature to the next level in the fortnite season 10. Players can use the objects around them to hide and peek on to the enemies and sneak on them to kill them, but this feature allows the players to blow up the object and kill the hidden enemy.

Fast pace

The game has such high graphics, and still, it shows no lags and hangs. The game runs on a high speed, which enhances the overall gameplay and gives the user a great experience of playing the game.