If you just entered the world of AFK Arena, you might still be in the process of getting to know the game. Well, this article will help you. Here are a few things that you need to know about AFK Arena that will serve as a guide for beginners like you.


As a new player, one of the most important things that you need to know is the slang words used in the AFK Arena. So for you not to be innocent and unaware of these words as you enter the world of AFK arena, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with them. First of these terms is the heroes in the AFK Arena. Basically, there are some factions of the hero in the game. First is the lighbearers. This faction is considered to be all around because it has a lot of heroes with various skills. Together, lightbearers can strengthen their other kind effectively. Nonetheless, since this faction is too rich, it also doesn’t focus on an y role. Second faction is the maulers. Maulers are the heroes faction that can impose great damage to enemies. This is the reason why they are considered as who really dominate currently in the AFK Arena. You can certainly find many super carry heroes in this faction such as Saveas, Warek, Brutus and Vurk. Third in line is the Wilders. Players love this faction because they posse many support heroes to offer. They can deliver an amzing balance for almost all the kinds of lineups. They help in team building compositions in the game. Graveborns are another heroes faction in the game. They are considered to be super versatile compared to lightbearers. They have wide variety of roles in the game such as support, tanker, assassin and damage dealer. There are other more factions such as celestials and hupogeans that are known for their strong ability. Howeverm these heroes are not free for new players or free players. For more information about the best heroes in the game, you can visit AFK Arena Tier List – Best Heroes for PvP and PvE (Updated).

Line Up

It is also important for you to know the formation of heroes in the game, Basically, the lineup is composed of 5 heroes that you use to join in battles as you play the game. Always keep in mind that one of the ways to easily advance and be successful in the game is to have a composition of the team with great formation and line up. This will also allow you to have a powerful collaboration and so the aura buff. Some of the common line ups are: 3 heroes have the same faction and the rest has different factions. You can also line up 3 heroes have the same faction and the rest ahs the same faction.


You also need to know about the campaign. Basically, the campain will serve as your main progression in the game. Campaign is where you will gain XP, items, gold and majority of the things in AFK Arena. Generally, you will be able to get more rewards if you can get into higher campaign. It is also advisable to gather the campaign rewards at least once every 12 hours because it doesn’t add up  after 12 hours of idling. Now, when you already hit the chapter 16 of the game, there is a trick that can help you get mythical gears. It is to stall for a few days.


When you are stuck, it is advisable to upgrade your gears as this will help you make your heroes even stronger. But it is not advisable not to upgrade  gear past 3 star. It will surely consume your tons of gold in the long run. You should also hold some sets for each type of gears since you usually want to amend the formation of the team. Keeo the gears for your main heroes and team in the resonating crystal.


Last but not the least, you should also give importance to your friends. Your friends will serve as your great companions that will help you explore the AFK arena world a lot easier. You can send and receive the points of companion or heart in here. The maximum heart or points that you can send is 30 every day.