* What are they?

Apple iPod earphones are the little earbuds that come with the iPod. They are standard issue in every iPod box (along with the instruction manual, a remote, etc.), and they also come with foam covers for the speaker portion of the earbuds.

* What’s good about them?

First and foremost, they are free. That’s a major plus for someone cheap (like me), and it is great to be able to start using your new iPod as soon as you get it. I also like the size of these little earbuds; they are easy to tuck into a pocket, purse, or pencil case so that they are always there when you need them.

As far as sound quality, these little guys are pretty average in that department. Not great, but not horrible either. For the selection of the best quality, playbeatz reviews can be visited at online search engines. The size of the ear buds will be according to the ear of the person. Either it is iPhone or android one, the listening of the music will be excellent with the ear buds at reasonable rates. 

* What’s not so good about them?

Even though the overall sound quality is average, you may notice that some of your music will come across with a bit too much bass, making the sound quality on these songs a bit “boomy.” For example, I was listening to a techno song that had quite a bit of bass, and the the earbuds produced a pretty “boomy” sound that knocked out some of the lighter background music during that portion of the song. It isn’t horrible by any means, just a bit more bass than I hear while using my other earphones.

There is also the issue of comfort – these little earbuds are not very comfortable. If I were grading on comfort alone, these earphones would get a 3/10. While they do go in the ear with relative ease, after about 15 minutes, I am ready to take them out and give my ears a rest. These are also, like most earbuds, very difficult to keep in your ears during exercise. I wouldn’t plan on jogging with these earphones, for example.

In all fairness, though, I have what my friends and family have dubbed as “miniature elf ears.” I have small ears that do not naturally like earbud style headphones. I pop the earbuds in, and they fall out or are hideously uncomfortable by the 60 minute mark, so it could just be that my weird ear size and ear shape is causing some incompatibility with the Apple iPod earbuds.

* Overall score:

I have been an Apple loving girl from the time I used my first Apple II back in elementary school, so I really wanted to like these earphones since they came with the Apple iPod. Unfortunately, as amazing as my iPod is, the earphones that come with it miss the mark.

I would give these a solid 6 out of 10 – pretty average sound quality overall, not too comfortable for my ears, but they are free. So, at least you can start listening to your favorite tunes as soon as you get your new iPod. That’s an extra point for an impatient, frugal person like me!