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What Happened When I Brought My Mom To An Edm Event

Young fans screaming at the top of their voice and dancing to glory to thrilling beats is a popular scene at any EDM festival. Even though music has no boundaries yet this specific genre is mostly identified with the youth given its sheer feet-tapping numbers and the neon Technicolor madness edm songs bring along with. Now, what if you find 60-year-old lady grooving in between? That’s a utopian thought no doubt but in my case, it was a very beautiful reality.

Well, I took my mom to an EDM event recently and- the result was “phenomenal”! It was my mom’s 60th birthday and I wished to do something that would create a one-of-a-kind experience for her. And being a hardcore EDM fan myself, I contemplated to share some of my EDM fervor with her as a memorable birthday gift for the diva of my life. Always an open-minded, independent and liberal lady, she has always been up for new fun and new experiences. However, I must admit here, I was little skeptical about she would react to the boho ambience and the total madness of the EDM parties. In fact, I didn’t tell her properly where I would be taking her on her birthday. She gave a hearty nod to my surprise plan and thus we set off.

The moment we stepped at the event ground, we had a sea of youngsters to welcome us with their Technicolor buzz and Day-Glo swirls. I looked at mum to check her reaction on seeing the colorful crowd. The lady seemed to be pretty amused and much to my surprise, she asked- “won’t we get all those colors on hands like them?!?” It took me a moment to digest it but I soon regained control and enthusiastically responded- “Sure, let’s go.”

As we approached little further, there was the common sight of hundreds of young fans passing us in pasties and thongs, carrying slogans like “Come, let’s twerk together!”

“What’s twerking?”, my mom was little curious.

“Hey, see that tent is so colorful”, I responded.

I was constantly seeking apology from my dad in my mind for exposing his beloved to such Gen-Y trash vocabulary. However, my mom seemed to be pretty okay with the electronic blast and the craze going around her. I was little relieved.

As we walked on little further, there was a group of youngsters waiting eagerly for the festival to start. “Hey, it’s awesome to have you here”, said a young man to my mom while grooving to the beats around in his neon hair. “I shall bring my mom too.” My mom smiled gave him a cute pat on his cheek.

Hi friends soon queued up before us in amazement (due to my mom) to shake hands and offer the signature handmade bracelets. My mom was overjoyed to see so many youngsters welcoming her with such vigor.

“It’s everything about PLUR”, said a young girl clad in a metallic bodysuit. PURL stands for peace, love as well as unity & respect. My mom complemented her metallic getup and was all ears when she patiently described when she described how to make PLUR with fingers & trade bracelets.

In no time, my mum’s wrists were stacked with bracelets, lovingly given by the Gen-Z fans. In fact, they befriended each other so well that it was them with whom my mom was dancing mostly all through the festival. And it led me to a different realization. I realized these EDM festivals aren’t just about music. But they are also about forming an immersive and welcoming community where everybody is welcome in great spirits, regardless of age or any other factors.

While going back home, I asked my lady- “so, how was it?” Still in trance of the musical madness we just left behind, she replied-“it’s like being in an exotic country where you’ve never been before and where everybody is very nice and that too even with those who aren’t really like them. Thank You.”

Wobbly Restaurant Tables

One of the first things I do when visiting a dining establishment (at least one where you choose your own seating) is checked to find a clean and stable table. Why stable you ask because I can’t stand spending my hopefully fully pleasurable lunch or dinner experience dealing with a table that rises and falls at every change in the balance of our food.

First off, a dirty table is completely unacceptable. I know that others have dined before me, and hopefully thousands of them because the place I am eating is that good; I just don’t want to think about it. Even worse, I don’t want to see remnants of what they were eating. So for all those restaurateurs out there, please take special note to be well staffed enough to have those tables spotless right after the previous diners are done.

Along with that, make sure that whatever rag you are using to clean up includes one to dry it off. Seeing streaks of likely bacterial invested water from your quick clean up job is just about as disgusting as a dirty table.

Now on to my peeve of the day, the table that moves. I realize there is a myriad of reasons why a table can be unstable. That tile floor can’t be expected to be perfectly flat of course, and the table legs are designed to go on a flat surface. Then there is the bozo that can’t help but manhandle the table when moving around your entire middle dining area to accommodate his party of 50 friends and family. Whatever the reason may be, it just bugs me to have a table that amplifies my bad manners of putting my elbows on the table.

Yeah, I admit it, I all too often lean in on my meal with an elbow or two resting on the table. Bad habit I know, but it happens. But that aside, some tables are so imbalanced that simply removing your beverage cup can cause a shifting of the delicate balance akin to the sway of a boat at sea.

Of course, I don’t sit and stew or make a nuisance of myself by complaining about my seating arrangements. Instead of grabbing a napkin or two, fold them up to the necessary thickness, and place it under the offending leg. Most people I dine with know of my need to stability when eating, so they have made it a part of the initial sitting down routine to hold up the leg and help me get things in order. Others grin and are somewhat impressed by my McGyver like ingenuity; at least secretly inside they are.

So, I don’t like ‘em, but I have my own little solution to fix the situation. No instability while I enjoy my meal. Can’t stand it. Ugh.

Great Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

Great Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

Planning a honeymoon on a budget is sometimes a necessity, especially for many young couples. They keys to a great, inexpensive honeymoon are creativity and flexibility. Below are three ideas for making your honeymoon more wallet-friendly.

Great Cheap Honeymoon IdeasBed and Breakfast
With a bed and breakfast, not only can you find a nice little romantic hideaway, you also can save a little money–and breakfast is included. There are many high-end bed and breakfasts across the United States, but for a honeymoon you want a quaint place that suites your tastes. Customers of the historic Waverley Inn in Nova Scotia, have included Oscar Wilde and George Vanderbilt. The inn features antique furnishings, original oil paintings and Victorian four-poster beds. Rooms, including breakfast, were a mere $124 a night in 2009.

If glitz is a little more your thing, stay on the outskirts of Las Vegas in Boulder City, Nevada, where glitz, glamor, peace and quiet are all part of the experience. The Boulder Dam Hotel has 20 quaint guest rooms in the heart of the city. Rooms charges started at $69 in 2009.

All-Inclusive Honeymoons
One reason honeymoon expenses are so high is the extra cost of food, drinks and activities. An all-inclusive honeymoon includes your hotel room, food, drinks, non-motorized sports and sometimes excursions. To save more, travel in the off-season and look for deals. Great deals can be found online at An all-inclusive rate in a junior suite at the Pueblo Bonito Rose All Suites resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas was only $379.99 in 2009, including airfare from Los Angeles.Great Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

Family Timeshare
If you have family members who own a timeshare, let them know you are having a hard time finding an inexpensive resort and maybe they will offer their place as a wedding gift. Or check out After clicking on “timeshare rentals,” scroll the list of cities to find one that works for you. A weekly rental in Palm Springs at the Plaza Resort and Spa was $700 in 2009; the Wyndham San Diego was $500.