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Which Is The Best Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular augmented reality games available to be played on smartphones. The game got many people addicted as soon as it was released and in fact, became the most downloaded one within a month of its release. The game involves collecting Pokemon which are virtual characters to collect and engage them in battles. A player can engage in collecting and training pokemon that can be captured virtually from real geographic locations around a player. This is done by using The GPS of mobile phones. 

The game is available for IOS and Android users. The game started with around 200 Pokemon species that can be located and captured by the players virtually. However, the game pushed many updates and thus the number of pokemon available have hiked up to 600. The game has also promoted itself as a means of increasing physical activity as players are supposed to walk and locate pokemon around them. The game has various attractive features to gather the player’s interest which often turns into an addiction. Players can use the money to buy various in-game purchases that can add up to the items in the game. 

Which Pokemon Is The Best In The Game? 

The game features various pokemon and the numbers are on a continuous hike as there are updates now and then featuring new pokemon with various abilities. With so many pokemon available and that too with varying abilities, it is often difficult to rate them. However, one can rate them based on their types and abilities. One can rate the pokemon based on their strengths like raiding, defending and attacking. Also, on needs to look at different basis on which they can be ranked. 

Which Are The 6 Best Attacker Pokemon In Pokemon GO? 

Damage amount matters a lot when one is ranking attack pokemon. However, the damage amount varies according to the level of Pokemon, they can be ranked fairly by considering their base damage. Following are the top 6 attacking pokemon: 

  • Mewtwo

Mewtwo is considered to have the best damage even though it’s moving are not that perfect. Shadow Ball is the charged move while confusion is the quick move which Mewtwo performs. 

  • Rayquaza 

Rayquaza is the second-best in terms of damage and exceptional moves. This Pokemon is considered to be dominating against many others. 

  • Kyogre 

Kyogre turns out to be one of the best when it comes to water attacks. It is the best water type pokemon. The waterfall is the quick move performed by Kyogre while hydro jump is its charged move. 

  • Lucario 

Lucario is a quick attacking Pokemon that can take down one of the top defenders easily through quick attacks. The counter is the quick move of this Pokemon while aura sphere is the charged move. 

  • Dragonite

Dragonite turns out to be one of the strongest Pokemon that can win battles easily through the quick move called dragon tail and a charged move called outrage. 

  • Garchomp 

Garchomp is a similar Pokemon to Dragonite and has similar attacks too. It also has the same quit move and charged move called dragon tail and outrage respectively. The only difference is that it is less bulky than Dragonite. 

The above 6 pokemon can be considered the best attackers in Pokemon GO. A player can win battles and attack gyms successfully by using the above six pokemon. It is difficult to read the best Pokemon how to all pokemon available but one can surely read the best attackers and defenders based upon their base ratings. Pokemon Go is a great game with lots of interesting pokemon available and a lot more awaited in the coming updates. One can also visit online Pokemon shops like and have enhanced gaming experience. 

Grand Theft Auto Iv Apparently Saving Lives

Alvin Chang, a columnist for The Washington Square News, has ascertained that the blockbuster new video game “Grand Theft Auto IV” is a lot more than a game; it reflects and even has an impact on real life.

Chang asserts that the game is almost a psychological self-analysis; that by watching your own decisions within the parameters of the game you can find out “who you are.”

Besides the reality of the characters, the city neighborhoods reflect specific people’s actions; as Chang says “rich people act rich and poor people act poor.”

One thing that is amazing is that specific characters will actually live their lives by carrying on with daily routines.

One ultimately gets the feeling that the purpose of the report has a whole lot more importance than reporting about how realistic a video game is. There appears to be a suggestion that the game has saved lives.

The city that is portrayed in the game is similar to New York City. In 2006 a man named Sean Bell was shot about 50 times by the New York Police outside of a club. The reason for the shooting was that they thought he was reaching for a weapon but it was just a cell phone.

I remember the incident and it seemed to everyone that shooting one man 50 times was a little excessive. That is why I tried using gta 5 mod menu xbox one. With this, I was able to somehow alter or modify some aspects of the game like the character. This adds more fun and excitement. Sometimes, when playing game, you have to go beyond the traditional gameplay so you can have fun.

As Chang reports, Bell was black which in a police killing will typically magnify the event even further and, it did. The New York Police were vindicated for the shooting and that generated predictable public outrage. It took the form of protests and public outcry via letters and commentary.

However, to video sales people and ultimately to Chang, “Grand Theft Auto IV” actually saved lives because, through incredible sales, it allowed a catharsis with respect to pent-up anger.

Basically the logic is that instead of going out and shooting at police or taking some other criminal action, there is a modicum of satisfaction in killing a few “cyber-cops” within the parameters of the game and this actually helps fill some kind of emotional need. In addition, other actions outside typical laws are all part of this game.

So is “Grand Theft Auto IV” more than a game? Is it a look into the future where video games provide not just entertainment but fill life needs from romance to jobs?

According to Alvin Chang, after a video female acquaintance was killed, his demeanor changed; he was affected.

There is no doubt video games can have an impact on people, after all, if television, which is not interactive can, then it stands to reason video games can.

It’s all right I guess, just as long as we are vigilant in watching our societal actions rather than expecting a game to pick up the pieces of our mistakes.

Afk Arena Beginners Guide 2020

If you just entered the world of AFK Arena, you might still be in the process of getting to know the game. Well, this article will help you. Here are a few things that you need to know about AFK Arena that will serve as a guide for beginners like you.


As a new player, one of the most important things that you need to know is the slang words used in the AFK Arena. So for you not to be innocent and unaware of these words as you enter the world of AFK arena, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with them. First of these terms is the heroes in the AFK Arena. Basically, there are some factions of the hero in the game. First is the lighbearers. This faction is considered to be all around because it has a lot of heroes with various skills. Together, lightbearers can strengthen their other kind effectively. Nonetheless, since this faction is too rich, it also doesn’t focus on an y role. Second faction is the maulers. Maulers are the heroes faction that can impose great damage to enemies. This is the reason why they are considered as who really dominate currently in the AFK Arena. You can certainly find many super carry heroes in this faction such as Saveas, Warek, Brutus and Vurk. Third in line is the Wilders. Players love this faction because they posse many support heroes to offer. They can deliver an amzing balance for almost all the kinds of lineups. They help in team building compositions in the game. Graveborns are another heroes faction in the game. They are considered to be super versatile compared to lightbearers. They have wide variety of roles in the game such as support, tanker, assassin and damage dealer. There are other more factions such as celestials and hupogeans that are known for their strong ability. Howeverm these heroes are not free for new players or free players. For more information about the best heroes in the game, you can visit AFK Arena Tier List – Best Heroes for PvP and PvE (Updated).

Line Up

It is also important for you to know the formation of heroes in the game, Basically, the lineup is composed of 5 heroes that you use to join in battles as you play the game. Always keep in mind that one of the ways to easily advance and be successful in the game is to have a composition of the team with great formation and line up. This will also allow you to have a powerful collaboration and so the aura buff. Some of the common line ups are: 3 heroes have the same faction and the rest has different factions. You can also line up 3 heroes have the same faction and the rest ahs the same faction.


You also need to know about the campaign. Basically, the campain will serve as your main progression in the game. Campaign is where you will gain XP, items, gold and majority of the things in AFK Arena. Generally, you will be able to get more rewards if you can get into higher campaign. It is also advisable to gather the campaign rewards at least once every 12 hours because it doesn’t add up  after 12 hours of idling. Now, when you already hit the chapter 16 of the game, there is a trick that can help you get mythical gears. It is to stall for a few days.


When you are stuck, it is advisable to upgrade your gears as this will help you make your heroes even stronger. But it is not advisable not to upgrade  gear past 3 star. It will surely consume your tons of gold in the long run. You should also hold some sets for each type of gears since you usually want to amend the formation of the team. Keeo the gears for your main heroes and team in the resonating crystal.


Last but not the least, you should also give importance to your friends. Your friends will serve as your great companions that will help you explore the AFK arena world a lot easier. You can send and receive the points of companion or heart in here. The maximum heart or points that you can send is 30 every day.

A Beginners Guide To Gaming 2020

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Gaming is a completely different industry now. It is no longer considered as a sport confined only to the “nerds” or “introverts”. It is much bigger than that in today’s time. A $100 billion dollar industry that has taken the world by storm, gaming is now a favorite career for many people around the world. Even gaming tournaments have a huge amount of money flowing to get more gamers into the industry.

Lot of pro gamers are now renowned world-wide and considered celebrities. It is now mainstream than ever before. If you are aspiring to enter the world of gaming, then you must keep a few things in mind. They will help you to get off to a good start initially.

We have compiled some very interesting tips and tricks for you in today’s blog. So, continue reading our beginners guide to gaming and enjoy valorant services on your web right now.

Setup a Budget and Good System

first things first, you need to have a proper budget in order to get things going. You have to invest in a good gaming system, buy video games and also get yourself other accessories. Just like every other career or business needs a bit of investment, the same goes for gaming. When you have a budget in mind, first you must setup a good gaming system. It will include an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, powerful GPU and processor, premium monitor and sufficient RAM & Hard disk drive. All these items are essential to let you game seamlessly and showcase your skills of the highest level. Once the system is set, you have to invest in the games you want to play. Get original video games and start playing them in your system.

Which Game Will You Play? 

there is a long list of games that are available in the market. They range from shooters to sport games. The list of gaming genre is endless. That is why you need to understand which games are you going to play and develop your skills in. Check out the most popular gaming lineups that are trending around the world and pick on for yourself. You must always choose a genre of gaming that gives you fun and excitement. Games that interest you should always be your first priority because you never get tired of it. Pro gamers have a particular game in which they have mastered themselves over the years. The same strategy applies for you as well.

Choosing Your Platform

choosing a specific platform for gaming is another vital aspect for you as a beginner. There are different platforms where you can start your gaming career – mobile gaming, PC gaming or console gaming. All the three most popular platforms have their own set of pros and cons. You need to understand which platform is more suitable for you and the kind of gaming gemre you have selected. Mobile gaming is quite popular nowadays and it has a huge potential. The rest of the platforms are already established and several popular gamers have hailed from there. You can try out all the three platforms for sometime and decide yourself regarding it.

Follow Big Names in The Industry

in order to revamp your skills and improve your gaming experience, you have to follow popular gamers and professional players on the web. This will help you to watch and learn how they have developed their gameplay. It is imperative that you understand their strategies, techniques and skills they possess. All of that will contribute to a more efficient and successful gaming experience over the course of time. The more you learn and practice the better you are going to get in the field of gaming always. That is why you need to follow professional gamers.

These are the top tips that you can follow as a beginner in the world of gaming right away!Conclusion 

gaming is a very competitive career option in today’s world. More and more people are aspiring to become professional gamers and online streamers. The popularity of the industry offers a wide range of opportunity for you to establish yourself. Hence, you simply cannot miss the chance to do something big and turn your passion into profession.

Which is Ultimate Elite Charged TM in Pokemon GO?

The gaming of Pokemon GO is one of the interesting gameplay ever. Elite charged TM is an item from pokemon GO items that provide access to different moves for pokemon’s move by choosing a new move that pokemon can grasp. 

However, elite charged TM is one of the special items of pokemon GO feature that allow the trainer to have better gameplay. We are here suggesting for best elite charged TM in pokemon GO that has a differentiation between regular charged TM and elite ones. To attain comprehensive comprehension, continue reading until the end. 

What is elite charged TM in pokemon go?

When you are in a battleground with other trainers, then it is required that your pokemon has a smooth movement so that they can sustain the battle for a longer period. Additionally, these elite TM can be attained by the trainer as a prize in season end. Pokemon GO is all about winning various prizes when you compete in GO battle league.

New prizes allow you to have more powerful moves for GBL along with various raids. It is necessary to grasp that using their elite TMs, in the beginning, shouldn’t be practiced. Wasting your powerful and exclusive moves on less powerful pokemon is nothing but useless. With the elite charge, TM exclusive move that pokemon can learn is psychic type move, shadow ball. This one has 100 base power also can be taught to numerous pokemon from spoink to gardevoir. Legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo, can only be taught from an elite charge TM, and that is the only one. 

Mewtwo is easy to teach with shadow ball; however, only through an event that has passed long ago. This particular reason plays a vital role in proving its best use of an elite charger TM that is available in legacy moves. Mewtwo’s power can be used in smacking down in tough battle due to its exclusive moves and power. Pro players would have surely able to nab a Mewtwo of their own in the Kanto throwback event. 

For attaining shadow ball, the new catch is perfect for using an elite charged TM. Players having this specific move-in pokemon GO battle can be proven miraculous in both PVE and PVP battles. At the beginning of the new season, pro players and even newbies would want to attain ranks for attaining prizes such as elite charged TMs. If you are at home, then it is best to play or finish the game also can use this time for completion of the Johto throwback event that is currently taking place. So, we can say that it is home-friendly as well. 

For winning elite-charged TMs, prize players can surely look forward to seeing dot community day event that introduces the shiny versions of seed’s changing line. You can now start playing pokemon GO on your android and iOS devices as it is free to use over there. 

Types of Elite TMs

Two types of elite TMs can be attained as a reward in the battleground league. 

Elite fast TM: in this particular technical machine, you can choose a fast attack to teach to a pokemon. 

Elite charge TM: this one allows you to choose a charged attack for teaching to a pokemon. 

Both of these TMs help have a special advantage in-game that you lack in normal TMs. 

Elite TMs

Having elite TMs is different as here you get to choose the move that your pokemon will learn, and it can be surely turned out to be helpful for you. Teaching pokemon legacy and community day exclusive moves would be helpful surely. For attaining elite TMs as reward trainer has to reach rank seven or above in GBL. These elite are rare and highly valuable in the game. 

Normal TMS

When it comes to normal TMs, then pokemon gets to learn a random fast or charge from the current move pool. It is easily available with participation in GBL matches or raid battles. These regular TMs are valuable, however, not rare as elite ones.

The final judgment 

in the final judgment, we can conclude to the aspect that elite charged TMs is the best thing to win as the reward at the end of the season when you have win GBL. Unlike regular charge TMs, the elite one is different, which not teaches pokemon a new random move but an exclusive pokemon move that will help defeat your competitor in tough battle. 

Additionally, it is incredible for players to attain in a battle league that would simply add to their powers in the gameplay, which is surely a plus point in every battle that you would be participating in. We hope the details stated above make sense to you in the comprehension of the best elite charged TMs in GBL. 

“Perfect Dark”: A Great Game

Perfect Dark is a first person shooter developed by Rare Ltd. and released for the N64. Perfect Dark is set in a futuristic world where the player assumes the role of a female secret agent. This character is sent through a series of missions.

The missions are made up of a few levels. The difficulty levels are Agent, Secret Agent, and Perfect Agent. In the higher difficult levels special gadgets like shields are missing and the auto aim ability is turned off.

Alongside the main campaign there is a cooperative mode. In this mode two human players, or up to three computer controlled players take on the missions together. Only one human player has to make it to the end with all objectives completed though.

Counter Operative mode is an exclusive mode to this Perfect Dark. Two human players are required for this mode. One player assumes the role of the main character, while the other player assumes the role of an enemy somewhere in the level, and attempts to stop the other player.

If the counter operative is killed they will re-spawn as another enemy. The counter operative cannot kill the other player’s allies to try to make them fail their mission outright.

The weapons range from fists to assault rifles, rockets launchers, and even some alien weapons. The icing on the cake is that most of the weapons have two fire modes. Pistols in second fire mode will cause the player to pistol whip. Shotguns get dual bursts which can be useful in crowded rooms.

An assault rifle may be thrown on the ground as a proximity mine, Rocket launcher is in secondary fire mode become guided launchers. Some grenades with bounce like a pinball, and will detonate if an enemy gets close to it. It is often thought by some to be a clone of Golden Eye 007.

The multiplayer combat plays almost the same in Perfect Dark, but the graphics are brushed up, and weapons along with multiplayer maps from Golden Eye 007 may be unlocked if the player does certain things in single player.

Multiplayer modes in Perfect Dark include most of the staples, like death matches, king of the hill, and capture objective type modes. Most multiplayer features and the entire campaign can only be accessed if the player has an expansion pack for their N64.

In 2010 it was ported to the Xbox 360 with graphic upgrades and some minor fixes by 4J Studios. It is available on the Xbox Live Arcade. Noting that it is an original Nintendo title, it was not released on the Nintendo network because Microsoft acquired Rare Ltd.

All in all, a perfect game where you would be hard pressed to find flaws to pinpoint it down to a lower level and one that can be played over and over again without getting bored where levels are quite easy to accomplish unlike pokemon where you needed to buy pokemon go accounts to proceed with the mission.

Blizzcon Tickets Sell Out in Seconds

Blizzcon is the holy grail of conventions for many World of Warcraft gamers and Fortnite lovers that have Fortnite item shop where you can get amazing Fortnite mercs and collectible items making Blizzcon one of the best conventions for Fortnite and World of Warcraft lovers. With 11.4 million subscriptions worldwide, there is certainly a lot of competition when trying to get a ticket to attend the event.

On May 21, 2019, Blizzcon Tickets sold out in a matter of fewer than 30 minutes, however, if one didn’t enter the ticket queue to buy tickets within 2 seconds, they missed the chance to buy, so it is more accurate to say that tickets sold out in 2 seconds this year. This was the first batch of ticket sales, and there will be two more chances to get tickets. The first chance will be on May 25th at 7 pm and the second will be May 28th. The May 28th date will be to buy tickets to the pre-Blizzcon dinner to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and will come with 1 Blizzcon badge and goodie bag per dinner reservation.

Shortly after the selling out of tickets, many auctions began to appear on eBay and other online marketplaces for tickets marked up as high as five hundred dollars. Also within seconds, the forums erupted with threads of outcry over the auctions, and dismay from players over not getting a ticket of their own. Scalping is no new hurdle to prospective Blizzcon attendees. Between 2018 and the present, scalping has been an ever-increasing problem with no practical solution in sight.

Though Blizzard has tried to reduce scalping numbers, they are unsuccessful in eradicating it completely. In previous years, they have split the ticket buying date into two dates so that buyers might have two chances to score tickets, and this year they reduced the number of tickets per household to 4, down from 5.

The player base is demanding that Blizzard fix the scaling problem. Immediately after ticket sales, there were many accusatory threads directed at Blizzard claiming that the company did not care about the player base and that they should “step up” and better protect the players from having to pay more for their tickets. Blizzard’s response to this was to remove any threads demanding a solution to the scalping problem. Blizzard has yet to formally address the scalping issue to date, and they refuse to comment on all levels.

There is little that the player base can do about scalpers without Blizzard’s help. In the meantime, the community is hard at work to derail the eBay market by reporting all ticket sales as they are in breach of eBay’s terms of service. Outside an all-out boycott of the scalped tickets, there is no way to fight back against the scalpers, so many are already giving in and buying the marked-up tickets.

Play Free Online Haunted House Games

Even if you do not visit a haunted house during Halloween season, you can step into several worlds of horror using your home computer. Haunted house games mix scares, monsters and puzzles with your keyboard and mouse. Halloween games like haunted house games are a quick way to celebrate the holiday and bypass time. You can host these games on online servers and can rent from fatalityservers. The servers are really affordable and easy to use. You can host and play your favorite games along with your friends and family as well.

Play this collection of free haunted house games that provide a variety of style and hauntings.

Arcade Cabin Haunted House

This haunted house game is sponsored by K-Mart and starts players off right in the middle of the house. Players select a character costume using actual costumes from K-Mart. The keyboard controls the character as he travels from to room. Collect candy to earn health and find the four missing items to win the game.

Hidden Spirits: Paranormal Investigation Halloween Game

Enter a haunted hotel and explore the different rooms in the game “Hidden Spirits.” Take the role of a rookie investigator that must work five nights at a hotel and discover the different haunted clues.

The game uses real life history to explain the back story and give details to players. Use the mouse to select real ghost collection tools like a camera and sound recorder. There are several rooms in the hotels to explore and find ghosts. Keep the sound turned up to get the full game experience.

Caverns of Blood Virtual Haunted House

Click on various interactive games in the “Virtual Haunted House” on Caverns of Blood. Move the mouse around the different areas of the digital house and small animated creatures will pop up. When you click on the creature, a animated file will play to show the scare.

There are more than 10 different hauntings to click on and explore through the house.

Fun Brain – One False Move

Learn math and use it to escape a Haunted House. Click on the numbers from lowest to highest as fast as you can. If you miss a number, a haunting will appear on the screen and you have to use a flashlight to scare the ghost away.

The thinking game is great for children in first through third grade. The more correct numbers, the larger your score will get. A “Map” clue helps children find the next number.

MiniClip Haunted House

Turn your mouse into a virtual ghost gun as you blast away enemies in a virtual haunted house. The more creatures you kill, the more points you receive. Shoot the creatures before that attack you and make it through every room in the Haunted House.

Press “Q” on the keyboard to wear ghost goggles and see all of the hidden ghosts in the haunted houses. Each level increases the difficulty for the game.

7 Simple toys to buy for your kids

Simple toys are wonders for your kid. Do you know why? They are straightforward for you to use, and at the same time, they are not that pricey as well. So coming to the main context, thanksgiving and Christmas is near, so you have to buy some awesome toys for your kids, which won’t cost you much. These are some of the fantastic examples which you can try to make sure that you can bring a smile on your kid’s face.

Simple toys to give to your kids

  1. Stunt Remote Control Car

If you have a baby boy, then you know the struggles of finding them the perfect gift. Giving them a stunt remote control car will make their day. These cars are amplified with a lot of features and advanced tech, which makes them perform stunts and can entertain the kids as they like.

  1. Building blocks and toys

Have you ever played a game of Zenga with your kid? If you have not, then here is your time to help them with a good set of Zenga, which can be played by blocks. And there are building blocks which can help the kids to build things as they want.

  1. Bubble wrap

One of the most fantastic things to be gifted, bubble wraps are incredible. Not only they are fantastic for your kid, but the adults can use them as well. They are excellent since they can bring down the stress as you pop them one after the other.

  1. Play-Doh

Play-Doh is utterly fantastic for your kid. Play-Doh helps to bring out the imagination and the creativity in your kid so that they can build things in their own time. PlayDoh is a fun way to make your kid work and have fun in this line of imagination and full of wonders.

  1. BlackBoard sets for your kid

An artist once said that you could never discourage your kid from bringing out their sign of creativity. So if you want to see your kid being happy, then you can bring out the inner artist from them. So gifting them a blackboard will ultimately work for you and your kid, as well.

  1. Uno card games

A game of card is never too bad for your kid. Uno helps your kids to have a perfect time out with their friends. Especially if your kid’s friends are coming for a house party, then they can have a fantastic time while they are playing the game of cards of Uno.

  1. Stuffed animals

Gifting your kid a weird sort of these stuffed animals will help them to have creative time. Make sure that you bring the right box for them and then make sure that you hand out the information pamphlet as well. Once you are done with the same, it will be good since your kid can play with them. This is a fantastic way where your kids can have fun and at the same time, make sure that they are utterly amazed at their gifts.

These fantastic kid games and toys for your kid is the perfect way to greet their Christmas. Make sure that your kid has a good time while they are being on these. When you are buying these toys from the market, stop and then wait for the discount so that you can get the offers from the clearance sales which are going on. And with these toys, you can show how much your kid means to you by bringing a broad smile on their faces.

A Useful Review Of The Popular Game Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the favorite digital games of people of all age group. It is a shooting game in which you have to kill your enemies. It is developed by a company named Epic Games and was firstly released in 2017. If you love to play shooting games in which you get to battle with different players from all over the world, Fortnite is the best option. This immensely popular game has attracted over 125 million players from around the globe. In a single battle 100 players join and fight against each other and the one who remains alive wins the game. The developers have infused some fantastic features in the latest fortnite season 10 and enhanced the gameplay.

Some of the best features of fortnite that make it the best


The graphics are undoubtedly the biggest advantage of fortnite. It has immensely high and vibrant graphics. The premium quality of pictures makes the gameplay more attractive and enhances the level of engagement of the player. It provides the best graphics for competitive gameplay and makes the game interesting.

The entirely destructible environment in the battle royale

In most of the games, the player cannot engage with the surroundings, but fortnite offers the players to destruct and rebuild the environment by using various powers and energies in the game. The developers have taken this feature to the next level in the fortnite season 10. Players can use the objects around them to hide and peek on to the enemies and sneak on them to kill them, but this feature allows the players to blow up the object and kill the hidden enemy.

Fast pace

The game has such high graphics, and still, it shows no lags and hangs. The game runs on a high speed, which enhances the overall gameplay and gives the user a great experience of playing the game.