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How To Quit Smoking: Tips From A Former Smoker

Congratulations! You’ve decided to quit smoking! Prepare for one of the most difficult things you will ever do! But don’t worry–the benefits will be worth it.

Getting Started

Make a conscious decision to do this. Have confidence in yourself that you can do it. Be assured that you won’t be perfect in your quest. It is a life change, so it may be best to take it slow. Set up a timetable to reach your goal. Perhaps you need some kind of incentive for each milestone reached. Treat yourself, but not with a cigarette!

Set up a smoke-free environment.

Get rid of the ashtrays in your house. Scrub it top to bottom so that it is clean and smells good. It will be more appealing to keep it that way.

Clean out the ashtray in your car. Consider getting rid of it. The next time you are in a market for a car, consider looking for one that does not have an ashtray as an option.

Insist that people visiting your house or riding in your car follow suit with the no-smoking policy.

Identify your weaknesses and common triggers. Strategize how to avoid them.

Often the craving is strongest first thing in the morning. This is because your body has been without a nicotine fix in several hours. Nicotine is addictive, thus your body craves it. Curb the “nic fit” by trying nicotine patches or nicotine gum.

Many people crave nicotine after a good meal. Try eating at restaurants that are smoke-free. Again, use a nicotine substitute. Play with your napkin or suck on ice cubes instead of going outside.

It’s relaxing to smoke a cigarette while you are on the phone. Try chewing gum, instead. Occupy your hands so that they do not reach for a cigarette.

Smoking is very social. Try to avoid going outside with your friends on a “smoke break”. Let them know that you are trying to quit smoking. Chances are they will be very supportive and wish they were able to do the same. 

Coffee and beer go well with a cigarette. You may need to take a break from your caffeine and alcohol consumption until you can get your nicotine cravings under control. Be careful to not replace one addiction with another to alleviate stress. Vape is still something uncertain. Some experts believe that it is a good alternative to traditional smoking. However, some experts also believe that vape can also be an addiction for smokers who are trying to quit and is not helpful at all. 

Stressful situations incite a desire to have a relaxing cigarette. Try to find other ways to de-stress. Use a stress ball. Take up exercise, even as simple as walking. You will find yourself less stressed and feeling healthier.

  • Form a support system.
  • Let your friends and family know that you are trying to quit smoking. They can keep you accountable.
  • Quit with a friend.
  • Join a support group. Look for a meeting in your area by going to
  • Call a smoking cessation hotline. In the state of New York, it is 1-866-NY-QUITS.
  • Choose one of many available products.
  • Visit the pharmacy area of your favorite store. Try the nicotine patches. You will also find nicotine gum.

Some stores carry a cigarette brand called Quest. Quest cigarettes are used to step down your level of nicotine in your cigarette, much like a nicotine patch system. At the same time, they are providing for the oral fixation of inhaling a cigarette.

Speak to your physician. Sometimes when all the other methods fail, he can prescribe a medication or special inhaler to help you.

My Personal Experiences

I smoked for the majority of eleven years. The amount and type of cigarette varied from year to year. I tried a few times to quit, but to no avail.

I did find that as I got older, I was cutting back more and more on my smoking. I didn’t like the way it made me feel. I knew it was bad for me. And I had never intended to be an addicted smoker.

I would try to quit cold turkey, only to find myself caving in to the cravings within the first couple of days. Cravings are the strongest and you are the most miserable during the first three days.

I never tried any nicotine patches or nicotine gum, but I did try the Quest cigarettes. I found myself just smoking more often and easily going back to Ultra Lights, because I wasn’t getting enough nicotine, even out of the Level One packs. I remember the cashier behind the counter, though, commenting that a lot of people had been trying them and seemed to like them.

Finally, I no longer spent a lot of time with other smokers. The clincher was when my good friend finally got pregnant and had to quit.

In the beginning, you will be irritable. Take a lot of breaks and a lot of deep breaths.

You will start coughing up a lot of mucus. This is just your lungs clearing themselves out. The annoyance and the discomfort will pass after about a week or so.

  • I also noticed that my craving for nicotine felt very similar to a food craving. The best way to tell the difference was to wait it out for about fifteen minutes or so. A nicotine craving would subside, but actual hunger would intensify.
  • Food actually does taste better because your taste buds are no longer being dulled.
  • Exercise, even as simple as brisk walking, is much easier.
  • I am healthier. I have fewer headaches, I sleep more deeply, and my stomach doesn’t feel as irritated.

After two years, I have been able to remain relatively smoke-free. Have I occasionally slipped? Yes, but not enough to become addicted again. The more time goes on, the easier it is. And I have found that any cravings remain psychological.

So, take a deep breath. And good luck. I have faith in you.

DIY Ways to Save on Home Repair

DIY, or do it yourself, projects abound everywhere and there are just as many places to get information and help if needed. If saving money is your goal then follow some of these simple tips and keep some of your money in your pockets for a change.

Do you need repairs around the house? Don’t have the money to get all the things done that are needed to keep your home in top condition? Then try doing some of the work yourself. Most of it is not as hard as it looks. DIY, or do it yourself, projects abound everywhere and there are just as many places to get information and help if needed. If saving money is your goal then follow some of these simple tips and keep some of your money in your pockets for a change.

First, take a good look at what the job will entail. Too many times we only see the outside of a project. Pull off a piece of old material and see if what is behind might need repair as well. Laying down new siding might be easy enough, but, replacing wall sheathing, old studs, caulk and sealing materials might need to be attended to as well.

Once the job is known in its entirety, make a determination as to whether you are both mentally and physically up to the challenge. Consider the time involved in the project and don’t forget about what the local weather forecast holds in store for your DIY adventure. If you are afraid of heights then do not consider doing high altitude work.

Third try to make as complete an itemization as possible of all the materials you will need for your project. Allow for overruns and for materials that may no longer be in stock. Next, get three quotes from local contractors you might trust and compare the numbers to evaluate your possible savings. Decide if it is enough to warrant your personal attention.

Perhaps, the most important step of all is to simply talk with others. Get your spouse or friends involved in your decision making. Get them involved with part of the work. Almost everyone loves to tear things down or paint. Have them around for moral support or just to hand you a tool or two to save you some of those tiresome repetitive tasks. In years past people used to have what was called “barn storming”. The community would get together to build someone a needed barn. Such involvement makes people feel they are a part of something good.When working on your project, always remember to respect power tools and play it safe. Watch for children nearby. Follow basic safety rules. Wear safety equipment where needed.

Finally, try to treat this as an adventure. When finished, be proud of what you have accomplished. Take pictures, show the neighbors, have a party or call your insurance agent.

For information purpose, you can search for Makita impact driver with battery online to learn more about the best tools you would require for repair purposes at home and there won’t be any need to trouble the insurance agent.

Replacing Cabinet Hardware Updates Any Kitchen

The key to completing any home improvement project is always in the details. After any home improvement project is nearly completed, there are always countless small details that need to be completed and it’s in the small details such as the type of slide rails you choose that significantly changes the quality of any house project.

If you have undertaken the job of remodeling your kitchen than you have probably either replaced your cabinets, refaced your cabinets, or painted your cabinets. Now that your kitchen is near completion and your cabinets are fresh with a new look, one thing may stand out as incomplete. Take a look at your cabinet hardware and ask yourself if it fits in with your new décor.

Handles, hinges, and pulls are often overlooked during a kitchen remodel. One reason could be price, another could be time. When you count up the number of hinges, pulls, and so on in your kitchen, you will quickly realize that there are numerous parts that would need replacement. Replacing your hinges and pulls can be costly, but it is money well spent as it completes the kitchen remodel.

The key to replacing your cabinet hardware on a budget is to select reasonably priced hardware and avoid having your emotions take over. An average kitchen will have more than 30 hinges and at least 15 drawer pulls. A total of 45 pieces of hardware will need replacement in an average kitchen. Staying within budget is easy as long as you make modest choices.

Most hinges and pulls will range in price from $3 to $6 apiece. At first glance, that price seems very reasonable, but you must not forget that you have to take that number and multiply it by 45. At $3 apiece, your total investment is a reasonable $135, but at $6 apiece your total could break your budget at a cost of $270.

There is perhaps no other small detail that will make a bigger impact on the overall look of your kitchen that the hardware that you choose to use. The look can go from modern to old fashioned, to traditional simply by replacing the hardware with a different design.

Once you have chosen the hardware you want to use, the task of replacing the hardware is fairly straightforward. Typically, the new hardware will line up with the existing holes of the old hardware. If this is the case, simply remove the old hardware, install the new hardware in the same holes and the task is complete.

If you choose hardware that uses a different hole layout, your task is slightly more involved, but not difficult in any way. You will have to drill holes for the new hardware and then fill the old holes. Filling the old holes can be done in many ways depending on the finish of the cabinet.

Once you have completed the project of replacing your kitchen cabinet hardware you will see the overall impact that a small item can make. The key to all home improvement projects is always in the often-overlooked details.

How To Get Top Designer Brands At An Affordable Price Without Buying From Replica Sellers?

Most of the people nowadays are attracted a lot towards fashion, and they are highly concerned about what they wear and how do they look. Fashion has changed the mindset of people to a great extent. In the present situation, people spend a huge portion of their income on clothes and accessories. They mainly focus on designer clothes which cost a lot of money.  There are many low cost and affordable replicas of your favorite designer brands available in the market. You can save a lot of money by buying these copies, but they will never provide you the same feel as the original designer products do.

You can buy original designer products too at an affordable price. There are various tips and tricks that can help you to get authentic designer products at a discounted price. It removes the need for getting more info on best replica websites here and contact the best replica sellers as to why go for copies when you can get the original item at a lower price. So, if you are planning to buy a designer brand product, then there are some tips that can help you with it and save you some money too.

Tips for buying designer brand products easily

Focus on saving

If you want to buy a specific designer item, then you must start saving from months before you have to buy it. You can save some spare money every week, and till the day of purchase comes, you will be having quite a lot of money in your pocket. Designer products are quite expensive, and deciding to buy it suddenly can disturb your budget. So, to avoid facing a financial crisis and live in guilt, you must start saving money months before your next purchase. Saving money helps you to stay free of guilt after buying an expensive designer product, and it also saves you from disturbing your budget.

Focus on quality, not quantity

Sometimes you are getting a designer product at a low price, so you decide to buy multiple pieces of it. It is totally a foolish decision as cheap products have poor quality, and it is better to have an expensive but premium quality designer item than having numerous cheap price designer products of poor quality. Quality always wins over quantity, and you should also focus on the same. While buying a designer product, you must ensure it is of premium quality even if it is a bit expensive as it will last longer and will be value for money. Buying numerous low prices designer items is a waste of money as they not last long.

Wait for flash sales

Sometimes being patient can get you your favorite designer item at a much low price. Designer brands offer Flash sales on their websites occasionally, which offers an excellent opportunity to get an original designer product at a discounted price. You need to wait for such sales if you want to save some money while buying designer items. You can also get some coupons for certain designer stores and use them to get some less. Some various second-hand stores and sites provide designer items at a lower price, but most of them are second hand. If you don’t have any problem with it, then you can buy from them to save some money.

Don’t invest in changing trends

The fashion industry is the most rapidly changing industry as the fashion trends changes at a great pace. You must keep that thing in mind while buying designer brand products. You must invest in those designer items that won’t go out of fashion quickly. There is no benefit of spending your monthly income on a designer item, which you won’t be able to use after a month. So, you must choose the item carefully so that it won’t get out of the trend quickly. Choosing bold designs and bright patterns is never a good idea as you cannot use them multiple times.

Don’t try to follow someone else

Most of the time, people buy the designer product just to follow their favorite celebrities as if they have bought, then they also buy it. You should never do it as everyone’s budget and financial conditions different.  When it comes to designer products, there is never competition as buying designer brands can disturb your whole budget and create a lot of issues for you. So you should not follow others, instead, buy the designer item that you like the most and fits your budget.

Rent designer products

There are various services available that allow you to rent different designer brand products such as shoes, handbags, clothes, and other accessories. It is one of the best ways to have designer items without spending loads of money. You also buy them on discount which allows you to have the latest designer items every month without spending a huge portion of your income on them.

Revisiting Yuwie Website To Know More About It

A couple years ago, I came across a social networking site that promised to do something other sites don’t; pay you for using it. It sounded intriguing so, not only did I join, I convinced my wife to join too.

The site was still in development at the time and had some issues so I ended up taking a break from it for a while. But, we recently started re-visiting it and, while there are still some things I don’t like about the site, I will say it is improving.

I’m not really a person who spends a lot of time on social networking Web sites. I check my Facebook page a couple times each day but, unlike a lot of people, I don’t live on it. In fact, most of my time on the Internet lately is spent in an effort to make some extra spending money; which is what attracted me to in the first place.

The way is supposed to work is you set up your profile page the same way you would on Myspace or Facebook. You can add photos, post blogs and leave comments for friends.

As you do this, and as people visit your page, you are earning page views. At the end of each month, the site splits a percentage of the advertising revenue it earns with its members based on the number of page views they generate. You earn money both from your own page views and from page views generated by members you referred. If you visit page like, you might reckon that it is another way of paid advertisements. People will buy Instagram likes and followers. This is an easy way to grow your audience on social media, but the down side is that you have to spend some money on it.

When I first joined the site, I found it was much harder to earn money than it sounded. Again, I’m not a person who spends all day, every day on sites like this so I’m not going to generate a lot of page views on my own. And, my efforts to earn them from people I referred weren’t very successful (I get most of my earnings from my wife and she has about as many page views as I do). However, I have talked to a few people on the site that do earn a decent amount of money simply because they have the time to be on it and because they have a successful “referral tree.” So, the potential is there.

A couple years ago you needed about $20 or $25 to cash out; an amount I knew I would never be able to make so I gave up. But, they recently lowered that minimum to $5. Even with the small amount I make in a given month (usually less than 50 cents), that is an achievable number.

When I first joined, the site also had an issue where it would freeze up constantly. The site still does that on occasion but it isn’t any more of a problem than with Myspace and, unlike most social networking sites, you don’t have a bunch of pointless applications slowing things down. However, you do have quite a few advertisements you will have to contend with.

One attractive quality about this site is, unlike a lot of other social networking sites,’s payment plan pretty much encourages people to interact with each other. I have been on some sites where people would send out random friend invites just to say they had a lot of “friends” only to not do anything after that; other than maybe sending out a generic comment. On, I have had actual conversations with the people I meet. I’m not really the most social person out there. But, if you are a person who goes on-line to meet new people, I think this site has its advantages in that area.

It’s not for everyone. But, if you do spend a lot of time on social networking sites and feel you can invite enough friends and generate page views, is a site that is worth checking out. You probably won’t make a fortune at it but it could be an easy way to make some extra spending money.

Top 5 Tiktok Tips For Beginners

These days social media platforms provide access to interact with a broad audience. But, reaching that much of viewers is still a challenge and requires a lot of effort, planning, and creativity. Although you can choose the best places to buy real TikTok followers and fans, You might not even know where to begin. Thereby here are some general tricks and tips which you can use to master in making clips for the app.

  • Design your profile into a charming one- Leave a strong impression by putting up an impressive profile picture, a catchy username, and your apt personal details. People tend to forget long and hard usernames, and it won’t get you enough recognition. If you pick up a short and quirky name, people won’t forget it.

In your details, mention what you like, what your hobbies are, what type of music you love, etc. so that people will get an idea about your content. Your profile is the first step to communicate with viewers, which makes it more critical for you to do everything that will persuade others to hit the follow button and like your videos.

  • Post your TikTok videos in other social platforms, too- Don’t limit your reach to just one app. Avail the benefits of other social media platforms by posting your videos and clips there also. FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE have alone 2 to 3 billion active followers (per month). It’s easy to pick the best places to buy real TikTok followers and fans, but they’re limited to TikTok.

Using the same name, if you can manage different accounts on social media, it will build your online reputation. That’s because people will remember your name that they saw on another platform, and they’ll start following you. Also, your videos will be shared within a vast audience, thereby increasing your viewers.

  • Start following established and popular users- The most straightforward and effective way to increase your followers is to start following popular users. Look out for most influential users and start following them. If they don’t follow you back, unfollow them and again follow. Even though this strategy may seem silly and crazy, it eventually works. This strategy will bring their attention to your profile, and they’ll start following you. Besides, comment on their videos. If your comment is a smart one, they’ll surely follow you back. Also, many users will see your feedback, and if they get impressed, they’ll follow you.
  • Be creative and distinctive- Try not to copy what other users create. Create your own content with your voice. Viewers will find it impressive as you’ll be doing something new and unique as most of the users nowadays keep imitating others. Follow trends, but do something that out of the box. Choose topics that fascinate you and produce content that may seem original to people.

Don’t hesitate to share your content, even though you aren’t confident about it. If it isn’t well-liked, you’ll get your feedback or vice versa. You can also use editing apps even though you’re creating generic content. There’s no harm in editing it a little bit. You don’t really require professional editing apps to edit your TikTok videos. That’s because android and ios apps provide enough tools to edit your videos. Even though TikTok allows you to cut unwanted parts of your clip and comprises of a lot of visual effects, it lacks advanced editing options.

  • Keep things short and post more often- Naturally, people tend to get bored if the duration of the video exceeds a minute. Even though, Tiktok allows you to post videos that exceed one minute, keep your clips short and to the point. If your content is exceeding one minute, but you have to post it anyway, be careful about it as it might discourage viewers from holding on to your video.

Also, a short clip beneficial for you as it’s a great way to advertise your talent, even though there’s a lot of hard work involved in it. In addition to this, post videos more often, at least twice a day. It will eventually get you a huge fan following.

Even though you choose the best places to buy real TikTok followers and fans, you’ll have to keep them up to date with your videos. So, post your videos between 11 am and 5 pm as they’re considered as magic hours. You may wonder why? That’s because everyone is most likely to use the app during that time frame.

Five Ways To Save And Make Money Online

The Internet opens a wide array of money-making opportunities and broadens the horizons of financial success for you, me and everyone else who has access to the Internet and the billions of webpages available. It is easy to find ways to save money. All you need is a computer! Best of all, it is also relatively easy to not just save money, but also make money online.

Here are five simple ways to save and make money online using just your computer and an Internet connection: In order to make money, a visit can be made at the site. The following of the ways will be beneficial for the companies to make online at less investment cost.

  1. Rebates and Sales

You can search for and find numerous deals online in terms of rebates, coupons, and percent-off savings. Perennial shopper’s favorite,, is a great place to find deals on things like electronics, iPods, computers, and non-electronic consumer goods like designer clothes and designer handbags. However, the online auction site isn’t for everyone, and you don’t always get a good price. If you just want straight-forward shopping, turn to where you can pick-up steeply-discounted namebrand merchandise. also offers regular sales on household goods, food, and electronics.

When shopping online, check for extra deals like free shipping, which sites like Amazon offer for free if you purchase above a set limit (in Amazon’s case, its $29). You can also often combine sales and rebates, which sites like offers often. With stacked rebates, you can often purchase something for up to 80% off its original price!

  1. Find in-store deals and coupons

Become a member of shopper forums like There, thousands of shoppers share insider information about in-store deals and coupons. Often, members will post coupons that you can print out and use in brick-and-mortar stores.

  1. Join get-paid-to (GPT) websites

Get-Paid-To websites, commonly referred to as GPT sites, don’t save you money when you shop. Instead, you are paid to do a variety of things. Usually, these activities include taking surveys and buying things.

The best GPT website is FusionCash pays you to take surveys and/or buy services. With careful planning, you can make quite a bit of money in profit relatively easily. Here’s how:

A) Join. Visit and you’ll get a $5 sign-up bonus. There are other sites similar to FusionCash that work very similarly, and for whom this advice will work just as well, but we will focus o FusionCash because of its high rate of success and great customer service.

B) Now you can start making money. Here is how it works – You will go to their Offers page and view their offers. For example, they might list Blockbuster for $20. In other words, if you sign up for Blockbuster’s movie service through FusionCash, you will be paid $20 by FusionCash. Now here is the important part: You want to sign up for services that cost LESS than what FusionCash will pay you. In the end, what basically happens is you get the service or product for free PLUS whatever profit FusionCash pays you.

A very important thing to remember is to check the service’s terms of service and details to make sure you can cancel it easily, won’t be charged any hidden fees, and if there is shipping, that the shipping wont push the product’s service into the un-profitable range.

C) Cash-out. FusionCash requires you to save up to a certain level, around $25 before cashing out. When you cashout, you can have them pay you via check or PayPal. You will be paid a month after the month that you cashout in.

Usuing Fusioncash, I have made about $300 in a couple week’s time. That’s $300 in profit, after subtracting any out-of-pocket expenses.

So you see, making money and saving money online is very easy. Take advantage of the tools and resources available to you on the Internet, and make money today!

Getting Out of Your Apartment Lease

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you have to move, but you still have a few months left on your lease. What do you do? Below are 5 potential ways to get out of your lease without too much penalty.

Family Emergency: Coming to the call of family needs is respectable, but it may seem a bit unethical to use as an excuse if it isn’t at least partly true. Still, the bottom line here is getting out of your lease without being committed to paying the months remaining on your lease. This is a fairly easy one to use as you are not expected to give too much detail. Do be prepared to give enough to convince your landlord, however, as you will be relying on his sense of empathy to let you out with minimal penalty. Note: you may have to sweeten the deal for the manager by offering up a portion of your security deposit that you would normally be entitled to receive back. You may even search for the best property websites Singapore to get some help on the matter. 

Blame the complex: Has your complex begun a major reconstructive facelift? Is the sound unbearable? Are you a person who needs peace and quiet for studying, religious/spiritual purposes, or for stress reduction? There are numerous ways to blame construction noise on hindering your ability to meet your personal needs. Even if this isn’t the reason you need out of your lease, you can use this as bargaining ground for getting out of your contract. Another good, yet somewhat unethical excuse to make is you’re having surgery and need to live in a floor-level complex or one without stairs. Be prepared, however, to have a backup excuse if s/he offers you a lower unit vacancy.

Exploit the complex’s flaws: Have you had something break on you? Did it take too long for maintenance to come out and fix it? Many midsize complexes contract maintenance professionals out from companies, which means they aren’t on site every day. If you have to go more than a few days without an oven, if they refuse to fix something that they arguably should, or if there is any water/mold damage that they attempt to downplay, you can use these as reasons you want to move out. Again, be prepared to lose some of your security deposit, but this generally works in getting out of the complex without having to pay your remaining months.

Find someone to tentatively fill your spot: Many complexes forbid subletting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t legally post a craigslist ad asking someone to take over your lease. The catch is that, once you find someone, you have to run it by your apartment manager. Chances are, however, he will be grateful that you have done the hard work for him. Not only are you saving him time and marketing money, you are helping him avoid having a unit that isn’t generating revenue. Just make sure you keep him in the loop with what you’re doing.

Be honest with your landlord: Life does throw you a curveball. While your manager has heard lots of excuses, you shouldn’t be discouraged from pitching your own case. Chances are, you can strike a deal with him that involves a small cash payout or forfeiture of your deposit in exchange for freedom from the lease’s financial obligation. While you may not want to use him as a future reference, you can terminate the relationship with the manager and the complex relatively smoothly. Honestly is always the best policy.

Breaking a lease is never a great idea, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Although you will have to check the “Yes, I have broken a lease” box on your next apartment application, the economic recession can and does work in your favor right now. They may charge you a higher deposit based on your previous lease termination, but your chances are still good that they will take you, a paying tenant, to fill their vacancy. In their eyes, a somewhat unreliable source of income for their complex is better than nobody living there.

How To Quickly Build Credit After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy always proves to be a huge blow to your credit ratings. However, this does not mean that you are doomed forever. People over the years have linked eternal failure with the people who have filed for bankruptcy, which by all means is not the right thing to do. The first and the most important thing to do after you have filed for bankruptcy is to quickly build back your credit and credit ratings. I will guide you through all the required steps and attitude to build your credit ratings after bankruptcy.

The most important thing is to flush out the emotional factor linked with bankruptcy. Either you have filed for the chapter 13 or chapter 7; it does not mean that you have no right to build credit. The number of people that have filed for bankruptcy in the last four years is more than 6 million. So, you are not alone by any stretch of the imagination. Stand up to the occasion and have the belief that you can get back the credit ratings you need to have. While selecting the no 1 on yelp for bankruptcy lawyer san diego to hire, the credit ratings should be checked for fighting the case. After the completion of the case, starting of the new business will be easy for the person.

There are a number of credit loans scams trapping the recession-hit people. Try to avoid these scams and focus on core things to build your credit ratings. The bills you pay monthly can be of great help in this regard. Try to increase on the number of monthly payments you make. This can include any thing from you phone bill to your monthly cable connection dues. This will help you a great deal in adding points to your credit ratings.

Save some of your money and open a secured credit card. Watch out for any hidden fee’s they may try to tell you about and that you have to pay them. There are companies out there that want to help you rebuild and when it’s a secured credit card it’s your money not theirs. You place the 250$ in their bank and they report it as a credit card. Make sure they report as a credit card and not a pre-paid card. Just ask them when signing up.

You will also require making certain checks before you start building your credit ratings. Always check your credit ratings for any past after your bankruptcy application has been accepted. Moreover, try to get yourself a savings account in a larger Banking firm. However opening an account might not be enough. Try to save some money each month and deposit paychecks in your account. This will boost your credit ratings at a very healthy speed.

You can also start makings mall purchases using your secured credit card. However, you need to check out the interest rates and hidden costs. You can also get an old car for a down payment of sizable amount. However, follow the line of buying an old car only if you can make the monthly payments. Other wise, it can back track your other efforts to build credit ratings. All along these efforts, try to pay your bills on time.

If you do these steps and watch your payments and do not go overboard like before. You will build back your credit ratings in no time. It could take a couple years but you will get there and it’s not as hard you think it is.

The Marketing Communication Mix

Every company that is selling a product or service utilizes what is called a marketing communications mix. This mix consists of five things; advertising, sales promotions, public relations, personal selling and direct marketing (Armstrong  amp; Kotler, 2006). Each category involves individual specific tools to communicate with consumers.

Recently I bought a new 2007 Ford Mustang from Sanderson Ford here in Phoenix. I utilized the internet first to research how much I was willing to spend and who had the best inventory close to my residence. After my research narrowed down a couple of dealerships to visit, I then went to these dealerships to see what they had to offer. The dealerships both utilized the personal selling approach as neither had any promotions going on at the time. Sanderson Ford had the best personal selling approach as it was no pressure and the inventory that the salesperson showed me allowed me to have choices on the vehicle I wanted. I was able to haggle with the salesperson to finally get the car at the price I wanted. I think the no-pressure sales approach is the best marketing tool that a car dealership can promote because everyone knows how car salespeople can be pushy for a sale. Because the dealership was so easy to deal with I have recommended this dealership to my friends and family when they need a new vehicle.

I also purchase Honey-Nut Cheerios on a more regular basis. The reason that I choose this cereal over others is because it appeals to the whole family. It has the sweetness that appeals to the kids and the nutrition that appeals to us as adults. The advertising of Cheerios is what mainly attracted me to this brand and the sales promotions kept me as a customer. Seeing the advertising in magazines and on television brought this product to the forefront by stressing the nutritional goodness along with the sweet taste. Usually along with the print advertising they would include a sales promotion by way of a coupon for a discount. The coupon allowed me to try the product at a discounted price which made their product stand out from the rest as far as pricing goes.

A company needs to utilize a good marketing communication mix in order to sell their product or service. The company should use more than one of the five in order to attract the most consumers but even using one like my example of Sanderson Ford can attract more customers. In my example of Sanderson Ford one thing (personal selling) led into another (direct marketing) by me acting as an advertiser for the company through recommendations. Get Expert SEO Services in San Diego for recommendations of advertisement for the firms. The charges will be under the funds of the person for increasing the rankings of the site. 

High Tech Digital Thermometers for Your Family

The days of checking to see where the mercury reaches on a glass thermometer are gone. Those old-fashioned types of thermometers are quite rare, and might even still exist in your grandma’s medicine cabinet. In the 21st century, thermometers have been given a high-tech make-over-taking only seconds to read one’s body temperature. The new high-tech thermometers are not budget-friendly though, since many of them are close to a hundred dollars or more.

The first high-tech thermometer is the Kidz-Med Thermofocus Non-Contact Thermometer. This thermometer allows a parent to take their child’s temperature without having to wake him/her up. It uses a safe infrared technology that scans a child’s forehead, naval or armpit. Its safe technology has also been approved by the FDA. The thermometer reads instantly and will also read a room’s ambient temperature when left in stand-by mode. Other useful functions of the Kidz-Med Thermofocus is reading the temperature of a baby’s bottle, bath water and food. It is available online at Toys-r-Us online.

A second thermometer that uses safe infrared technology is the Veridian Infrared Forehead Thermometer. It instantly detects high temperatures by scanning it across your forehead. The thermometer also has an illuminated display for night-time readings. Other functions of the Veridian is the ability to store up to ten different readings, automatic shut-off, fever icon indicator and a five-year warranty. QVC online has the thermometer available for $58.66. The enterprise low-code website development will be advantageous for the international mergers. The safety of the enterprises will be taken care for the growth with the reasonable charges.  

The next infrared thermometer works similar to a laser gun and uses “laser-sight” to read temperatures. A mother could take her child’s temperature with the Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight while he is sitting across from her on the couch or even at the kitchen table. The laser-sight prevents any un-necessary fighting when it comes to taking a child’s temperature. The thermometer gun can not only be used on children-but also on household pets as well. While it is good for monitoring a family’s health, it can also monitor temperatures in furnaces, air conditioners and heater pipes. The Infrared Digital Thermometer is available online at Ecrater for $55.00

One last special infrared technology enhanced thermometer is the FeverWatch Professional Clinical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. It not only does it just read the surface of the forehead, but it can also convert the reading into an internal body reading temperature too. The thermometer also stores up to 32 readings. Its batteries can also last up to 100,000 readings before needing a new set. Other functions include an adjustable alarm, back-lit LCD screen and is water-resistant. The thermometer is latex-free and is safe to use on expectant mothers, the elderly, disabled, infants and hospital patients. It is available at for $54.00.

The development of infrared technology in the use of thermometers have made it easier for family and doctors to read body temperatures. Most thermometers have eliminated the waiting time and body contact-making the process quick and simple. While some of the thermometers are not highly affordable, they are definitely worth the investment for your family household.

A Guide for Artists: The Art of the Still Life

Still Life Definition

A still life can be defined as “A work of art depicting inanimate objects”. The inanimate objects can be whatever you choose: flowers, botanicals, food, wine, decorative objects, musical instruments, etc.

Choosing The Objects To Include In Your Still Life Art:

As an artist, any work of art that you create will express your own vision and style. A still life is a versatile vehicle for expressing this vision. A still life can convey much more meaning than is obvious at first glance. It all depends on the objects you choose to represent, and the manner in which you choose to represent them. The art of still life paintings can be leant from the site Painting Kits with the recognition of the objects. The mental strength and memory of the brain will be increased through visit to the site. 

If your goal is to create a pretty picture, your choice of objects might include flowers in a vase, ripe fruit, sumptuous textiles, etc. Think of what objects you consider “beautiful”, (even if they are not ordinarily regarded as beautiful), and how you might best present them as “beautiful” in a still life. Remember that even ugly items can be presented in a beautiful or imaginative way.

If your goal is to create a gift for a friend, you might want to incorporate objects of significance to your friend. You could create a themed still life with memorobilia from his favorite sports team, or a composition including his favorite foods and wines, or a still life featuring the musical instrument that he plays. Think of some of your closest family members or friends, and what kinds of things you might incorporate into a still life just for each of them.

If your goal is to convey a message through your still life, you can choose objects that reflect the message. This can be challenging but rewarding; it is especially rewarding if your end result becomes a thought-provoking work of art. Some examples of messages that could be conveyed through still life: “Reduce Reuse Recycle”. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. “I love you.” “Party on, dude!” Think of a message that is personally significant to you, and brainstorm some objects that you could use to convey this message through a still life.

Along the same lines, you can use still life to convey a theme such as “A Quilter’s Stash”, “The Arts and Crafts Bungalow”, “Tropical Paradise” or “Mementos From Chinatown”. Think of some themes that interest you and objects that would fit well with the theme.

Please view photo #1 at left; the arrangement of objects in photo #1 conveys the theme “The Arts and Crafts Bungalow”.

Keep in mind also that you don’t have to have a goal, theme or message in order to create an interesting still life. It is perfectly acceptable to assemble a grouping of mismatched, unrelated objects to use in your still life. Try gathering random objects from your studio, kitchen, closet or garden.

Arranging Your Still Life

Balance, proportion and symmetry are all important concepts to keep in mind when you are arranging your still life. You want to arrange each object in such a way that it enhances the others, to achieve a harmonious overall effect. Consider varying the height and thickness of the objects you choose in order to add visual interest.

It is also advisable to be sure that your finished still life will have a clearly defined focal point. It is advantageous to arrange your still life with this in mind. It is entirely possible for you to create a focal point in your artwork where none exists in the actual arrangement of objects, but it’s certainly easier to start with an arrangement that has a focal point in the first place. (Why work harder than you have to?)

Can you identify the focal point in the arrangement in photo # 2? Is there anything that could be done to enhance this arrangement?

Keep in mind that you may use your artistic license at any time you choose when you are actually painting or drawing. You do not have to be a slave to the composition in front of you. You can change or enhance whatever you like! The art police will not arrest you for leaving something out or adding something in!

Also keep in mind that you do not have to draw or paint the entire arrangement of objects. You can pick and choose what you want to focus on drawing or painting. This might not matter so much if you are creating the arrangement of objects, but it might matter a great deal if you are trying to work from a still life that someone else has arranged.

If you find yourself faced with a still life as an assignment in your art class, you probably won’t have any control over what the teacher asks you to draw or paint. What you DO have control over, is the portion of the still life that you choose to draw, and which parts of the composition that you choose to emphasize.

Take a look at the example shown in photo # 3 . This is a photograph that I took during one of my college-level drawing classes. The professor arranged this still life for us. This was a particularly fun class; our entire class actually went to the grocery store as a group and spent an insane amount of money buying vegetables to draw. Although there are some really fantastic things about this arrangement, the entire grouping is rather large and has quite a few un-interesting places. Creating a successful drawing from such a grouping requires a narrowed focus; drawing the whole thing would not give the best results.

Photo #4 shows a still life drawings that I did using this arrangement as my inspiration. You can see how I used artistic license in selecting which areas to draw, and which to leave out of the drawing.

Choosing Colors For Your Still Life Art:

The most obvious thing to do is reproduce the colors as you see them in the actual objects you are working from. However this is not the only approach. Again, you are free to use your artistic license and be creative with the colors. You can brighten them at will, or soften them, or deepen them. You can add contrast where none exists in the real-life arrangement. Or you can totally ignore the colors that are there and use the color palette of your choosing. For example, it might be interesting to render your still life completely in shades of red, or working only with warm colors.

In photo #5, all of the objects are blue except for the stained glass lampshade and the pottery at the very far right. When painting this still life, you could choose to reproduce the colors exactly as shown in the photo. Or, you could use your artistic license to render the lampshade and pottery all in shades of blue. Or, you could leave them out of the artwork all together. There is no rule saying you have to paint them all blue, either. You could make them all pink in your painting if you feel like it!

To at least a certain degree, the colors you use for your still life will be affected by your choice of art supplies. If you’re drawing with pencil, your drawing will obviously be shades of gray and you will be more concerned with the use of contrast than you are with the use of color.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide to still life art, and that you will be inspired to create some new still lifes of your own. As my drawing professor was fond of saying, “You learn to draw by drawing”, so get busy and practice, practice, practice!


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