How to Wash, Condition, Rinse Your Hair for a Healthier Shinier Look

Many people, including men, want to have nice healthy, shiny hair. There are many home remedies people use to achieve the shiny effect on their hair. However, there are some home remedies that can be detrimental to your hair and scalp.

Three Home Remedies for Shinier Hair


Rinsing your hair in beer will create a shinier mystic for your hair. While many will think this is a perfect waste of a good beer, it can help in keeping the luster wanted for a head of hair.


Massage the mayonnaise into your hair and rinse out. This will help with the sheen of the hair due to the proteins in the egg whites and other ingredients in the mayonnaise.

Cold Water Rinse.

While there is a debate over cold water being used to rinse your hair, many people swear by it because of the shine it leaves. There is also another advantage to a cold water rinse. It helps in the detangling of the hair.

The third home remedy leads to the rest of this article as to why a cold water rinse is not a good thing to do. Which also can make the third home remedy a myth in itself.

Using cold water to rinse out the shampoo and conditioner can leave the shampoo, conditioner, and dirt in your hair. By doing this you are defeating the purpose of washing your hair.

Using too hot of water to shampoo or condition your hair, you can scald your scalp and hair. Using too hot of water for shampooing and rinsing your hair has the same effects of hot curlers, curling irons, and hair irons. These hair appliances will leave your hair dull, dry, and brittle.

When rinsing your hair in cold water after applying a conditioner, the hair will look shinier, but it won’t be any healthier. When doing this with thinner hair and a conditioner, the hair will look greasy and weighed down. This is due to locking the conditioner into the hair folicals. This makes your hair unhealthy. If you don’t want to be bald with beard because of hair loss, then you should carefully take good care of your hair.

By rinsing and washing hair in this manner, the hair will become dirtier faster. Washing and rinsing your hair less in lukewarm water, the healthier your scalp and hair will become. This is due to the fact the hair needs the oils from the skin secretions to stay healthy. Washing and rinsing the hair in lukewarm water will eliminate any residue from the dirt, shampoo, and conditioners from the hair and scalp.

Washing and rinsing hair in hot or cold water will clog the hair folicals and pores. This can speed up the balding process. Any left over residues from the dirt, shampoo, and conditioners that do not belong in the hair will make styling hair harder.