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Easy Weight Loss

I’ve bought many of the weight loss, tummy tightening, fanny flattening, make me a super stud exercise tapes. I’ve watched them over and over and so far… nothing. I’ve even tried doing what they are doing on the tapes a couple of times but my body won’t do that. They stood flat footed and touched their toes. I can’t even see my toes. I know they are down there somewhere because I keep kicking things with them in the middle of the night. They lay on the floor with their hands behind their heads, knees bent and sit up. I get in position (it’s tough enough getting my hands behind my head) and lift my head and feel my feet come off the floor. God never intended people to sit up from this position. Then there are the dance tapes. Trying to conceal exercise as dancing. I’ve never seen these moves on any dance floor. It’s just exercise to music. I tried it anyway. After 3 kicks and a jump or two it was time for a glass of milk and a snickerdoodle. Have to take those energy breaks. The selection of easy steps should be done to meet with the requirements of the person. The dancing and exercising through the consumers will deliver the right and efficient results to the person. The breaking of the energy will be efficient to reduce the fat with resurge. Doing exercise will be effective for the consumers and person. 

I’ve tried the pilates tape. Guess what!? They have a list of exercises that you have to do along with the pilates. If I had wanted to exercise, I would’ve joined a gym instead of buying the tape. I found the same thing with all these exercise gimmicks. You might as well try the Bowmaster. At least they tell you up front that you are going to be exercising.

Nutri-system. The fabulous weight loss food program. You send them a couple hundred a month, and they send you various serving sized packages of food. And a list of exercises. I think I’m seeing a pattern here. No matter how many easy weight loss offers I buy into, they all want me to exercise. Could it be that the actual key to weight loss is EXERCISE!!! That sucks. That seems to be the only thing that these weight loss gimmicks have in common. Did I mention that they all want you to watch what you eat, too? Diet AND exercise?? Are they out of their minds. How on earth can you maintain the energy to exercise if you don’t suck down a pan of brownies? And you have to wash that down with a Dr. Pepper. Milk just doesn’t give you the energy, but you can substitute the milk if you cut back on the exercise.

After watching all these tapes and eating Nutri System ( which I had to supplement with real food or I never would have made it) and the equipment (I didn’t do the list of extra exercises. that was too much work.) I have gained several pounds. So instead of taking the easy way out, I guess I’ll go with the way that works. Diet and exercise. I’ll skip the gimmicks and use that money for an occasional treat. ( I will keep the videos, though. They are fun to watch, even if they don’t make me loose weight.)

How to Diet Without Dieting

Many people have a hard time sticking to a diet. I find that a big deterrent to dieting is psychological. Have you ever decided to go on a diet and as soon as you know that you’re on a diet suddenly you crave everything that breaks your diet-even diet-breaking foods that you don’t usually eat? Exactly. That’s why the best way to loose weight isn’t to think, “I’m going on a diet.” Rather, just slowly begin to make smarter everyday choices that will help you reach your goals.

For instance, let’s say that usually when you have breakfast, you eat a chocolaty cereal. Instead of doing away with your breakfast altogether or trying to switch to only a grapefruit, choose a different, healthier type of cereal instead. Don’t change up your routine too much so that you think of it as a diet. Another example could be instead of having a soda with your lunch, drink water and save the soda for dinner. And go ahead and have dessert. Just have something like strawberry shortcake instead of a cake loaded with frosting. Moreover, if you have take out or eat at a fast food restaurant try a baked potato or a side salad rather than greasy French fries. At the resurge supplement review, information will be provided that there will not be skipping of the meal for the best results. The information can be presented to the person to purchase the pills. The person can eat delicious food and drink coffee with the consumption of the pills. There can be going to the restaurant for eating of the favorite food items. 

One of the most important things to loosing weight is burning calories. However, you don’t have kill yourself trying to do this. And like I said before, don’t think of it as a diet or hardcore exercise that you have to do. Don’t consider it a chore. Rather, go for a nice walk or a brisk jog. Play tennis with a buddy. Do an enjoyable activity that burns calories. That way you don’t get into a doomful mindset and think of your workout as a chore. Or if you live close to your place of employment, ride a bicycle to work instead of driving. Not only will you be getting great exercise, you’ll be saving money on gas too. Anything physical, even swimming in your pool can burn calories for you while you have fun.

There’s many little things you can do to help yourself get in better shape without adhering to a strict diet. If you just begin to make these small, smarter decisions everyday, you will begin to see results before you know it. Think of it as a trade-off. You can still eat the things you love and do the things you love. You just need to find that healthy balance that works for you. And the best part is you can still enjoy yourself and not feel like you’re the prisoner of a diet.

Effective and Healthful Weight Loss Practices

Weight loss is the ever perennial topic on Television, in the newspapers, on radio talk shows, and even at the lunch line at the nearest high school cafeteria. People want to know about healthy and helpful weight loss system to maintain a good figure and look good, or to keep their body fit and live longer. Many abruptly change their diets that causes more damage and lead to weight gain instead. Some resort to exercising till they drop to speed up the process of weight loss, and tend to give up two days after they started because they have had enough or suffered an injury from too much bodily stress.

The logic behind a weight loss program that really works is the having pleasure in what you are doing so you can carry on with the program for as long as it takes to reach your goal. Having fun of course means not getting hurt in the process. It is best to consult your physician before you start any weight loss program. The practices from the program will be available at resurge review official site. The person will be provided with pleasure and increased metabolism for the functioning of the body. A contact can be established with the expert or physicians for the determination of pills for weight loss of the person. 

All weight loss programs would take a reasonable amount of time to take effect. You cannot drink a magic pill today and lose ten kilos instantly. If there was such a miracle weight loss program then it is potentially harmful to your health. It is best to be well informed before trying a weight loss program. One may work for some and not for others so try a weight loss program for at least a month to establish if it fits you, but if there is no positive change then try another. Here are tried and tested weight loss suggestions:

Walk more than you normally do every day. Walking is the simplest and the safest exercise for weight loss. It is a good cardio exercise that fortifies the heart and toughen leg muscles. An extra half an hour of walking everyday will not only help with weight loss, but will also make you live longer.

Get a mini-cycle. You may not ride the bike going to and from work everyday, or it is simply inconvenient to have a stationary bike inside the office. A handy mini-cycle that is small enough to bring to the office will greatly benefit your weight loss program. You can use it while making phone calls, during lunch break, or at any convenient time that you want to burn extra calories.

Climb up the stairs instead of getting a lift on the elevator. Walking up a flight of stairs is just like being on a treadmill at the gym. It is good for your heart and your lungs. Boxers often really do this in training like in the Rocky movie. It is not only an effective weight loss program, it increases stamina.

Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite food. Simply decrease a little from your usual intake. Even the healthiest of fruits and vegetables can make you gain weight if you eat too much of them, moderation is they key. If you want some ice cream, opt for the low calorie kind. If you are craving for chocolate, have a bite size one instead of a regular bar. Any weight loss program will require self control and discipline.

And finally, what ever weight loss program or kinds of exercise that you decide to undertake, you have to do it regularly. Reserve half an hour at least each day until it becomes a habit. Only then will it truly be an effective weight loss program.

What Are The Do’s And Don’Ts To Estimate While Using Cbd For The First Time?

CBD is a substance that has been found from the stems of a cannabis plant. It is very simple to consume CBD because it comes in several formations such as powdered form, liquid, tablets as well as oils. There are several health benefits of consuming CBD oil. If an individual is suffering from health problems such as anxiety, depression, and any other type of physical pain, then they can consider CBD for effective results. Consuming CBD for bettering health benefits has become common as well as attractive. As a reason, everyone is considering these products because it will attain the user with beneficial and satisfactory outputs. You can buy CBD products from online websites as well as from stores as now they are easily available. Not only these the CBD products have a great sale and purchase because it attains a lot of health benefits. If you are interested in buying CBD oil, then you can use the Hemp Bombs coupon code on this site. As a reason, it will become beneficial for you to buy the right product. While buying any CBD related product, you need to keep one thing in mind, which is to get a prescription for the doctor. As a reason, CBD is a type of drug, so it is highly important for you to get consulted with your doctor or any other professional and experienced person.


If you are going to consume CBD, then there is some information which is very crucial to attain as you need to follow some of the dos and don’ts before estimating the use of CBD oil for the very first time. You might experience somebody changes or mood swings, so it is important for you to go through the dos and don’ts before consuming a CBD product. As a reason, you will get prepared for all the outcomes caused by consuming a CBD product. It is obvious that you will visualize the change in your body after consuming a CBD product. Now in order to enjoy these benefits you need to search cbd oil near me online and get the best quality oil for your body.

Some do’s and don’ts while using CBD for the very first time!

Now, firstly you will be going to read some do’s while using a CBD product for the very first time. As a reason, by acknowledging this, you will get aware of all the things wisely. Not only this but it will help you to get prepared for experiencing new things so consider all the information wisely which is mentioned in the lower section regarding the do’s of consuming CBD for the very first time such as:

Do’s of consuming CBD product:

  • while purchasing a CBD product, it is very important for you to go for proper research so that you opt for a right and certified product. We all know that CBD products re very popular, and their consumption should not be too high. For choosing the right product, you can consult with your professional doctor so that they can guide you abundantly.
  • Choose a proper platform for buying CBD products as a reason there are some websites that are illegal, so it is better for you to buy it from a certified website and platform. More often, CBD products are not available everywhere, and if you want to buy them, then in some places, they ask for a doctor’s prescription. So it is better for you to consider all the things appropriately.
  • The next thing which you need to consider is consuming the CBD product in an appropriate amount. As a reason, excessive consumption can cause problems for you, and also it will become addictive, so it is better for you to consume it wisely.

All the do’s one should consider for consuming CBD for the very first time is listed in the above section for you. Now in the lower section, after scrolling down, you will be going to read about some of the don’ts one needs to consider while consuming CBD for the first time.

Don’ts of consuming CBD product:

  • The very first thing which you need to avoid is consuming an excessive amount of CBD product as a reason it will become dangerous for your body health. It is beneficial for you to consult with your doctor so that you can consume CBD in an appropriate amount.
  • Do not become addicted to the consumption of CBD products because it is highly addictive. You can also use CBD oil if you have severe body pain rather than consuming CBD tablets.
  • If you find any instant change in your body after consuming CBD oil, then it is better for you to contact immediately with your doctor rather than avoiding it.

In the above section, all the crucial information regarding the do’s and don’ts of consuming CBD oil for the very first time is listed. If you consider this information wisely, then it will become beneficial for you.

Joining Weight Watchers – the First Meeting

I’ve been battling weight issues since the birth of my daughter three years ago. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried to lose or how much I exercised, that baby weight was not coming off. I’d looked into several different weight loss programs before deciding on Weight Watchers. I chose the program because I wanted the convenience of using the online Weight Watchers tools combined with the accountability of attending meetings.

I found a meeting in my area by going to the Weight Watchers site and entering my zip code. I chose a time that I knew I could commit to on a weekly basis, and when my husband could watch the kids.

At the first Weight Watchers meeting I arrived early and filled out the forms to sign up. After waiting my turn in line, I stepped up to the check in counter. All the people who work at the meetings are Weight Watchers members too, and have been successful in losing weight and keeping it off. Each check-in station had a “before” picture of the person who was at that computer, and it was neat to see how different they looked. It was really reassuring to know that they had gone through the Weight Watchers program.

After turning over the paperwork, I was asked to get on a scale. The scale is hooked up to the computer so there was no need for anyone to say my weight. A nice sticker printed out which showed my current starting weight and my 10% weight loss goal. This sticker was placed on my weight loss book and was handed to me. I liked the privacy that Weight Watchers provides, even when attending a meeting.

I then went into the adjoining room and took a seat in the back to wait for the meeting to begin. I was the only new person for the week but I didn’t feel uncomfortable. The meeting started and the Weight Watchers leader introduced herself. She welcomed all the new people (that was me!), and then proceeded on with the meeting. The first part of the meeting is the “celebrations” portion where small awards are given out for meeting weight loss goals. People who were on their second week of the program received a book mark, those who had lost 5 pounds received a star to put on their bookmark, and those who had achieved their 10% weight loss goal received a Weight Watchers key chain.

The meeting then proceeded to the weekly topic which dealt with handling holiday get togethers and specifically dealing with food. Each week has a different topic. People participated by sharing what had worked for them in the past, and I found their suggestions very helpful. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes and since I was new I was asked to stay afterwards to have the leader review the Weight Watchers program with me. While preparing a weight loss program, the resurge review will play a vital role. The preparation of the program will be done based on the pros and cons of the supplements. There should be no adverse effect on the health and brain of the person. The results will be derived excellent  for excessive weight loss of the body. 

Following the meeting I met with the group leader. She explained the program to me and provided me a few getting started guides. I learned how to calculate food points and learned about the difference between the Weight Watchers plans, specifically the flex and core plans.

I left my first Weight Watchers meeting feeling very optimistic. I was proud of myself for actually going to the meeting, and for taking this giant first step to achieving my weight loss goals.

Important Facts About Hearing Loss

Although hearing impairment is one of the most prevalent disabilities, many people who are affected do not fully understand the problem and are often unwilling to seek treatment. Those who have adjusted to a gradual loss of hearing through the years often do not realize that the sounds reaching them are greatly diminished. They have almost forgotten the sound of ocean waves, the chirping of birds, a loved one’s whisper. Any suggestion that the use of a hearing aid might be needed is denied, and medical advice is strenuously avoided. Along with the sonus complete reviews, some facts should be in the notice of the person. The treatment should be excellent for long period. All the medical history should be disclosed to the person for the treatment. The facts and statistics should be analyzed for the selection of the best treatment.

Since hearing impairment is an invisible condition, many people try to “pass” without it being detected. These people usually prefer the lost sound to the perceived stigma of using a hearing aid. Despite wishful thinking, a hearing loss can never be successfully concealed. In the attempt, the significant benefits available through medical and scientific technology are missed, friendships may be severed, and the person may gradually retreat to a life of isolation.

Three Basic Types Of Hearing Impairments

There are three basic types of hearing impairments. With a conductive loss, sound waves are blocked as they travel through the auditory canal or middle ear and cannot reach the inner ear. Sounds may seem muffled and an earache may be present. Children are often affected with this type of hearing loss. Common causes of a conductive loss include wax blocking the ear canal, infection, or a punctured eardrum. Many conductive hearing problems can be treated successfully.

Another cause of conductive-type loss is otosclerosis. In this disorder, the bones of the middle ear soften, do not vibrate well, and then calcify. If diagnosed properly, this problem can be corrected surgically.

A sensorineural hearing loss, commonly termed “nerve deafness,” involves the inner ear and is the result of damage to the hair cells, nerve fibers, or both. Sounds are distorted, high tones are usually inaudible, and ringing or buzzing sounds (tinnitus) may be present. Speech can be heard, but it is not easily understood. Unfortunately, this type of loss is permanent and irreversible. Causes include high fevers, excess noise, heredity, adverse reaction to drugs, diseases such as meningitis, head injuries, and the aging process.

The third major type of hearing problem is the mixed loss. In this instance a person has both conductive and sensorineural losses.

Early Intervention Is Critical

As with any medical condition, early intervention is critical. An ear specialist (otologist) should be consulted when the telltale signs of hearing loss are noted. These signs include ringing in the ears, the need to have spoken material repeated frequently, high volume on TV or radio, or inattentiveness, The problem may be a simple wax buildup which can be remedied with one office visit. If the impairment cannot be treated medically, then a referral to an audiologist should be scheduled.

Audiologists, specialists in the non-medical evaluation and rehabilitation of persons with hearing disorders, administer a variety of sophisticated tests. These include an audiogram measuring the degree of loss and types of sounds that cannot be heard. Another test is tympanometry which evaluates the middle ear’s ability to conduct sound. Hearing aid evaluations to test the individual’s response to one or more aids are also performed.

Hearing ability is measured by units of sound intensity called decibels. Zero to 25 decibels are considered normal hearing; 25 to 40 decibels a mild loss; 40 to 55 a moderate loss; 55 to 70 decibels a moderately severe loss; 70 to 90 a severe loss; and 90 or above is termed a profound hearing impairment. Beyond 90 decibels, many people would be called deaf, but with modern hearing devices they often can obtain usable sound.

If a hearing aid is recommended, there are many types from which to choose. These range from tiny, all-in-the-ear models for mild to moderate losses to large body aids for profound impairments. Some people require only one aid (monaural), while others receive the most benefit from binaural aids which is one aid for each ear.

In various situations, and especially with a severe to profound loss, a hearing aid may not be enough. Modern technology has again come to the rescue with a variety of Assistive Listening Devices and Systems (ALDS) for telephones, one-to-one and small groups, conferences, rooms, theaters, and places of worship. They include both portable and permanent telephone amplifiers, direct audio input devices, and personal FM and infrared systems. There are also alarm systems and telecaptioning devices. Although not all dealers stock these items, most can obtain information and place orders for needed equipment.

Speech reading and sign language are other modalities available to persons with severe hearing loss. Speech reading is a virtual necessity in cases of severe or profound loss and can be self-taught to some extent. However, professional training may be needed for many people. Depending upon the degree of impairment and individual needs, each person must decide which options offer the most advantages.

Hearing loss need not be a tragedy causing embarrassing moments, job change, or social withdrawal. Only procrastination in obtaining needed help has the potential for tragic consequences. One’s hearing should be preserved and protected as a most valuable possession.

Diabetes – How Proper Diet and Exercise May Reverse Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is more like a symptom rather than a disease. It describes a person that has abnormally high blood glucose levels. Glucose levels involve a number of metabolic functions that are all affected by diet and exercise.

Diabetes is more prominent in developed countries where bad diet and lack of exercise is openly admitted by most experts. In fact, once the effect this bad diet and lack of exercise has on the organs that control glucose levels is examined, the relationship between diabetes, diet, and exercise can plainly be seen.

How Does Bad Diet Affect Us

What we eat and how often we eat can cause great harm to our bodies, especially if what we are eating are refined processed foods.

The problem with refined foods is that in the digestive system they are converted into glucose very rapidly. This constant high level of glucose in the blood stream soon takes its toll on the systems that have to deal with this excess glucose such as the pancreas, liver, and cells.

The pancreas has to produce insulin, in response to high glucose levels in the blood, to signal the liver and cells in the body to take in glucose.

Constant eating and drinking of refined foods and sugary drinks cause the pancreas to simply wear out over time. At the same time the liver and cells in the body stop responding to the dwindling levels of insulin. The result is type 2 diabetes.

How Does the Lack of Exercise Affect Us

Exercise causes us to burn glucose. It also increases our capacity to store glycogen. Glycogen is what glucose is turned into for storage.

If we are constantly eating refined foods and sugary drinks without sufficient activity to burn off this fuel, again we are forcing the pancreas to attempt to produce enough insulin to respond to this excess glucose. The cells, having no place to put this glucose due to lack of activity, simple stop responding to the insulin. The result is diabetes.

How Do We Reverse This

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or are taking medication for diabetes you must consult your Doctor before changing your diet or exercise level.

By eliminating refined foods, sugary foods and drinks, you will lower the glucose levels in your blood stream. By employing a vigorous aerobic exercise routine you will burn off excess glycogen and glucose. You should also take sugar balance or any other supplement or medication for diabetes. This will help to regulate your blood sugar naturally. But before buying any product, it is important to consult first with your doctor so your health condition will not be compromised.

Here’s the trick to reversing type 2 diabetes. A few days a week give up breakfast and lunch. This is called day fasting. By fasting you give your whole system a rest.

When fasting, the pancreas only needs to produce the minimum amount of insulin; thereby, getting a well-deserved rest. Cells in your body, not having to deal with a constant flood of insulin, become more sensitive to it. The liver gets to burn off glycogen while increasing its capacity to store glycogen.

After a few weeks your system will no longer be overwhelmed by excess glucose. The pancreas will begin to work normally. The cells in your body will become more responsive to insulin. The damage done by high glucose levels to the rest of your body will begin to reverse.

As well as having greater control over your glucose levels, you will have new found energy and vigor.

What Are The 8 Beneficial Tips For Staying Relevant With Healthcare Marketing?

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The healthcare organizations need to be true as well as relevant because there are lots of industries as well as the organization which consider healthcare marketing. We all know that considering healthcare marketing is very competitive because here, people are using strategies as well as an advertising method for better interaction. You can consider any plastic surgery marketing agency through online websites because here, you can easily go through feedback and reviews related to healthcare. It is typical for an individual to consider healthcare marketing because it is wide as well as different. Through marketing, one can easily interact with other users as well as patients. According to research, it has been listed that around 90% of individuals go through the feedback section while considering online service in terms of healthcare. Here you will get better results as well as outputs because healthcare marketing is wide.

For acknowledging about the healthcare advertising and marketing deeply and to remain in the race of healthcare marketing, you need to consider the below mentioned 8 beneficial tips for staying relevant and true in this field, such as:

The 8 beneficial tips for staying relevant to healthcare marketing: 

  • The very first thing one needs to consider while rendering healthcare marketing is to understand the requirement and needs of buyers. You need to do proper research that what are the requirements of the buyers so that they can consider your healthcare marketing despite others.
  • You need to stay on the top, always in your industry of healthcare marketing. As a reason, if you consider this option, then it becomes beneficial for you to update the customers as well as buyers in healthcare marketing.
  • Try to establish KOLs, which means that the key opinion leaders. As a reason, you need to be smart enough to help other individuals. Also, don’t become shy while considering the needs and requirements of the customer.
  • You need to build strategies for posting your content on the website so that the audience will go through it. It is one of the most attractive things for the customer because your content should be true as well as relevant for the buyer.
  • For getting more audience towards your side, you need to contact with popular channels so that they can broadcast your healthcare advertisements out there. 
  • You need to prepare your website finely, which means that create your own personalized experience for healthcare marketing so that more audience will show their interest in your company and business.
  • Once you have done, then do not forget about your payers as well as patients because it will deliver a bad impact on them.

  • You can make the most out of technologies as it is advantageous for you as well as for your business.

In the above section, I have listed all the 8 beneficial tips for staying relevant and true with healthcare marketing so that it will become advantageous for you as well as for your strategies.


What Are The 6 Reasons That States Why People Get Plastic Surgery?

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People are getting plastic surgeries because they are not satisfied with their appearance. There are lots of people from all over the globe who consider the procedure of plastic surgeries. We can also take an example of celebrities and big personalities because they go through plastic surgery to enhance their beauty a well as body shape. Nowadays, due to advanced technology as well as development, a person can consider plastic surgery of any body part. From your eyes to lips and breasts, you can reframe it and make it according to your choice. There are lots of benefits of cosmetic surgery as if you are not happy with your appearance or met with an accident, and then you can go under plastic surgery for reframing. 

The result of plastic cosmetic surgery is true, as well as relevant for the customers. As a reason, it is done on a large scale and done by professionals. While considering and undergoing plastic surgery, you need to maintain your budget because it is expensive. In the last five years, the number of considering plastic surgery have been increased. Whenever you are considering plastic surgery for your body, then it is important for you to consult with professionals because they will guide you in a batter as well as an effective manner. 

By undergoing plastic surgery, you can develop and see changes in your body as well as confidence because no one will ever be going to judge you on the basis of your looks as well as body type. You don’t have to be shameful or judgmental for yourself because, with the help of right plastic cosmetic surgery, it becomes beneficial for you to move out in public freely. An individual can easily perform the procedure of plastic surgery because there is no age limit or gender inequality in it. Basically, plastic surgery is a type of treatment where you can regenerate your body according to your wish and choice. It is better as well as effective for you to take precautions because plastic surgery is cautious. 

Now, in the lower section, you will be going to read about the six reasons which clearly states that why people get plastic surgery such as:

The 6 reasons that state why people get plastic surgery:

  • The very first reason is confidence as a reason; when you are satisfied with your outer beauty and body type, then you will become more confident as before.
  • You will get more acceptance in public, as well as people, start showing interest in you. 
  • Going through plastic surgeries’ has become common and basic. That is the reason that it has also become affordable. Earlier, only high profiles, as well as celebrities, go under the procedure of plastic surgeries,’ but now, anyone can easily afford this procedure.
  • Technologies have become advanced, and somehow it is the reason that people are considering plastic surgery. 

  • It is safe as well as effective because, due to the development, new machines have been generated, which are totally safe for the customer to undergo plastic surgery. 
  • If you undergo plastic surgery, then it will improve your health benefits such as depression as well as obesity. There are lots of people who are going through depression because of their appearance. They feel shame while moving out in public, so it is effective for you to consider plastic surgery because it will improve your health. 

Somehow undergoing plastic surgery will also improve your self-confidence as all the 6 reasons that why people are considering plastic surgery is listed on the above section. 

How to Lose Weight

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Do you know what I just did? I drank a large glass of water. Want to know why? I just woke up. What does that have to do with anything? It’s the first step in this guide. Drink a large glass of PURE, NOT TAP, water when you wake up. This gets the metabolism going, and helps to cleanse your body, you know, flush it out.

If you reading this you want answers to loosing weight. Above is the first step. There are many others, do as many as you can. If all you did was drink more water, especially in the morning, you would lose weight, not much because we have know idea what you’re putting in your mouth the rest of the day, but you would be on the right track. This list is the right track. If you stay on it you will loose, if you stray a bit it won’t hurt, and if you want to loose weight, and you ignore this list, YOU WILL BE FAT.

Step two

is to eat a big breakfast. Eat to loose weight? What is he talking about, you ask? Here it is; 20 percent of fat people eat a big breakfast, 80 percent of thin people eat a big breakfast. If you are fat and eating a big breakfast, you are eating the wrong kinds of food. Remember this is a life style changing article, if you don’t want to change you won’t loose the weight. Eat as much as you like of fruit, all organic. have rye bread, real bye bread, not bread made with bleached rye flour. Raw butter, that is not homogenized or pasteurized. raw milk, wild, not farm raised, smoked salmon, organic chicken, beef, lamb, sardines, tuna, any organic vegetables, eggs, salsa, coffee made with pure water, NO TAP WATER. Sweeten your coffee with pure evaporated cane juice, or honey, or the herb stevia, You may also drink tea, real tea, not mass produced tea bags, again made with pure water.

Step three,

drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, we beat this one to death already.

Step four,

Walk for exercise, at least one hour a day, CONTINUOUSLY. Don’t count the stroll through the parking lot to work.

Step five,

Don’t eat late in the evening.

Step six,

Cleanse your body, a colon cleanse, a Candida cleanse, and a liver cleanse are mandatory.

Step seven,

No aspartame, or other artificial sweeteners, no MSG, no high fructose corn syrup, no white sugar or white flour, and NO DIET SODAS OR DIET FOODS. These things are bad news!

Step eight,

Take digestive enzymes.

Step nine,


Step ten,

eat organic foods, and have a big salad for lunch, I mean you can have a huge satisfying salad for lunch, with anything from the breakfast list on it. For dressing try 100% unrefined organic coconut oil, or olive oil, and organic apple cider vinegar, or fresh lemon juice. You may add organic sea salt and fresh ground pepper for taste.

Step eleven,

BREATHE. Learn to breathe deep, look here for an article to come on breathing.

Step twelve,

Add muscle, yes work out, yes you must, no it does not have to hurt, do it.

Step thirteen,

Cheat whenever you want. Remember this list is like a set of railroad tracks, if there were no turnoffs, the train couldn’t do its job. If you follow this track and only this track, you would soon be bored. Just get back to the list in order to loose the weight. Don’t get bored and eat, don’t stop walking and exercising just because you had a piece of cake at you nephews birthday party. Don’t stop drinking water, because your significant other bought you a Starbucks. Just get back on the tracks to being thin, and forgive yourself the few side trips you take.

Just follow the above tips on a regular basis and you will see the positive results sooner than later because it requires utmost dedication and commitment as losing weight is no laughing matter and carelessness will only see a resurge in the flab around the stomach, which will only add to the woes.

6 X 6 Weight Loss Plan

Significant weight loss takes time. We all understand this, but what can we do for those times when we need to lose weight fast? Here are six quick and easy tricks to help you lose six pounds in just seven days. These workout and diet tips are ideal for that last week before your high school reunion, a last-minute fix before a hot date, or just a great way to kick off that total body makeover!

  1. Breakfast

Eat one packet of instant oatmeal…just one or two minutes in the microwave and you’re ready to go! Flavored varieties are okay (if they’re sugar-free), but plain oatmeal with a few bites of fresh fruit is even better. Do not add honey or syrup or refined sugar! If you want a little more to eat, you may also have one whole egg (cooked any way you like), but do not add salt or ketchup, as sodium causes your body to hold on to excess water weight. In fact, do not add salt to any meal this week.

  1. Lunch

Half of your plate should be protein-rich foods (meat, eggs, beans, etc). The other half of your plate can be starchy carbs, veggies, and fruit. Season your foods with lemon juice, olive oil and vinegar, herbs, and salt-free seasonings. Do not cover your food with sauces this week, because those will add too much salt and too many extra calories. No seconds!

  1. Dinner

Half of your plate should be veggies or salad with no sauce or dressing. The other half of your plate will be protein-rich foods like meat (any kind you want!), eggs, and beans. No carbs for dinner! Again, no seconds!

  1. Snacks

We’re staying away from refined carbs and concentrated sugars here, so go with carrot sticks, celery bites with a dab of peanut butter, one or two hard-boiled eggs with cayenne pepper (no salt), or small amounts of beef jerky (read the labels and choose the one with the least sodium).

  1. Beverages

As you’re starting to see, sugar-free is the way to go! Trade in those regular sodas for diet varieties. Replace regular sugar with Splenda in your coffee or tea, or use sugar-free creamers instead of the sweetened ones. First thing in the morning, drink a tall glass of water. Do the same thing at dinner. You can still have other sugar-free beverages, but nothing beats ice-cold water.

  1. Workouts

You will breathe hard, and you will sweat, but best of all, you will crank up your body’s ability to blast calories away. Short bursts of high-intensity exercise will give your metabolism the boost it needs to burn fat all day long. You’ll be doing short intervals of cardio (Shuttle Runs) and whole-body calisthenics (8-Count Body Builders) for 20 minutes or less a day, every day for the entire week. You should also do a five minute warmup (walking and stretching) and a 5-10 minute cool down (also walking and stretching) afterwards, but the main part of your workout…the hard part…should take 20 minutes or less.

8-Count Body Builders

Stand up straight, with your feet a few inches apart.

“ONE!” – Quickly crouch down and plant your hands a few inches in front of your toes, shoulder-width apart.

“TWO!” – Shift your weight onto your arms (keep them straight) and thrust your feet all the way back. Now you’re in pushup position.

“THREE!” – Keeping your elbows close to your body and not flared out to the sides, do that pushup, bending your arms until your chest or stomach is one inch from the ground.

“FOUR!” – Straighten your arms…back up into pushup position, again.

“FIVE!” – Kick your feet out to the sides.

“SIX!” – Bring your feet back together…pushup position, again.

“SEVEN!” – Shift your weight forward onto your arms and quickly draw your feet back up towards your hands.

“EIGHT!” – Stand up straight.

That’s one rep. You’ve got four more to go. You may need to rest for a few seconds after two or three reps. That’s fine. Count to ten, take a deep breath, and force yourself to do the next rep. It’ll all be over soon! Keep going!

If needed rest 30 to 60 seconds after your 5-rep set of 8-Count Body Builders, then begin your shuttle run. Go! Go! Go!

Shuttle Run

Jog 25 yards.

Stop. Turn around and jog back to where you started.

Stop. Turn around and run that same 25 yards as fast as you can!

Give yourself an extra 10-20 feet to slow down, then stop, turn around, and walk all the way back to where you started.

Take 1-2 minutes to stretch a little and catch your breath. Take a sip or two of water, and then go back to your 8-Count Body Builders and repeat the whole cycle for a total of 5 rounds. Move quickly through this workout. At no time during your workout should you be able to speak in complete sentences with out stopping half-way through to breathe.

If it’s taking you 30 minutes, then try to pick up the pace! Remember, get it done in 20 minutes or less, and then you can shower and relax and let your revved-up metabolism blast the fat away for the rest of the day. High intensity exercise is the key to an effective weight-loss plan!

Follow this plan exactly as described and you can lose up to 6 pounds (or even more) in only one week! Skip the salt, concentrated sugars, and refined carbs. Work out intensely for 20 minutes every day. Push the pace! Drink water throughout the day. Then, get back on that scale and share with your friends and family what you’ve accomplished.

Apart from the aforementioned practices, you can also make occasional visits to the New Jersey Center for CoolSculpting where you can get some extra tips for losing weight so that there is no extra flab surrounding your stomach that can create health problems in the future.

Good luck. You can do this!

Drinking Baking Soda in Water May Promote Healing from Many Ailments

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Home remedies should never be considered as a guarantee to heal any illness. Please check with your health care provider, before embarking on a kitchen cure. It is also important to remember that not every natural remedy, will work for all people. Having said that, I was elated to find out that something as inexpensive as baking soda, added to a glass of water, may for some, promote healing from many ailments.

For many generations, drinking baking soda dissolved in water, has been a much touted folk remedy. It has been used for arthritis, indigestion, infections and heartburn. Most American diets are highly acidic, which causes diseases and other conditions to develop and flourish. Our Blood needs to be alkaline in order for it to properly transport oxygen, nutrients and waste products.

Baking soda is alkaline, and when taken at the appropriate time, in moderate amounts, reduces acidity, and will promote healthy biochemistry. Baking soda in water is supposed to reduce stomach acid, relieve heartburn, upset stomach acid reflux and acid indigestion.

It has had mixed reactions from many sources but there is no denying the fact that it has played an important role in keeping the immunes system healthy, which is vital to keep you going, unlike the bottled drinking water at Diamond Rock that might have unforeseen side effects.

The recommended dosage, is one or two teaspoons of baking soda, in an 8 ounce glass of purified water. According to the Mayo Clinic, It is not recommended that you use baking soda and water on a regular basis, for more than two weeks, without talking to your health care professional

Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, plus 1/8th teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, is suppose to quickly reduce blood pressure. I was skeptical to try this because my grandmother used to tell us stories of people who died, jut after drinking baking soda for heart burn. She would say their heart exploded.

My blood pressure reading had been averaging around160/95 in 3 of 5 readings, for several weeks. I had not changed my diet, or gained weight, and there was no additional stress in my life. I thought I would give the vinegar/baking soda method a try.

Prior to drinking the water/baking soda.vinegar mix, my reading was 162/95. Ten minutes later it was 155/90. Within 29 minutes it was 145/95. I was getting very discouraged. I decided to lay down and wait to make sure the mixture had penetrated my system.

An hour later, my reading was 137/88. It remained in that area for the rest of the night. I used this mixture every day for the next week, along with watching what I ate, and my pressure indeed remained within acceptable limits.

Please keep in mind, that natural cures work best, when you are already living a healthy lifestyle, by eating low fat, and exercising. Also make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients in any home remedy.