Necklace- Woman’s Greatest Weakness

Everyone is fond of something or the other and it is a human tendency to like and want to have anything that takes to their fancy and obsess over it without rest when failing to acquire it.

Be it man or woman, no human being is exempt from it as human desire is endless where one desire gives way to another and so on where there are also times when both sides are willing to even kill to achieve their object of desire.

Today we are going to talk about one such thing that is very dear for every woman to have ever existed. Women are well known for their fondness for makeup and jewelry and simply cannot exist without either as they consider both these things as benchmarks as to what makes one a complete woman.

Henpecked Man

Women equate the lack of jewelry adorning different parts of their body as one sans clothes and many have known to given such statements, especially film actresses that have led to their fans blindly copying them as it makes them feel like belonging to a royal family.

However, it is the man in their lives that have to bear the brunt of the blow of exorbitant expenses as the women demand them to buy the latest necklace on display in the jewelry store without giving a damn as to how expensive it would be.

The henpecked man is left with no other choice than to simply think of ways to buy the necklace by hook or crook in order to satisfy their dream girl or bear the brunt of her tantrums and potential threat of breakup.

It has been said that it is easy to pacify god than a woman as it is virtually impossible to understand the latter’s mindset where even the former has given up on it therefore they don’t dare question the motives of their girls.


Everyone knows that any necklace that is genuine and even with lesser carats of gold is going to cost quite high and this is where the spanner is thrown in the work process as certain men simply cannot afford to buy it.

So they are left with no choice but to think of ways to pacify their girlfriend/wife but their pleadings fall on deaf ears. It is not that you have to buy only an expensive necklace to satisfy your girl, no it is nothing like that.

We are going to list out certain ways on how to buy a necklace for women so that men get a general idea on how to proceed with this matter without the need to spend a major portion of their hard earnings and they are as follows:

  • The most important step is to have a good knowledge about gold and jewelry otherwise simply research it online for the number of pearls to the heavy chains used for putting the beads together and so on
  • All the necklaces are different from one another and so it becomes important to identify the genuine ones from fake jewelry so wait for a special occasion like birthday or wedding anniversary to catch her off guard
  • All women are suckers for jewelry but the style is quite different so try to read her mind and make do with a particular type as rich girls with a lavish lifestyle already have everything so they can do with a not so flashy necklace for themselves
  • has some beautiful necklaces you must check out because it has some of the best designs of different shape and size in order to cater for all women, which you can learn more about by researching for it online