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Gemfields forms JV to explore gemstones in Sri Lanka

Precious stones miner Gemfields Plc has formed a joint venture to mine sapphires in Sri Lanka as part of its long-held ambition to become the De Beers of the global coloured stones market.

Gemfields already mines emeralds in Zambia and rubies in Mozambique, and this venture will allow it to complete what Chief Executive Ian Harebottle calls the “traffic light of coloured stones” – emerald, rubies and sapphires: red, green and blue.

The miner, which owns luxury jewellery brand Faberge, said on Monday it would hold a 75 percent stake in the joint venture with East West Gem Investments Ltd (EWGI), a company registered in Jersey, the Channel Islands.

The London-listed company, which produces about a fifth of the world’s rough emeralds, said it paid $400,000 to acquire 75 percent operating interests in 16 exploration licences, covering diverse minerals.

“A relatively small consideration for Gemfields, but a positive development exposing the company to a greater diversity of precious stones to market,” Investec Securities analyst Marc Elliot said.

The joint venture will also include creating a gemstone trading company, called Ratnapura Lanka Gemstones Pvt Ltd, that will focus on sourcing rough sapphires from the local market.

Sri Lanka is a key source of sapphires of all colours is known for the highly sought-after padparadscha sapphire.

Gemfields aspires to create a stable market for coloured stones and polish their image in the same way that Anglo American Plc’s De Beers unit has long championed diamonds from London’s Bond Street to China.

Gemfields’s shares were up 2 percent at 48.66 pence on the London Stock Exchange at 1030 GMT on Monday. (Reporting by Karen Rebelo in Bangalore; Editing by Gopakumar Warrier and Savio D’Souza)

About Alaska Salmon Fishing Charters

Alaska is home to thousands of salmon-fishing charter services, which you can find in most cities that are near rivers or the coast. These companies range from single-man operations to large commercial businesses. Salmon fishing season is mainly from May until September, but the best charters will book up sometimes years in advance, so attend to reservations accordingly.

Alaska Trophy Salmon Fishing Guide


Charter-boat services are split into offshore and river categories. Offshore charters navigate the North Pacific Ocean or the Bering Sea, while river charters travel some of the many great fishery tributaries in Alaska. The most popular of these is the Kenai RIver, which holds some of the largest salmon in the world.

Time Frame

Fishing charters offer two types of charters: half-day and whole-day, which run 4 and 8 hours of fishing time, respectively. Charter boats will leave the dock usually around 6 a.m.; afternoon charters leave around noon unless you book sunset fishing, which commences at around 6 p.m.

Alaska Trophy Salmon Fishing Guide


Cost depends on several variables, including the number of people, the length of travel and the length of time. Some charters require the boat to be reserved and will allow only a limited number of people for one price. Other charters will charge per person. Packages, in which a single rate covers accommodations, food and fishing, usually offer the best value; most Alaskan lodges will have several package options available.


Charters may include amenities, including fish cleaning, wrapping and packaging for shipping back to the “Lower 48.” Many charters provide lunch and snacks for their guests as well as beverages. Fishing gear is also provided, as the equipment is tailored to Alaskan conditions. Many charter boats have cabins that include full restroom and living space, allowing guests a chance to get out of the cold and rain, if necessary.



Research the charter boat before paying for it. Make sure the captain and boat have proper licensing, which ensures that the boat and captain are safety approved. The extreme weather and conditions make this a concern in Alaska, especially for offshore journeys.

LIverpool Wasps Nest Control

Liver-pool Wasps’ Nest Control are the premier firm specialising in eradicating Wasps’ Nests in the Liver-pool area and are generally in a position to offer you a same day service. It is usually simpler to telephone us, but we can easily always be emailed at nevertheless for a much more prompt service please cell us. When it’s a really pressing job we always do our very best to help you.

wasps` We take great pride in having the ability to offer you a preset tariff of only £35 for the whole of the area.

We aren’t 9 – 5 persons, we are able to attend in order to suit you, after work or at week end and there will not be any added cost.

Liver-pool Wasps Nest Destroyers will furnish a totally trained and insured specialist technician to take care of your wasps nest or another pest elimination difficulties and to give you advice on on aftercare.

We are proud of our workmanship which is totally guaranteed and on the very unusual times we do not get it done properly first time we make a return call every bit as rapidly and cost-free.

Despite the fact that some every day pest infestations can be eradicated with Do it yourself merchandise, don’t attempt to remove a wasp nest by yourself, it is rather unsafe and you could probably experience several stings as wasps are really protective within their nests.

As soon as the nest has been eliminated, the nest offers no risk and ought to continue in place.

People frequently use the phrase “remove a wasps nest” but in practise this is simply not what we undertake. Literally removing a wasps nest, is in practice neither needed nor advisable. Our professional will inject a tiny amount of wasp powder into the opening of the nest, then the returning workers will tranport it within the nest with them and the complete nest will die inside a short time.

wasps` Pest Controllers will not remove a wasp nest, even on the rare occasions it could be achievable, because it is important to let it remain in its place for the arriving workers to penetrate.

The wasps nest is merely manufactured from paper which will crumble away. A wasps nest is used for a single summer only and is not used again.

There are some issues when coping with nests later in the summer which could require a different technique. We’ve written a web page which details the problems and difficulty in managing these late season nests, please read it at Dealing With Late Season Wasps Nests.

If you think that there is a wasp nest on your property, visit our Wasps or Bees? page to make sure and to avoid a callout fee, then call today.

If you do not fancy wasting time waiting in to get the nest eliminated, then assuming we can get to the nest without going through the property we can destroy it when you’re out if you pay online.. You’ll be able to pay beforehand with the buttons on the right from any page, let us know the spot where you have noticed the wasps flying and arrange for us to access the outside of your home.

While you anticipate our technician’s visit, check out our Wasps Nest Dos and Don’ts page and learn the way to help us assist you.

The awful summer of 2012 was not beneficial to wasps, in Britain we saw many wasps’ nests die from malnourishment for the reason that the wasps was not able to get out to feed as a result of rain.

The nests which in turn did make it through were very delayed in generating queens and we were still discovering live nests well into November.

With the football, and then Wimbledon, The Olympics and Paralympics along with wet weather a lot of people simply didn’t spot the fact that they had a wasp’s nest, naturally it wasn’t a very good summer for out-of-doors events.

LIverpool Wasps Nest ControlThis meant that many nests that would typically have been eradicated were able to go full term and generate their queens, about 2000 per nest normally.

If we have a warm spring and a reasonable start to the summertime this could indicate that there’ll be even more wasps’ nests during the summer time of 2013.

Another strange element of the summer of 2012 was that for the 1st time ever in the North West we were called out over a hornets’ nest. Received understanding has always declared hornets are restricted to the southern area. Hornets (Vespa crabro) usually are only seen in southern Britain and about as far north as the southern midlands so it was a weird call-out indeed.

In the north west an urban fable has evolved that hornets are much smaller than wasps, this just simply is not correct, Regardless of northern urban misconception hornets are a lot bigger than wasps, hornet queens might be around two inches long. It’s common for clients to mix up wasp queens for hornets later in the summer, but hornets are considerably larger even than wasp queens.

LIverpool Wasps Nest ControlAs opposed to all of our indigenous wasp species hornets fly through the night and might give you a scary surprise to anyone on a comfy summer’s evening time when you’ve got the windows ajar and the lights switched on, specially for more northern individuals who aren’t familiar with encountering them.

If you think that you have a wasps nest there’s an easy check that you can carry out in summer is to wait for a warm, sunny day in mid-July and walk all-around your property looking up and down, in air-bricks and chimneys etc and if there’s a wasp’s nest you will evidently see wasps coming and going at an disconcerting rate. Phone us then before the queens appear in mid-September and you should break the breeding cycle.

Just one word of warning, ‘wasps’ in chimney stacks often end up being honeybees. If you find comings and goings inside the chimney Don’t light the fire, contact us.

If you happen to be finding a great deal of wasps getting into your home on a day to day basis it often signifies that the nest is on a nearby building, amazing but real!

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