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Cuddly Exotic Pet: The Chinchilla

Are you looking for an exotic pet that is interesting but not dangerous? Chinchillas are small rodents native to Peru that fit that description perfectly. Every chinchilla will have its own distinctive personality. Most in captivity are grey and males. If you can find a female, it will cost more to purchase.

There are numerous things to consider if a chinchilla is a right pet for you. They are not good pets for small kids. Additionally, they are nocturnal. This means they spend most of the day sleeping. They need a home to hide in. They are naturally skittish. However, by spending time with them, they will let you touch them. They like the top of their head scratched.

Like all rodents, they need to chew on things to keep their teeth down. The bad news for the chinchilla owner is they will chew on anything such as wires and plugs. They are best kept in a room with nothing else, but their multilevel cages.

Chinchillas are agile jumpers. If they are let out of their cage for exercise, they will run-up to the wall and jump up against it. Also, if you lie on the ground, the chinchilla will jump on your back and look around. In the cage, chinchillas love their exercise wheel to keep active.

In the wild, chinchillas eat plants, fruits, and small insects. You are not able to give them the exact diet in captivity. There is a special chinchilla food that you can find in most pet stores. This will take care of all their dietary needs. Like people, chinchillas like treats. Giving one raisin a day is a special treat that will make the chinchilla happy. It will grab it with its cute little paws and slowly eat it. If you give them more than one raisin, it could make them sick.

Chinchillas need special dust to keep their fur soft. This removes the oils and moisture from their fur. They love to roll around taking their daily dust bath. The bad news is that many chinchillas are killed yearly for their fur.

Most chinchillas should be kept apart unless you are trying to breed them. They have one – seven babies that take almost 4 months to be born. They are fully furred and eyes open at birth.

Here are some other things to know about chinchillas. Their health will suffer if the temperature gets above 75 degrees. Aspen is the preferred bedding and red cedar bedding is toxic. They need to be given grass hay and a water bottle. Do not put them near rabbits.

Chinchillas are cute cuddly pets that are exotic. They love attention and don’t respond to negative punishment. If you can meet their requirements, you may have the perfect pet for the next 10-15 years.

Choose What Works Best Among Different Types On Natural Cat Litters

Like any other pets, cats too need specialized care and things. One such thing is cat litter which is an absolute necessity for any cat owner. One can buy cat litter from shops and online retailers which come in various forms.

But as the silicone litter can be harmful and even disliked by cats too, pet owners are more inclined towards natural litter these days.

What are natural cat litters?

Anyone is thinking about going green with their cat litters then natural cat litters are the things to choose. These litters are good for the cat’s health and also are biodegradable and renewable. Also, these litters are less expensive and are made from most natural things like corn, soya pulp, grass, newspaper, sawdust etc. they also have a natural scent of their which act as odor controller.

Benefits of natural cat litter

  • Lesser harmful:

most of the cat litters contain silica, excessive dust and many other types of chemicals which can be harmful to cats and the people living in the house too. these chemicals may get absorbed into the cat skin and also come in contact with the family members too. all these chemicals are put into a litter to make them smell better and also to help in clumping. But this will not be the worry with natural litter as they do not contain any chemical which can harm the cat or anybody else.

  • Odor control:

keeping a litter box odorless is something which is the top priority for almost all the cat owners. The litter box smell can be something very disturbing to both the owners and the cat, that is why cat litters are inebriated with chemicals and silica to keep the door But the natural cat litters are equally effective with its natural compositions which gives out their natural scent and also lock the odor.

  • Clumping:

this is another issue that cat owners pay attention to, that is clumping of the litter when a cat urinates or potty on the litter. Natural cat litters are also very good in clumping without any kind of chemical added to it. easy clumping is necessary for cat owners as clumping of the litter makes it easy clean and sift the litter and also it means the cat will not carry the wet litter stuck on its paw everywhere.

  • Variety:

every cat has their own preferences depending upon what they like and what they don’t. this is why natural cat litters are something one should go for as one can find several options to choose from depending upon the absorption quality, clumping and odor control capabilities. One can try different options before choosing one for their cats.

Types of natural cat litter

There are many types available that one can avail at, but some of them are the most effective ones among others. They are:

  • Clumping clay litters:

they are finer grained and gets clumped easily which can be sifted through the rest and removed. They also control odor and one need to have to change it too often. They are expensive than other clay litter and are dusty in nature which can get tracked out of the litter box.

  • Clay-based litters:

they are the most easily found litter and cheap too. they are dusty in nature but do not get tracked out of the box. They can cover the odor completely and clumps easily. One thing that one needs to keep in mind is that they need to be changed every week.

  • Pine pellet litters:

they are made of pine, and they turn into dust when cat urinated on them. When dry they get tracked out the box and need to change frequently. They also do not control strong odors. They are less expensive than others.

  • Corn cob litters:

these are better and inexpensive than pine litters and also can be found easily. They last longer and are good at odor control. They also clump easily and can be cleaned out after cat urinates.

  • Newspaper pulp litters:

these litters are small pellets of newspaper pulp and are gray in color. they are good for clumping too. also, one the cats do not leave a track outside the litter box as there are not dust particles involved. Two of the drawbacks involved are that it can be expensive as compared to others and also it does not control the odor.

Cats take time to get acquainted with new litter so one should introduce them slowly to the litter box so that they can be comfortable into the surrounding. Choosing a natural kitty litter will not only make the cat healthy and happy but also will reduce the cat owners work as well.


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