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5 Best Places for Coffee in the Triangle ( Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Best Coffee In the Triangle

While usually one associates great coffee with Seattle, the fact is that the Rainy City doesn’t have a monopoly on well-roasted, quality beans. The Triangle region of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill offers a number of great venues for superlative coffee, as well as an intriguing coffee experience. Here are five of the top places to go for a great cup, professionally served.

  1. Helios Coffee:

just outside of the Downtown Raleigh business district, this modern-looking café is right across the street from acclaimed wine bar and bistro, Enoteca Vin. While the café suffers a bit from its selection of roaster – the uninspired and formerly trendy Counter Culture Coffee – the baristas are well-trained and knowledgeable about their product. The atmosphere is clean and bright, and you barely realize the massive amount of traffic outside. Great for a lunch-time cup or a fix on your way into work. Live music and local artists appear frequently, but it’s still a little lackluster when it comes to a good place for a romantic date.

  1. Fowler’s Gourmet:

Nestled in the heart of the Brightleaf Square shopping district, Fowler’s Gourmet has been a staple of the Durham gourmet scene for decades. It’s coffee counter has dozens of quality varietals and blends, and they have rotated vendors often enough to ensure plenty of variety. While the prices on whole bean coffee might be a tad high, the customer service and rare and unusual offerings make this gourmet supermarket a must-stop place to go for all of your high-end foods. Their tea section is likewise impressive.

  1. Guglhupf:

Originally started as an authentic Bakery and Patisserie, this gorgeous little bistro/bakery/coffee bar has become a favorite of the Triangle. Succulant artisan breads and pasteries, coupled with a great selection of coffees from local roaster Carrboro Coffee Company, make Guglhupf a perfect place for Sunday Brunch or a casual meeting spot with friends. They’re located next door to the once-trendy-now-trashy Foster’s Market (known informally to Durham residents as “Granny Sarah’s Cuntry Sto'” and derided for its ability to attract shiftless Duke students and their laptops) on 15-501 between Durham and Chapel Hill and are closed on Mondays.

  1. Open Eye Café:

Located in tiny downtown Carrboro (“The Paris of the Piedmont”), the Open Eye is an unabashed success story in a ruthless business. Started with the help of the venerable, but sadly defunct Broad Street Coffee Roasters, Open Eye was once literally a hole-in-the-wall amongst the antique shops and bars of Carrboro. It has expanded significantly since then, quintupling its seating and offering a wide variety of food and pastries. It now roasts its own beans in the back under the name Carrboro Coffee Company, with the expert eye of Mark Leatherwood, formerly of Broad Street Coffee Roasters, and arguably one of the finest craft roasters on the east coast. Open Eye has a casual-but-popular attitude that has earned it the title “Carrboro’s Living Room” and a record-setting five TOPS awards from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). Best place ever for meeting up with friends before going barhopping in Chapel Hill.

  1. Caffe Driade:

You can’t see this place from the road – indeed, once you do find it, you can sit in it’s gorgeous outdoor setting, less than 100 feet from the busy thoroughfare of Franklin Street, and never realize that there’s a road there. Caffe Driade (pronounced “dree-AH-dee”) is so thick with charm you could walk on it. It was originally an outbuilding of some sort, but has been converted into a high-class European-style caffe. Offering a superb selection of specialty beans from Carrboro Coffee Company, the baristas here are, hands down, the best and most knowledgeable of their art in the Triangle. Have a difficult specialty coffee drink in mind? These baristas can handle it.

Driade also serves a small selection of high-end beers and wines as well as some wonderful pastries, but it shines brightest in the coffee department. It’s interior seating is small – less than a dozen small tables – which makes it challenging to enjoy in the colder months. But once Spring occurs, around thirty additional outdoor tables make this one of the largest and most scenic cafes in North Carolina. Driade offers a constantly changing gallery of local artists and is a great venue for acoustic musicians. It borders the Chapel Hill greenspace and is one of the only cafes in North Carolina that can be reached by trail, as well as by road. It is absolutely ideal for first-dates and romantic evenings, especially in the Summer months. It has tied the Open Eye Café in neighboring Carrboro in the record-setting number of national TOPS awards, and its baristas have frequently placed in the Southeast Regional Barista Competition. If you want the best cup of coffee in the Triangle, look no further than caffe Driade.

There you have it:

the five best spots for coffee in the Triangle. Try them all, and you’ll be impressed – but make sure you tip your barista. They’re professionals, after all! For the best taste, the high-grade coffee delivery online will be made available to the person. Expert advice can be taken for the selection of the right website to buy the beans. 

Review Of The Piccoz Mini Helicopter

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When someone says helicopter, you immediately think of those large, noisy metallic beasts that are the stars of spy movies and escape plans. You think of all those games where you have monstrous guns loaded onto the helicopter creating the most powerful and versatile attacking platform ever. And most of us have probably imagined ourselves in the control seat of a helicopter, flying it with all the freedom in the world. But Picco Z has brought out something that will change our perceptions on helicopters.

Bring in the Picco Z Mini Helicopter. The latest indoor gadget. With a very small length of just 7 inches, the Picco Z Mini Helicopter is absolutely great for flying indoors. In fact, it was designed to fly indoors. Using a radio powered remote control, you can manoeuvre the little beast up, down, left, right pretty much anywhere you want to go. The controls are so easy that anyone can fly the Picco Z Mini Helicopter on their first go. See, you don’t need any special training to have fun flying helicopters.

The greatest thing about the Picco Z Mini Helicopter is that it is indestructible. Thats right, it is practically indestructible. Fly it around and smash it into your fish tank, and nothing will happen. Fly it around and hit your priceless vaste, and nothing with happen. Fly it around and get the blades to hit and get stuck in your eye, and well sadly you’ll probably have to go to the doctor, the hospital at the worst case scenario. But other then that, the Picco Z Mini Helicopter is perfectly in safe to use indoors. This leads to countless possibilities of fun. Fly it into your brothers room when their studying for an exam. Chase the dog around the house without even walking one step. Annoy your sister when she’s trying to practice the piano. Take it to school and fly it around the classroom when everyone is doing a test. You see the countless possible ways to enjoy the Picco Z Mini Helicopter are almost infinite, you just need to exercise a little bit of imagination.

When you first get your Picco Z Mini Helicopter, which by the way is US$40, and is available at RadioShack, and probably eBay and other online auction sites, when you first get it and take it out of the box, you will recieve: A two stick remote, a set of instructions, alumnium weighting tape, and a spare tail-rotor (in case the one already on the helicopter breaks), and of course the Picco Z Mini Helicopter itself. The first thing you want to do is to attach the aluminium weighting tape to the helicopter. If you don’t then either your Picco Z Mini Helicopter will fly around in circles, or just go straight up and down. The aluminium weighting tape provides sufficient weight to provide enough momentum to pull the helicopter forward. A simple yet reliable solution!

The remote control doubles us as a charger, which is pretty cool. For every 4 minutes you charge the Picco Z Helicopter, you get about 1 minute flying time. So a one hour charge will equate to 15 minutes of flying time. Also, the instructions advise you to wait at least 15 minutes between each flight to allow the rechargable battery to cool down. You don’t wanna fry the whole thing the day you get it, do you?

The Picco Z helicopter is a great electronic gadget to play with inside your home or office or indoor place. And for $40, is is extreme value for money. I can see the Picco Z Mini Helicopter being one of the most popular gifts this holiday season. Happy flying!

On a side note, you can look up various designs of mini helicopters of other shapes apart from Picco Z which you can get information about from the site where you can find other tools in relation to it aside from spy training techniques that come in handy for cross border missions.