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The Best SEO Technique Starts with Great Site Navigation


Great site navigation is the difference between a website that has a #40,314 Google ranking and a website that has a #4 Google rank. Why is that, you ask?

Because when Google sends out it’s many search engine spiders to your site after you have submitted all of your pages, those spiders need to be shown where your most pertinent and popular keyword phrases are listed in the quickest and most expedient way possible.

If your site suffers from poor site navigation even the best SEO techniques in the world will not save you from being given the horrible Google rankings that might cause your business to go bankrupt.

To avoid that terrible fate, you should always be aware that the best site maps in the internet world are not complicated at all. In fact, they all share the same similarities which are simplicity in their design factors. The best SEO techniques that these sites have in common as far as navigation goes is as follows:

  1. Make sure that every web page on your site is just 2 clicks away from the main page.
  2. The links on your site map must be less than 100
  3. Use “No Script” instead of Java, because search engines do not read them
  4. Use Frameset when you are framing a page link to your home page.
  5. Use the title of the link page when you begin to link relevant pages to your site map


Since your site’s title tag ensures that Google’s search engine spiders find the best keywords that define your site in the most relevant and popular terms, the importance of creating the perfect title tag can not be underestimated. This tag is part of the head section of your home page and should look like this:

  • head
  • your title
  • meta name-description content- “your description”
  • head

If your title tag is not set up exactly like this, you need to contact the best SEO company like Dynamics Digital, to make sure an SEO professional will take your title tag and conform it to this exact structure. Otherwise, no search engine spider will ever find your relevant keywords.


When you include H1 and H2 tags on your site map and home page, you need to use them for the main headers of your main page and paragraphs. The H1 tag should be the first header within the body section of your page. Your main keywords should be included in this vital tag as well. The H1 tag should contain a brief description of what your home page is all about.

The content of your meta tag needs to be included in the H1 tag. When you need to highlight your title subject and content, use the H2 and H3 tags that will allow you to do this. Follow these examples to ensure proper site navigation to your site at all times:

  1. Your H2 tag should follow your H1 tag.
  2. Avoid spam by keeping a larger font on your tags than the text that they are including.

By using these SEO techniques to create your site map, you are now in a better position in achieving that excellent Google ranking that is so critical to your online success.

An ultimate guide to create an effective global SEO strategy!

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a useful marketing tool used by various top businesses and companies to make their websites rank higher in the search results of different search engines on the internet. It optimizes your website using some SEO strategies by adding come unique and fresh content to it, which is highly engaging and attractive. It makes some useful and necessary changes in the layout and design of your website to drive more traffic on the internet towards your website. Companies hire SEO Marketing services to make their website stand out and attain a higher ranking in the search results.

Search engine optimization is a complex process; there are various factors to consider to enhance the overall ranking of the website. An effective SEO strategy is necessary for every company to survive in today’s cut-throat competition. Every company wishes to go international at some point in time as it is necessary for growing and earning more profits. It is not an easy task as it needs a lot of planning and plotting regarding different marketing and SEO strategies. You have to enhance your company’s online presence and target different locations using SEO tools and techniques.

Tips to formulate a suitable global SEO strategy

Evaluate your company’s potential in the countries you are targeting

The first step to create an efficient global SEO strategy is to calculate the potential of your company in the targeted countries. You must check the ranking of your website in that country and formulate the SEO marketing strategies accordingly. You can check it easily from your google analytics account of how much traffic your website attracts from that particular country. You must also check the keyword that is bringing the most traffic from that country towards your website. You can make a list of the most popular keywords in that area and select the relevant keywords for your business.

Take a look at the competition

Before taking your business to a new area, you must know that with whom you will have to fight and what are their advantages and limitations. Take a look at their online presence and find some lack  behinds that you can use as advantages while planning your global SEO marketing strategies. You can check the websites getting more traffic or the same traffic as your website and have a better ranking than yours. Once you find your top competitor, check the keywords used by it, and add it to your website.

Global keyword research

It is a great technique to make a better SEO marketing strategy for your company to take it global. Once you know about your top competitors, not down the keywords used by them and select the suitable ones out for your website. You can do it efficiently using the domain vs. domain tool, which gives you an accurate comparison between your keywords and your competitors. You must do in-depth research regarding the keywords used by your various competitors who would help you plan the best SEO policy and give your website the most engaging and attractive content. You can also check the performance of the keyword once they are added and make needed changes.

Make your brand preferable for the local area

Once you are done with gathering essential keywords, you need to make your website accessible to the localities, and you can do that by creating content tailor-made for the local dwellers. You need to make some unique content for the new area and adding all the top keywords to it. There are various types of content, and each of them needs to be precise and related to the topic.

Focus on the significant technical points

Some technical points are needed to be adequately focused while planning the global SEO marketing strategy. You must focus on some of these aspects;

Structure of the website

You need to design the structure of the website according to the objective. For instance, if two of your target companies use the same language, then you can implement the same strategy on both of them, which focuses on the language. If the people and viewers are your targets, then using the country targeting approach will be more appropriate for you. There are various types of structures that you can use according to your targeting approach. Subdomains, subfolders, and country-code domains are some of the top structures for your global website.

Local hosting

The location of the website’s server has a significant impact on the ranking of the website. The distance of the server affects the speed of the site, which means more distant the server will be, slower the website will run. It is necessary to locate your server near the area you are targeting for better performance of the website and make it rank higher in the search results.

Implementing hreflang

A useful and accurate global SEO strategy wills that the viewers in the country you are targeting get to see the correct version of your websites with the right language. You can assure these using hreflang annotations which check the pages with the identical content and can help your website to gain higher ranking in the search results and can formulate a better SEO marketing strategy for your business.

To conclude, once you have adequately evaluated the above aspects and gather inoperative information for your business, you can easily formulate an effective SEO strategy to take business internationally.