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Leather Travel Bags: Things To Know First Before Getting Yourself One

Whenever you go on a long trip, let’s say going out of the country for a business trip, then what you need is a durable bag. Of course not just a durable bag, but also a high-capacity one that can accommodate all your things. Sure there are a lot of other bags out there on any sports shop or travel supplies shops when it comes to bags. Bags such ass duffle bags, hiking bags, sports bags and so on can be an excellent choice for travel. For guys who are into formal get-up, or wants that classy bag that can match their bow and tie or formal attire, then leather travel bag is what you need.

Why Leather Travel Bags?

Like what is mentioned earlier, leather bags can compliment your style if you want to go full classy or semi-formal when traveling. Thus, this is a viable option, especially if you are going for a seminar, business meeting, and so on for it doesn’t break that overall get-up you have. It also adds that dapper feel if you are the kind of person who always goes out with style and elegance.

Also, the durability is unquestionable too. It has the strength and ruggedness similar to hiking bags or travel bags made of synthetic materials. Sometimes, it even lasts longer compared to other bags too. The only catch here is that it needs a few extra steps when it comes to maintenance to bring out its shine, and to make it last too.

So, How To Pick The Best One There Is?

Alright, so now that you have decided to purchase a leather travel bag as opposed to other bags. Then, how can you decide on which one is the best for you then?

Well, there are a lot of things that you need to consider first in choosing one. Of course, what you are looking for primarily, is the one that will last. For that, there are few avenues to look for that can tell you that the bag will surely last.

Second, what you need to know is the capacity of the bag, which I will be discussing in further details later. And lastly, the price, which is sometimes one of the defining factors if you want to get the bag or not.

First Defining Factor: The Quality

First stop, the quality. For this factor, there are a lot of essential avenues that you need to look out that can guarantee that the bag will last. These are:

  • The Type Of Material (Leather) Being Used 

Just like belts, shoes, jackets, and other apparel made of leather, it is vital to choose a bag that is made of full grain leather. For those who are not familiar with full grain leather, it is the leather that is made of the skin of the animal, which is just below the hair. This part of the hide is very tight and robust and has that grainy pattern which its name was derived. Choosing this kind of leather for your bag will ensure that it will last long due to its moisture-resistant capabilities. Also, using this kind of leather in a long time can develop a patina (oils and other substances absorbed by the leather that makes it even more beautiful as it ages).

  • How it is Made (The Tanning Process)

There are two ways on how leather is made commercially, that is by chrome tanning or vegetable tanning. Chrome tanning is using harsh chemicals, such as chromium, to cure the leather. This process is the quickest one to do, and most of the leather products available in the market are made through this. Vegetable tanning, contrarily, uses natural materials, such as tree bark, to cure leather. Vegetable-tanned leather is more superior than the chrome-tanned ones due to its durability and looks.

  • Craftsmanship and Build Quality

Aside from the kind of leather used in the process, it is important too to look closely on the stitching of the bag. Stitching of the bag should always be straight and has no loose threads here and there. It is important too to check the consistency of the stitching to ensure an excellent overall look as well as durability.

  • The Metal Parts and other Hardware

Buckles, locks, metal rings, handles, shoulder strap fittings, and zippers should be thoroughly examined to ensure that they will last too.

Second Defining Factor: The Capacity Of The Bag

How much gear and things are you doing to bring with you? How long will the trip last? What kind of things are you going to bring with you? There are just a few questions that you need to know first in choosing the capacity of your bag. If you are planning for a week-long trip, then probably what you need is a high-capacity bag. For day-long trips, then what you might need is smaller to the medium-sized leather bag. In short, it all depends on the number of things you need to bring along with you in choosing the ideal leather travel bag.

Last Defining Factor: The Cost

Lastly, after securing all those aspects mentioned above, then what you need to think about now is the cost. Of course, it is optimal to go for the higher-end ones that cost a bit much to ensure a durable and beautiful bag. But if budget permits, there are some brands out there that can give you a great deal, with their durable leather bags for a much lower price.


Traveling while maintaining that classy, stylish, and dapper looks, then surely leather travel bags will suit you. If a leather travel bag does not suit your taste, you can opt for other bags that you prefer. Travel bags such as nomatic backpack ( will surely accommodate all your needs for travel.

Choosing the best leather travel bag surely needs a lot of considerations to select the best one effectively. With all those tips mentioned above, you can ensure that you will always get the best one among the rest.

The Steps To Wash The Hair Perfectly: Ensuring Ways For Easy And Quick Hair Solutions

One can equally wonder that women take great pains to manage their hair in comparison to boys. While trimming in case of boys can be done within minutes, women take literally hours to get their hair right. When it comes to washing the hair, women spend a lot of time applying shampoos and conditioners and nourishing the scalp. But is there any perfect way to get the hair washed? According to several professional beauty experts and hair stylists, it is really mandatory to take proper care of the hair especially while cleaning it. This is applicable to both boys and girls, as most men tend to ignore their hair. There is a complete step by step procedure for best cordless hair trimmer that illustrates all the benefits if the hair is washed properly. Even after washing it, maintaining the hair is important to maintain that long lasting shine and glow.

What are the ways to perfectly wash the hair?

When talking of beauty parlor regimes, hair washing is followed by hair trimming and cutting. Most of the salons now a day’s use best cordless hair trimmer to get the work done as it more useful and takes less time than traditional cuts. But keeping the fact of washing the hair in the right manner, here is a quick step by step procedure to maintain the hair properly:

  • Get to know the hair texture first

It is really essential to know the hair texture first, as that determines as to how the hair must be washed.

  • Choosing the right shampoo

Once the hair texture is determined, it is really essential to get hold of the right shampoo that would lock in all the moisture and would not dry out the scalp. There are different sets of shampoos that can be used for dry and frizzy hair and for oily hair. Choosing the right shampoo ensures that the hair is able to maintain its PH balance altogether without having to disturb it.

  • Take not too much of the shampoo

The shampoo must only be taken in size of a coin, as it is enough to remove all the dirt from the hair. The scalp must really be wet before the shampoo is applied so that the shampoo is able to work its magic.

  • Rinse thoroughly

One should rinse the hair thoroughly after the shampoo is done so that no amount of it is stuck to the hair.

  • Apply a good organic conditioner

Conditioners are very essential as it helps to provide moisture to the hair. Also the conditioning helps to make the scalp less itchy and the hair stays glossy and shiny for longer time periods. Organic conditioners do not contain harmful chemicals and their effect is much stronger than the rest of the products that are available in the market.

Following all the above steps in washing can strengthen the hair from the roots and make it strong and much more hydrated.


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