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Facebook: How Privacy Settings Can Work in Your Favor

As technology advances, it becomes increasingly easy to contact or check up on others. Many people are guilty of “Facebook Creeping,” checking up on exes, old acquaintances, or employees. For everyone you check up on, imagine how many are looking at your information. What does the information you publicly display say about you? Luckily, current settings on the social networking site make privatizing information simple. Here are some ideas and features to help keep your information safe, whether it be from strangers or people on your friends list.

Don’t put vital personal information online.

If someone took what you posted online and put it on a bulletin board, how secure would you feel? Information like your Social Security number, credit or debit card number, or passwords to websites should never be posted. Also, be very cautious about posting your personal address or phone number. If you do post this information, be sure that your profile is set so that anyone who is not on your friends list cannot see it. If anyone can access your phone or address, they can contact you, sign you up for calling or mailing lists, or set up accounts with your information.

Block as much content from non-friends as possible.

If you don’t want people who aren’t your friends seeing your information, photos, birthday, etc., make it private. The less information you put out for strangers, the better you are. You might think that this will make you harder to find to old friends and classmates, but Facebook makes finding someone extremely easy, especially if you have mutual friends. Unless you’re a John Smith or Jane Doe, don’t give it too much thought. When it comes to websites of stores or businesses, only trust those you know or those that have established names in the market like, With this, you will be able to protect yourself from any scam or phishing activities.

To change your privacy settings, go to Account in the top right corner. Click and select Privacy Settings from the drop down menu. When you get to the Privacy Settings page, choose to Customize. You’ll see that you can choose who can see all of your information, from your Posts to Pictures.

Be safe about Check-Ins

While you’re on the Privacy Settings page, you can set your Check-In settings. Facebook Places is a pretty cool device that shows where friends check in. So if I go to a pizzeria, I can use my mobile device to tell friends where I am at. This is fun, but it could lead to safety concerns. Checking in says, “Hey, I’m not at my house right now,” which could incite burglars to pay you a visit.

Also, some people feel that it’s a good idea to add their private residences to Facebook Places. Users can report to Facebook if a place is not a public site, but that doesn’t deter people from putting their addresses on the 100% public map of Places. Never list your home. It’s really not necessary to check yourself in and out every time you run to the post office or come home from work.

Create lists to hide content from certain friends.

Let’s say, as an example, you have a variety of people as Facebook friends: coworkers, family, friends, old college buddies, etc. Sometimes, you might want to post something that’s not quite right for everyone. Making lists will help you hide certain content from certain groups.

Let’s say you don’t want your mom to see pictures from that office Christmas party or you’re writing a post about a surprise birthday party for Grammy. Go back to the Account tab, but this time hit Edit Friends. All your friends will come up. Over to the right of each name, you’ll see an X. Scroll just left of that X and you’ll get an option to add that friend to a group. After you’ve sorted your friends, you can choose to deny them access to an album when you post pictures or even to a Wall post.

To censor a Wall Post, write your message. Under the post, click on the padlock icon. Choose Customize. You can either choose who you want to see the post, or who you don’t want to see it. Make sure you choose the correct option. You can choose individuals or groups by simply typing in the first few letters of a name or group title.

To censor a photo album, go to your photos and choose the album you would like to work with. At the top of the page, choose Edit Album. Click the privacy setting and you’ll see a page just like before. Choose who you would like to see or not see your photos and save your settings.

Clean up your profile now and then.

It never hurts to go back through your information, pages, groups, and friends to do some housekeeping. Every few months, skim through things you, “liked,” and make sure they’re still relevant. What you mark tells people a disturbing amount about your character. After you graduate and go job hunting, especially make sure you take a look at information you’ve posted. If you’re no longer speaking to someone, remove them from your friends list. Removing content is as easy as clicking the X button. To un-like a page, go to that page and find Unlike on the left side. Go to a group’s page and find Leave Group on the right side.

If you have a very diverse field of content, consider a second profile.

If you use your profile for work, advertising yourself, networking, etc., consider making a second account for personal use. Many people do this to keep their interests separate. To create two accounts, you will need two email addresses, but it may be well worth it if 500 of your friends are specifically work related. This means that it will be more simple to post relevant content to different groups.

Remember, the more dependent we become on technology, the more valuable the information we post becomes. If you post a picture online, even if it’s private and watermarked, it might end up copied-and-pasted somewhere against your wishes. If you say something about a friend, they’re probably going to hear about it. Be careful what is posted, check back often, and stay safe online.

Revisiting Yuwie Website To Know More About It

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A couple years ago, I came across a social networking site that promised to do something other sites don’t; pay you for using it. It sounded intriguing so, not only did I join, I convinced my wife to join too.

The site was still in development at the time and had some issues so I ended up taking a break from it for a while. But, we recently started re-visiting it and, while there are still some things I don’t like about the site, I will say it is improving.

I’m not really a person who spends a lot of time on social networking Web sites. I check my Facebook page a couple times each day but, unlike a lot of people, I don’t live on it. In fact, most of my time on the Internet lately is spent in an effort to make some extra spending money; which is what attracted me to in the first place.

The way is supposed to work is you set up your profile page the same way you would on Myspace or Facebook. You can add photos, post blogs and leave comments for friends.

As you do this, and as people visit your page, you are earning page views. At the end of each month, the site splits a percentage of the advertising revenue it earns with its members based on the number of page views they generate. You earn money both from your own page views and from page views generated by members you referred. If you visit page like, you might reckon that it is another way of paid advertisements. People will buy Instagram likes and followers. This is an easy way to grow your audience on social media, but the down side is that you have to spend some money on it.

When I first joined the site, I found it was much harder to earn money than it sounded. Again, I’m not a person who spends all day, every day on sites like this so I’m not going to generate a lot of page views on my own. And, my efforts to earn them from people I referred weren’t very successful (I get most of my earnings from my wife and she has about as many page views as I do). However, I have talked to a few people on the site that do earn a decent amount of money simply because they have the time to be on it and because they have a successful “referral tree.” So, the potential is there.

A couple years ago you needed about $20 or $25 to cash out; an amount I knew I would never be able to make so I gave up. But, they recently lowered that minimum to $5. Even with the small amount I make in a given month (usually less than 50 cents), that is an achievable number.

When I first joined, the site also had an issue where it would freeze up constantly. The site still does that on occasion but it isn’t any more of a problem than with Myspace and, unlike most social networking sites, you don’t have a bunch of pointless applications slowing things down. However, you do have quite a few advertisements you will have to contend with.

One attractive quality about this site is, unlike a lot of other social networking sites,’s payment plan pretty much encourages people to interact with each other. I have been on some sites where people would send out random friend invites just to say they had a lot of “friends” only to not do anything after that; other than maybe sending out a generic comment. On, I have had actual conversations with the people I meet. I’m not really the most social person out there. But, if you are a person who goes on-line to meet new people, I think this site has its advantages in that area.

It’s not for everyone. But, if you do spend a lot of time on social networking sites and feel you can invite enough friends and generate page views, is a site that is worth checking out. You probably won’t make a fortune at it but it could be an easy way to make some extra spending money.

Top 5 Tiktok Tips For Beginners

These days social media platforms provide access to interact with a broad audience. But, reaching that much of viewers is still a challenge and requires a lot of effort, planning, and creativity. Although you can choose the best places to buy real TikTok followers and fans, You might not even know where to begin. Thereby here are some general tricks and tips which you can use to master in making clips for the app.

  • Design your profile into a charming one- Leave a strong impression by putting up an impressive profile picture, a catchy username, and your apt personal details. People tend to forget long and hard usernames, and it won’t get you enough recognition. If you pick up a short and quirky name, people won’t forget it.

In your details, mention what you like, what your hobbies are, what type of music you love, etc. so that people will get an idea about your content. Your profile is the first step to communicate with viewers, which makes it more critical for you to do everything that will persuade others to hit the follow button and like your videos.

  • Post your TikTok videos in other social platforms, too- Don’t limit your reach to just one app. Avail the benefits of other social media platforms by posting your videos and clips there also. FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE have alone 2 to 3 billion active followers (per month). It’s easy to pick the best places to buy real TikTok followers and fans, but they’re limited to TikTok.

Using the same name, if you can manage different accounts on social media, it will build your online reputation. That’s because people will remember your name that they saw on another platform, and they’ll start following you. Also, your videos will be shared within a vast audience, thereby increasing your viewers.

  • Start following established and popular users- The most straightforward and effective way to increase your followers is to start following popular users. Look out for most influential users and start following them. If they don’t follow you back, unfollow them and again follow. Even though this strategy may seem silly and crazy, it eventually works. This strategy will bring their attention to your profile, and they’ll start following you. Besides, comment on their videos. If your comment is a smart one, they’ll surely follow you back. Also, many users will see your feedback, and if they get impressed, they’ll follow you.
  • Be creative and distinctive- Try not to copy what other users create. Create your own content with your voice. Viewers will find it impressive as you’ll be doing something new and unique as most of the users nowadays keep imitating others. Follow trends, but do something that out of the box. Choose topics that fascinate you and produce content that may seem original to people.

Don’t hesitate to share your content, even though you aren’t confident about it. If it isn’t well-liked, you’ll get your feedback or vice versa. You can also use editing apps even though you’re creating generic content. There’s no harm in editing it a little bit. You don’t really require professional editing apps to edit your TikTok videos. That’s because android and ios apps provide enough tools to edit your videos. Even though TikTok allows you to cut unwanted parts of your clip and comprises of a lot of visual effects, it lacks advanced editing options.

  • Keep things short and post more often- Naturally, people tend to get bored if the duration of the video exceeds a minute. Even though, Tiktok allows you to post videos that exceed one minute, keep your clips short and to the point. If your content is exceeding one minute, but you have to post it anyway, be careful about it as it might discourage viewers from holding on to your video.

Also, a short clip beneficial for you as it’s a great way to advertise your talent, even though there’s a lot of hard work involved in it. In addition to this, post videos more often, at least twice a day. It will eventually get you a huge fan following.

Even though you choose the best places to buy real TikTok followers and fans, you’ll have to keep them up to date with your videos. So, post your videos between 11 am and 5 pm as they’re considered as magic hours. You may wonder why? That’s because everyone is most likely to use the app during that time frame.