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Choosing the Right Fishing Waders

Picking the right pair of waders is something that maybe more important then most fishermen understand. The ideal pair of waders varies depending on the individual fisherman’s need. Here are list of the different types of fishing waders and what they are best suited for.

Hip waders are thigh high boots that allow you to walk through water or stand knee deep in water without worrying about getting wet. Hip waders are normally the cheapest waders you can buy and normally come with a boot attached. They are effective for fishing small streams or moving through shallow areas, but they will limit where you can fish on larger streams and rivers. Also most hip waders are not well insulated, so they will not protect you from the cold.

Chest waders have much more variety then hip waders. They range from lightweight to heavy neoprene and come in both boot foot and stocking foot styles. First chest waders are waders that come to around the chest of a fisherman. Stocking foot chest waders do not have a boot attached, while boot foot chest waders have a boot attached to the waders. Lightweight chest waders are normally a light or breathable material that are suited for hiking or hot weather fishing, they don’t add much insulation. Heavy waders, normally neoprene waders help protect an angler from cold water and are best suited for cold water or weather fishing.

If you plan on hiking or doing a lot of walking in your waders I would recommend lightweight stocking foot chest waders, or hip waders. I normally choose chest waders in case I experience some higher water. Once water gets inside of hip waders it can make for some very uncomfortable walking. Choosing a stocking foot allows you to change the boot that you are wearing to a comfortable hiking boot. Special wading boots are made for stocking foot waders and most are much more comfortable than the boot attached to the boot foot waders. The lightweight waders will also keep you comfortable on warmer days. Speaking from experience, lightweight waders are the way to go in most situations especially if the air temperature is over 60 degrees.

It is important to choose waders that have the stamp of sound experience because it would reflect neatly in their work and the more experience a wader has, the better chances you have of catching fish and the best place to look for is

Heavy waders or neoprene are the best choice for fishing during the winter or in extremely cold water. Neoprene is a great insulating material and helps to keep a fisherman warm during cold weather. Heavy waders do come in both stocking foot and boot foot styles, but if you are looking to stay warm the built in boots are a great option. The boots are normally very thick and durable and help to keep the cold water from pressing against your feet. However, the boot foot heavy waders are not ideal for hiking. If you plan on hiking into an area to fish and are going to use heavy boot foot waders I would suggest carrying your waders back to the stream.

Choosing the right style of waders will help you enjoy your fishing experience more. The right style for the right situation will help you feel more comfortable and allow you to concentrate more on your fishing.

How To Be A Success In Business In Asia

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I have lived in Thailand for almost 5 years and conduct a lot of business here. Asia is booming. Analysts predict that Asia is going to be the place to do business in the future. However, your ability to be able to conduct business successfully in Asia will be contingent on your understanding of Asian traits. These traits run through most Asian cultures and are very evident when you try to do business here. Knowing and understanding these traits and using them to your advantage can help you be a success in business in Asia.

  1. Don’t make an Asia lose face. To an Asian, losing face is often worse than death. Losing face means to lose your dignity, and is not acceptable in Asia. Most Asians, if they make a bad decision in business, will never admit it. They just pretend it didn’t happen or it happened because that’s what they meant to happen. So if you want to be successful in business in Asia, never cause an Asian to lose face. If you help them ‘save face’ you will be successful in any business in Asia. If you point out their faults and mistakes and cause them to lose face or lose their dignity, your successful business days in Asia are numbered.
  1. Be calm. The Thais call it “jai yen”, having a cool heart. In most Asian countries, this is very important. In Asia, if you lose your cool and start screaming and yelling, you will have ‘lost face’. Losing face makes you look like a fool, and makes most Asian back away from you. Doing business with somebody who is not calm, is not something most Asians will continue to do for very long. They prefer to work with somebody who is calm and polite, as they think you will be a more effective and smarter business partner. If you lose your temper, you’re too unpredictable. So stay calm, and your success in business in Asia will be guaranteed.
  1. Have patience. Most Asians seem to have very little concept of time. They’ll invariably arrive at meetings late and be very unconcerned that they kept you waiting. Traffic is bad in many Asian countries, so they do have an excuse – Thai Time or Indian Time is the result of this excuse, consistently arriving late. If most Asians tell you a certain time, you can safely add 15-30 minutes to it (the Japanese are an exception to this rule). But you must have patience and, when they eventually arrive, shrug it off as though it’s not important. Patience is required in almost every event in Asia, but having it will ensure you’re successful in business here.
  1. Honor. In most Asian societies, honor is very important. Just like the British, an Asian man’s word is his bond. He may take a while to make a decision, but when he does, he’ll stick to it. Having the same honor in business in Asia, will mean you are trusted more and business contacts will come back to you to conduct further business. Go back on your word and lose your honor, and many Asians won’t deal with you again.
  1. The importance of family. The family will always be more important than business in Asia. If a mother or father is sick, their family will classify this as more important than their jobs. Traveling halfway across the country won’t phase an Asian if their family is involved, and all holidays will be spent with family. As a boss, don’t expect your Asian employees to do work-related activities on a holiday. They will already have plans with family, and these cannot and will not be broken. As an employee in Asia, bringing small gifts for a boss’s family will go down well. As a business owner or boss, supporting your employees’ family needs will bring you loyalty. And as a Westerner wanting to conduct successful business in Asia, being aware of your business partner’s family and any family issues will go a long way to your ultimate business success.

  1. Be self-effacing. Asians don’t always understand the American way of telling everybody how good you are. Asian believe in modestly and being self-effacing. If somebody compliments you, saying a polite “thank you” is enough. There’s no need to go into a long soliloquy about how much better you are than the next guy.

Last but not the least, you should always uphold the value of excellence. In everything you do in business, it is important to be competitive, exert effort and commit on your time. You should also be able to invest in technologies like the best free CRM software tools provide small businesses.

With these few simple traits, you can markedly improve your business experience in Asia and ensure your long-term business success. After all, “When in Rome……” or in this case, “When in China…….”

5 Reasons Why The Furniture Industry Must Adopt 3D Printing

3D printing has revolutionized the creation of hard to find parts and items. Do you want to have something that is hard to find? You can just print it with a 3D printer. It is really easy to just get a file from the internet and print it using a 3D printer. Pendant designs, pen holders, keyboard caps, and other small items can be printed with 3D printing. Having said that, large items such as furnitures also have something to gain with the rise of 3D printing. In this article, we will provide you with some of the reasons why the furniture industry should utilize 3D printing. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Improve furniture personalization

Today, people want customizable and personalized furnitures. The prevalence of the internet and social media websites have led to people having access to more content than in the past, in which people can only see designs from magazines and catalogs. It is now really easy to search for a unique or cliche furniture design with just a few mouse clicks. Easy access to information has led to a more substantial public demand for personalized or custom-made furnitures and designs.


Having the ability to structure exclusive home furniture for clients causes greater customer satisfaction. 3D printing makes the creation of custom furnitures really easy.

  1. Minimize wasted furnitures and raw materials

There is a good number of furniture manufactured in major production lines that end up being unpurchased by customers. Just like any other industry, reducing excessive production to conserve both raw materials and finished furniture. With the help of 3D printing, it is no longer necessary to manufacture a lot of furniture for shipping. 3D printing makes it possible to quickly create furniture on demand, which will help in saving money, raw materials, and increasing your income.

  1. Light and portable components

3D printing allows you to keep updated on the latest trends in furniture developments. Not too long ago, the trend of furniture manufacturing is inclined towards the use of light components. The days of heavy and weighty home furniture that is hard to relocate are gone. Today, people like furniture with an emphasis on mobility so that they will be able to move them around freely in their homes.

Because of 3D printing, it is effortless to mix resources in a manner that generates light and portable home furniture that is also durable. You might be wondering how big and bulky furniture that are supposed to be durable, like a sofa, become light but still strong enough to last for years? The answer to that is 3D printing. 3D printing, through the CNC machining process, are able to reduce the mass of furniture, reducing its weight while preserving the strength of the materials. The best dual extreder 3d printer has this feature, and more.

  1. 3D printing gives the ability to produce new furniture prototypes

Furniture design requires a great deal of experimentation, as well as trial and error. For brand new products, it’s recommended to produce prototypes to sort out new functions and defects prior to mass production. Through the use of 3D printing, it is an easy task to create full-sized as well as minuscule representative models for testing. 3D printing is also handy for demonstrating sample furniture to customers, in addition to creating prototypes of new products. After all, you will need to show a physical and functioning version of a furniture to convince the masses to buy it. Furniture designers will have an easier time selling their products by showing an actual product instead of just showing concept images.

Oddly enough, flooring is among the areas that are seeing a lot of growth thanks to 3D printing. Advanced 3D printers can create floor coverings that is resistant to fire and UV light, in addition to being durable. By providing prototypes of new floor styles, consumers can easily see the showcased product with their own eyes.

  1. 3D printing saves money

Adopting 3D printing is advantageous for both furniture designers, manufacturers, and customers. It is cheaper to design furniture with 3D printing compared to the normal way of designing furniture where it is required to build a physical prototype. It is also more affordable to mass produce them, and it generates less wasted raw materials. Woods are cut to make the shape of a furniture, which is nonexistant with 3D printing. 3D printing makes it possible to reduce the waste of raw materials and overall production costs, allowing manufacturers to sell products at a lower cost than before.

Thanks to the reduced cost of entry with 3D printing, there will be a lot of manufacturers and designers that are able to enter the market. More competition is always good for customers, and 3D printing companies are good competition due to the enormous customizing potential that they can offer to customers.


The future of furniture design is bright with the help of 3D printing. Since its inception, the demand for 3D printing is always on the rise, and as the technology improves, the industries that it supports such as furniture manufacturing also improves with it. There is a lot of potential with the combination of 3D printing and furniture manufacturing. Less waste, more profit, and benefits to both customers, manufacturers, and designers are good enough reasons to adopt 3D printing technology.

Having Your Carpet Dyed: Tips On Refurbishing Carpets

My son is four now and one day when I was sick, he got into the refrigerator and dumped his entire jug of red Kool-Aid on the floor in his bedroom. Now the light beige carpet in his room has a huge area of dark pink. I have tried resolve, I have tried Spot Bot, I have hired carpet cleaners to come out and scrub it. It might get a little bit lighter each time. But the stain isn’t coming out. There are two options for dyeing your carpet. You can do it yourself or hire somebody to do it for you. My theory is this, I could hire a professional to come and do it for me. However the only thing that tells me he’s a professional is him. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories where these professionals come out and do the job and it looks great at first only to find later that he did it unevenly and now it looks worse than it did to start with. My main problem with hiring professionals to do it is that I can’t control the job they do.

The second option is to do it yourself. I’m a firm believer that you can do it! I can do anything I set my mind out to do and trust me, if I can do it, you can do it! My advice would be to do the research first to find out the tricks and techniques that make it perfect and work the best.

My first tip is that you choose colors one or two shades darker than your carpet so they will cover the stains. You want to make sure your carpet is thoroughly cleaned before dyeing it and try to treat the stains. Use tape and plastic to cover your lower walls and baseboards in order to protect them from splatter. If you do splatter the walls, you will want to wipe off the splatter immediately so you don’t end up having to repaint!

You want to use long even strokes and pass over each area several times. Many people worry whether this is safe for children and pets, it is. Many people have also checked it out. The main issue is that darker colors tend to rub off onto socks and feet for about a month or so. Vacuuming helps this and it does go away after about a month. In the meantime, maybe wear darker socks or none at all.

Let me also tell you what not to do. Don’t overlap. Overlapping would cause stripes. Not that I’m saying that isn’t cool, but if that isn’t the desired effect, then overlapping would be a bad idea. Don’t let the carpet soak up too much water. This could cause mold and rot problems as well as ruining the carpet and pad. Don’t leave the shampooer standing in one place too long. This will make the color uneven.

There are many companies out there that dye carpets. I live in Florida, I know we have “Color Your Carpet” corporate offices in Jacksonville and they serve all of Florida. You can even go online to and it looks like they’ll find local contractors for you. I haven’t used this service before so I don’t know how it works. This isn’t an endorsement, just an observation. There are tons of places that sell “Do It Yourself” dye kits online. Apartment cleaning services in Chicago would be another good place to check. If he can do it, I can do it. And if I can do it, you can too!