How to Set Up a Bed Inside a Tent

With camping being a multi-Billion dollar industry in North America alone, it seems that it was about time that they started making comfortable beds for camping. These beds should be foldable or be able to be rolled up into a small space, for packing space requirements. Others may be larger and take up more space in the car, making a roof rack a necessity. You can buy foldable beds that, when opened, only require pulling the bed open, and it is already made up for you, ready to sleep in (you should open your “bring your own bed” (BYOB) a few days before going camping, to air it out and change the bed sheets to fresh ones.

There are other types of beds for campers, from inflatable air mattresses to memory foam rolls. With memory foam rolls, simply open the roll, lay it down on top of a blanket or other protection from the tent’s floor. This will help in case of flooding, and to keep the bed off of the tent’s floor, which could be cold, or have rocks under it. Memory foam is one of the more expensive camping beds, and is also one of the easiest to set up in a tent. If the tent gets wet inside, though, and you do not have water protection under the memory foam mattress, it may soak up the water. It will take a while to dry out in the sun, and the water may stain the memory foam.

Air mattresses used to be the best beds available for camping, not too long ago. Simply set up a floor covering where the bed will be set up, and then set up the bed over top. In the summer, it may be best to use a light-weight, summer weather sleeping bag, as opposed to bed sheets and blankets when making up a bed in camp with an air mattress. Fill the air mattress up as full as you can, and adjust to your liking by releasing some air until you are comfortable. The set-up and packing of the top 5 tents for stargazing will be easy and simple for the person. The staying of the person will be comfortable and easy for the person. Proper information will be available about the camping in the area at online search engines for better spending of the vacations. 

There are different types of BYOBs, some of which have foldable bed frames, and fit inside a box not much larger than a big cooler. Some have thin memory foam mattresses, and some require you to make up the bed, which is more like an unmade cot. The major difference between the better and worse BYOBs is the cost; the more expensive the bed, the more comfortable and easy it will be to set up.

Of course, the hardier camper can always lay a rather thick blanket on the ground, with the tent placed over soft grass. Place a sleeping bag on top of the blanket, and you are set to go.

You should add a pillow for comfort to any of the beds. Beds should be at least 6 to 8 inches from the walls of the tent, to avoid moisture coming into the tent, and onto the bed, making for a rather uncomfortable sleep.

Using common sense, and bringing the best bed for your purposes will make your camping experience all the more comfortable and relaxing.