Picking the right pair of waders is something that maybe more important then most fishermen understand. The ideal pair of waders varies depending on the individual fisherman’s need. Here are list of the different types of fishing waders and what they are best suited for.

Hip waders are thigh high boots that allow you to walk through water or stand knee deep in water without worrying about getting wet. Hip waders are normally the cheapest waders you can buy and normally come with a boot attached. They are effective for fishing small streams or moving through shallow areas, but they will limit where you can fish on larger streams and rivers. Also most hip waders are not well insulated, so they will not protect you from the cold.

Chest waders have much more variety then hip waders. They range from lightweight to heavy neoprene and come in both boot foot and stocking foot styles. First chest waders are waders that come to around the chest of a fisherman. Stocking foot chest waders do not have a boot attached, while boot foot chest waders have a boot attached to the waders. Lightweight chest waders are normally a light or breathable material that are suited for hiking or hot weather fishing, they don’t add much insulation. Heavy waders, normally neoprene waders help protect an angler from cold water and are best suited for cold water or weather fishing.

If you plan on hiking or doing a lot of walking in your waders I would recommend lightweight stocking foot chest waders, or hip waders. I normally choose chest waders in case I experience some higher water. Once water gets inside of hip waders it can make for some very uncomfortable walking. Choosing a stocking foot allows you to change the boot that you are wearing to a comfortable hiking boot. Special wading boots are made for stocking foot waders and most are much more comfortable than the boot attached to the boot foot waders. The lightweight waders will also keep you comfortable on warmer days. Speaking from experience, lightweight waders are the way to go in most situations especially if the air temperature is over 60 degrees.

It is important to choose waders that have the stamp of sound experience because it would reflect neatly in their work and the more experience a wader has, the better chances you have of catching fish and the best place to look for is Fathera.com.

Heavy waders or neoprene are the best choice for fishing during the winter or in extremely cold water. Neoprene is a great insulating material and helps to keep a fisherman warm during cold weather. Heavy waders do come in both stocking foot and boot foot styles, but if you are looking to stay warm the built in boots are a great option. The boots are normally very thick and durable and help to keep the cold water from pressing against your feet. However, the boot foot heavy waders are not ideal for hiking. If you plan on hiking into an area to fish and are going to use heavy boot foot waders I would suggest carrying your waders back to the stream.

Choosing the right style of waders will help you enjoy your fishing experience more. The right style for the right situation will help you feel more comfortable and allow you to concentrate more on your fishing.