I’ve bought many of the weight loss, tummy tightening, fanny flattening, make me a super stud exercise tapes. I’ve watched them over and over and so far… nothing. I’ve even tried doing what they are doing on the tapes a couple of times but my body won’t do that. They stood flat footed and touched their toes. I can’t even see my toes. I know they are down there somewhere because I keep kicking things with them in the middle of the night. They lay on the floor with their hands behind their heads, knees bent and sit up. I get in position (it’s tough enough getting my hands behind my head) and lift my head and feel my feet come off the floor. God never intended people to sit up from this position. Then there are the dance tapes. Trying to conceal exercise as dancing. I’ve never seen these moves on any dance floor. It’s just exercise to music. I tried it anyway. After 3 kicks and a jump or two it was time for a glass of milk and a snickerdoodle. Have to take those energy breaks. The selection of easy steps should be done to meet with the requirements of the person. The dancing and exercising through the consumers will deliver the right and efficient results to the person. The breaking of the energy will be efficient to reduce the fat with resurge. Doing exercise will be effective for the consumers and person. 

I’ve tried the pilates tape. Guess what!? They have a list of exercises that you have to do along with the pilates. If I had wanted to exercise, I would’ve joined a gym instead of buying the tape. I found the same thing with all these exercise gimmicks. You might as well try the Bowmaster. At least they tell you up front that you are going to be exercising.

Nutri-system. The fabulous weight loss food program. You send them a couple hundred a month, and they send you various serving sized packages of food. And a list of exercises. I think I’m seeing a pattern here. No matter how many easy weight loss offers I buy into, they all want me to exercise. Could it be that the actual key to weight loss is EXERCISE!!! That sucks. That seems to be the only thing that these weight loss gimmicks have in common. Did I mention that they all want you to watch what you eat, too? Diet AND exercise?? Are they out of their minds. How on earth can you maintain the energy to exercise if you don’t suck down a pan of brownies? And you have to wash that down with a Dr. Pepper. Milk just doesn’t give you the energy, but you can substitute the milk if you cut back on the exercise.

After watching all these tapes and eating Nutri System ( which I had to supplement with real food or I never would have made it) and the equipment (I didn’t do the list of extra exercises. that was too much work.) I have gained several pounds. So instead of taking the easy way out, I guess I’ll go with the way that works. Diet and exercise. I’ll skip the gimmicks and use that money for an occasional treat. ( I will keep the videos, though. They are fun to watch, even if they don’t make me loose weight.)