We’ve all seen children play with the jump rope, and perhaps marvelled at the skill of these little mites. One can play this game by jumping over the rope and rotating it. So it passes over their head, and under the feet as one jumps up in the air.

Three children can also play as they go, one after the other to jump over the rope, whilst facing one another, are the other two. If one of the children makes a mistake, the game stops, or if they reach an agreed upon number of hops, or even if they find they are too tired to continue.

Of course, children just do that for fun and seem able to go on for ages. What they might not realise is the enormous benefit of using jump ropes as an incredibly inexpensive, but one of the best cardiovascular exercises out there

Many people don’t realise that as much as 900 or more calories can be burned each hour, by doing one of these simple, jump rope exercises. Adults have rarely considered using a jump rope as an efficient and tremendous way of improving one’s fitness.

Jumping rope is one of the foolproof ways to burn calories that should be practiced everyday along with treadmill and cycling as these alone are enough to give a sermon for fitness about tutorials..

Jump rope exercises, fits perfectly into the daily routine of most people — even the most busy. It is tremendously entertaining as well as being a great exercise. Entertaining, perhaps, not only to the people participating, but also to the onlookers watching geriatric people jump rope. Lean muscle can be produced in the body’s large groups of muscles.

It is a great cardiovascular conditioner as well as improving the agility and balance of the person doing the exercises. It can help with increasing your endurance, parsley and proving your co-ordination and timing. I jump rope exercise of a mere 10 minutes has been estimated to be the equivalent of a mile run in eight minutes. Jump rope exercises also have a great advantage over running.

Running often causes knee damage, which jump rope exercises prevents. This of course is because both legs adsorb the impact, instead of one at a time. Another advantage in the strengthening of the shoulders and even the arms, which is not the case, when running. People like wrestlers and boxers are well aware of the advantages of jump rope exercising, being a mixture of foot coordination and some of the best parts of an aerobic workout.

Jump rope exercises may best be learned, initially, in a familiar place, such as their own back garden, inside their house, their office, or even a bedroom. When working out how much space you will need, take into account the swinging of the rope and the height it will reach when skipping. You will find that a minimum area measuring at least 3′ x 4′ would be fine. Don’t over do it at first. It’s best to take it easy and build it up. As you become more proficient and fitter.

It is very inexpensive to perform these jump rope exercises. Initially, you only require a rope of a fairly decent diameter with which to exercise. You don’t need to go to the other expense, normally required when buying exercise equipment. Just buy rope, put on some light clothing and get going with the exercises. The jump rope can be taken anywhere. Just toss it into your bag and take it with you when you’re travelling across the state, or across the world.

Just enjoy doing these exercises. They are great for both children and adults. No age limit, so get out there and live a little and become darn fit while you’re doing it.