The days of checking to see where the mercury reaches on a glass thermometer are gone. Those old-fashioned types of thermometers are quite rare, and might even still exist in your grandma’s medicine cabinet. In the 21st century, thermometers have been given a high-tech make-over-taking only seconds to read one’s body temperature. The new high-tech thermometers are not budget-friendly though, since many of them are close to a hundred dollars or more.

The first high-tech thermometer is the Kidz-Med Thermofocus Non-Contact Thermometer. This thermometer allows a parent to take their child’s temperature without having to wake him/her up. It uses a safe infrared technology that scans a child’s forehead, naval or armpit. Its safe technology has also been approved by the FDA. The thermometer reads instantly and will also read a room’s ambient temperature when left in stand-by mode. Other useful functions of the Kidz-Med Thermofocus is reading the temperature of a baby’s bottle, bath water and food. It is available online at Toys-r-Us online.

A second thermometer that uses safe infrared technology is the Veridian Infrared Forehead Thermometer. It instantly detects high temperatures by scanning it across your forehead. The thermometer also has an illuminated display for night-time readings. Other functions of the Veridian is the ability to store up to ten different readings, automatic shut-off, fever icon indicator and a five-year warranty. QVC online has the thermometer available for $58.66. The enterprise low-code website development will be advantageous for the international mergers. The safety of the enterprises will be taken care for the growth with the reasonable charges.  

The next infrared thermometer works similar to a laser gun and uses “laser-sight” to read temperatures. A mother could take her child’s temperature with the Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight while he is sitting across from her on the couch or even at the kitchen table. The laser-sight prevents any un-necessary fighting when it comes to taking a child’s temperature. The thermometer gun can not only be used on children-but also on household pets as well. While it is good for monitoring a family’s health, it can also monitor temperatures in furnaces, air conditioners and heater pipes. The Infrared Digital Thermometer is available online at Ecrater for $55.00

One last special infrared technology enhanced thermometer is the FeverWatch Professional Clinical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. It not only does it just read the surface of the forehead, but it can also convert the reading into an internal body reading temperature too. The thermometer also stores up to 32 readings. Its batteries can also last up to 100,000 readings before needing a new set. Other functions include an adjustable alarm, back-lit LCD screen and is water-resistant. The thermometer is latex-free and is safe to use on expectant mothers, the elderly, disabled, infants and hospital patients. It is available at for $54.00.

The development of infrared technology in the use of thermometers have made it easier for family and doctors to read body temperatures. Most thermometers have eliminated the waiting time and body contact-making the process quick and simple. While some of the thermometers are not highly affordable, they are definitely worth the investment for your family household.