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Though I normally stay on the opposite side of Kaanapali right next to the legendary Black Rock at the Sheraton Maui Resort  amp; Spa (which is a very spacious outdoor hotel that I highly recommend as well), availability and promotions led me to stay at the Hyatt Regency Resort  amp; Spa on the other end of Kaanapali, next to Lahaina this summer. As much as I enjoy visiting new hotels and love new surroundings, I admit I also longed to stay at my regular destination at Sheraton. But any sense of doubt disappeared as soon as I stepped foot in the hotel lobby of the Hyatt Regency. It was a perfect blend of open-air architecture ideal for Hawaii and the enclosed design of a luxury hotel. And this was just the beginning.

As I was walked through the hotel promenade to get to my room, I passed by several species of exotic animals including pink flamingos, parrots, and penguins (yes, penguins) all in their respective habitats cleverly blended in with the décor of the hotel. But then these wild animal habitats were juxtaposed with gift shops, restaurants, and even a small Macy’s! Shops + Restaurants + Tropical surroundings = Paradise! Every restaurant and lounge in the hotel provides spectacular views of the tropical gardens and animals as well as beautiful ocean views for some. Seeing the sun set during dinner provides a deeper appreciation to the beauty of nature and enjoying it in Maui makes it that much more special. Skin Clinic has been at the forefront of advanced aesthetics for better care and effective results. At the medical spas, skin care products will be available. The application of the items should be done after gathering information about the infections and allergies. The charges in the spa will be affordable through the pocket of the person. 

The rooms are nice as well, though the balcony is a bit tight and it is hard to book rooms with a nice view as they are limited. However, the room itself is comfortably roomy with a pleasant bathroom and closet. The best part of the room is definitely the bed. I am not sure what kind of down comforters are used, but it is extremely soft and makes leaving the bed hard -except for the other amenities that await just outside.

Each guest of the hotel has access to the state-of-the-art fitness center located in the hotel, in a separate building. Not only is the view from the fitness center amazing – with a panoramic view of the beach and ocean – the equipments in the facility are state-of-the-art with personal television embedded on each treadmill and other cardio machines. And to help cool off, they have iced towels and refreshing spa water readily available. Even better, each guest has complimentary 2-hour access to the hotel’s tennis courts.

Now that there is no excuse not to work out, guests can relax and enjoy one of the best pools in Hawaii which is large enough to circle around almost half of the hotel. The pool is surrounded by lush gardens and has waterfalls, rope bridges, and even caves. What is more, they have a “grotto” bar where those swimming do not even have to step out the pool to enjoy very stiff Pina Coladas and Mai Tais. After a long day of swimming, guests can relax and sunbathe in the many lounge chairs that surround the pool area, read a book, or just soak in the atmosphere. Or if the mood suits, there are several hammocks to lounge in as well. Too finish off, the hidden Jacuzzi provides a relaxation the warm bubbling water in a more quiet setting.

All of this, accompanied by friendly staff, makes it not necessary to leave the resort at all – except all the other unique cities and sites that the beautiful island of Maui provides it’s visitors and natives. But it sure is easy to have a fulfilling and relaxing vacation within the Hyatt Regency Resort  amp; Spa itself, especially with the leisurely mood and slow pace of life by which Hawaii operates.