I’ve been battling weight issues since the birth of my daughter three years ago. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried to lose or how much I exercised, that baby weight was not coming off. I’d looked into several different weight loss programs before deciding on Weight Watchers. I chose the program because I wanted the convenience of using the online Weight Watchers tools combined with the accountability of attending meetings.

I found a meeting in my area by going to the Weight Watchers site and entering my zip code. I chose a time that I knew I could commit to on a weekly basis, and when my husband could watch the kids.

At the first Weight Watchers meeting I arrived early and filled out the forms to sign up. After waiting my turn in line, I stepped up to the check in counter. All the people who work at the meetings are Weight Watchers members too, and have been successful in losing weight and keeping it off. Each check-in station had a “before” picture of the person who was at that computer, and it was neat to see how different they looked. It was really reassuring to know that they had gone through the Weight Watchers program.

After turning over the paperwork, I was asked to get on a scale. The scale is hooked up to the computer so there was no need for anyone to say my weight. A nice sticker printed out which showed my current starting weight and my 10% weight loss goal. This sticker was placed on my weight loss book and was handed to me. I liked the privacy that Weight Watchers provides, even when attending a meeting.

I then went into the adjoining room and took a seat in the back to wait for the meeting to begin. I was the only new person for the week but I didn’t feel uncomfortable. The meeting started and the Weight Watchers leader introduced herself. She welcomed all the new people (that was me!), and then proceeded on with the meeting. The first part of the meeting is the “celebrations” portion where small awards are given out for meeting weight loss goals. People who were on their second week of the program received a book mark, those who had lost 5 pounds received a star to put on their bookmark, and those who had achieved their 10% weight loss goal received a Weight Watchers key chain.

The meeting then proceeded to the weekly topic which dealt with handling holiday get togethers and specifically dealing with food. Each week has a different topic. People participated by sharing what had worked for them in the past, and I found their suggestions very helpful. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes and since I was new I was asked to stay afterwards to have the leader review the Weight Watchers program with me. While preparing a weight loss program, the resurge review will play a vital role. The preparation of the program will be done based on the pros and cons of the supplements. There should be no adverse effect on the health and brain of the person. The results will be derived excellent  for excessive weight loss of the body. 

Following the meeting I met with the group leader. She explained the program to me and provided me a few getting started guides. I learned how to calculate food points and learned about the difference between the Weight Watchers plans, specifically the flex and core plans.

I left my first Weight Watchers meeting feeling very optimistic. I was proud of myself for actually going to the meeting, and for taking this giant first step to achieving my weight loss goals.