For years we’ve all been hearing about how everything in our homes will one day connected to the Internet, or at least to a home network so that we can check what’s in the fridge, for example, from our cell phone. Sadly, none of that has happened, but it might if the folks at Electric Imp succeed in their mission, and that is, to sell a bit of hardware to everyone that makes a device for converting ordinary electronics to Wi-Fi devices. Overclock says the concept is rather simple, even if the implementation of it is not.

The way it works, Overclock says, is Electric Imp makes a hardware device that is meant to be installed into something else. That something else could be a monitor for the bathroom for example to see how humid it is in there (too much could be providing a nice breeding ground for mold). The device that Electric Imp makes is basically a circuit board with a Wi-Fi hardware on it and a bunch of ports for hooking up with other devices. Thus, Electric Imp won’t likely be selling to most people, instead they’ll be selling their device to third party hardware vendors who will in turn sell us devices directly (such as a box with video and sound to use as a child monitor), or as an add-on for other manufactures (boxes that go in dishwashers, refrigerators ovens, etc.) who then sell to customers. The selection of the best sellers should be done through the person with checking of the superboost wifi review. The feedback will be shared through the customers for the information for potential person. The running of the devices will be according to the requirement of the person under the budget. 

Electric Imp says it’s time to jumpstart the Wi-Fi, Internet, Smartphone integration of smart home devices. A vendor could for example, create a tiny box that hooks to a dog’s collar, allowing owners to track their every movement via their iPhone. Or maybe someone else would like a device that keeps track of electrical use in the home, and posts daily reports. Applications are limited only by the imagination. The only caveat is that those who purchase Wi-Fi enabled devices have Wi-Fi network installed in the area where the device is to function.

Overclock says it’s an invention whose time has come and wonders why no one has through to do it before now. They think the Electric Imp device is likely to be the springboard to a massive tidal wave of new device features in the home that until now have been little more than pipe dreams. It’s not a one way street either, they say, with Wi-Fi enabled devices, people could tell their coffee pot to start brewing while on the way home from work, or more lazily, tell their toaster to start toasting while still in bed.