Even if you do not visit a haunted house during Halloween season, you can step into several worlds of horror using your home computer. Haunted house games mix scares, monsters and puzzles with your keyboard and mouse. Halloween games like haunted house games are a quick way to celebrate the holiday and bypass time. You can host these games on online servers and can rent from fatalityservers. The servers are really affordable and easy to use. You can host and play your favorite games along with your friends and family as well.

Play this collection of free haunted house games that provide a variety of style and hauntings.

Arcade Cabin Haunted House

This haunted house game is sponsored by K-Mart and starts players off right in the middle of the house. Players select a character costume using actual costumes from K-Mart. The keyboard controls the character as he travels from to room. Collect candy to earn health and find the four missing items to win the game.

Hidden Spirits: Paranormal Investigation Halloween Game

Enter a haunted hotel and explore the different rooms in the History.com game “Hidden Spirits.” Take the role of a rookie investigator that must work five nights at a hotel and discover the different haunted clues.

The game uses real life history to explain the back story and give details to players. Use the mouse to select real ghost collection tools like a camera and sound recorder. There are several rooms in the hotels to explore and find ghosts. Keep the sound turned up to get the full game experience.

Caverns of Blood Virtual Haunted House

Click on various interactive games in the “Virtual Haunted House” on Caverns of Blood. Move the mouse around the different areas of the digital house and small animated creatures will pop up. When you click on the creature, a animated file will play to show the scare.

There are more than 10 different hauntings to click on and explore through the house.

Fun Brain – One False Move

Learn math and use it to escape a Haunted House. Click on the numbers from lowest to highest as fast as you can. If you miss a number, a haunting will appear on the screen and you have to use a flashlight to scare the ghost away.

The thinking game is great for children in first through third grade. The more correct numbers, the larger your score will get. A “Map” clue helps children find the next number.

MiniClip Haunted House

Turn your mouse into a virtual ghost gun as you blast away enemies in a virtual haunted house. The more creatures you kill, the more points you receive. Shoot the creatures before that attack you and make it through every room in the Haunted House.

Press “Q” on the keyboard to wear ghost goggles and see all of the hidden ghosts in the haunted houses. Each level increases the difficulty for the game.