The canister vacuum is the only real alternative to upright vacuums in the category of floorcare. Canister vacuums are so named because of the vacuum motor located in a drum, or canister, which is also where the dust and dirt is deposited. From the canister unit there is a hose which attaches to the various vacuum accessories. These include such things as a wand, beater bar, or rotating brush and are most often used to clean upholstery and carpeting.

A canister model usually has wheels attached to the bottom of the drum which allows it to move easily. Rather than pushing the unit, as with upright vacuums, canister vacuums are pulled by the hose and attachments. The movement of the unit is free and easy as the vacuum operator moves around. This results in a much easier method of facilitation because the user does not have to push and pull on a heavy unit that includes the motor, as is the case with uprights.

Canister vacuum cleaners are quite different from the usual models and they require the use of hose as mentioned above but it is quite quick and agile compared to its more erstwhile counterpart even though migliori aspirapolvere senza fili are quite popular in the bigger market but it cannot be ignored that canisters are multi-purpose models that deserve a mention.

A canister vacuum is considered to be a very versatile, multi-purpose tool for cleaning and they are generally lower in price when compared to upright vacuums. However, it is interesting to note that in the United States, the number of upright vacuums sold vastly exceeds the number of canister vacuums sold. One of the reasons for this is that people have grown up with, and are used to seeing, the upright models of vacuums being used in their homes.

But, in the rest of the world, it is the canister vac that is the more common cleaning device. Perhaps it is because of the lower cost which is often more important in other areas of the world. In Europe, which overall has a culture that is much less inclined to purchase “disposable” products, the canisters are valued because they provide more years of dependable use.

Another reason that the canister model is preferred in other parts of the world is because of how they can be used on multiple surfaces and for multiple purposes. This makes them a more versatile cleaning device as they can be used for carpeting, as well as floors. Canisters are also considered to be better at vertical surface cleaning tasks.

A canister vac will clog much less frequently than an upright vacuum. This is because they use a straight tube and a non-convoluted hose which provides for a clear path into the dust bag of the vacuum. In upright vacuums, the dust must pass through a series of curves and connections that both reduces the airflow and creates more friction, which in tun reduces the suction power and the cleaning performance. A frequent complaint about the upright vacuum cleaner is that it is prone to clogging, which not only reduces efficiency, but requires time and effort to clear and maintain.

Overall, a canister vacuum will likely cost more initially, as compared to an upright vacuum cleaner. However, over the long haul, canister vacs are more cost effective because they have less moving vacuum parts to be replaced, they are less prone to breakdown from complications due to clogging, and they have larger vacuum bags, so they need to be changed less often. Because they are also more powerful and therefore efficient, they generally require less time to clean an area, saving both time and electricity.