There are a lot of things happening in the world of education. Technology is finally making a big enough impact that teachers can feel like they are well within their right as teachers to bring things like iPads into the classroom. I know of some schools that still basically ban all new technology and they remind me a bit of ostrich with their head in the sand.

So it’s reassuring to see the following visual. As you can see below, there are now some pretty significant technology trends happening in the classroom. The guide below outlines the biggest edtech trends that you should know about. It touches on the 4 big ones of this year plus 6 more trends that we should expect to see next year.

Do you agree with the guide? It seems to be pretty well on target from where I’m sitting. What about you? What are some other trends you think should be added to this list?


  1. The usage of SMS / text messaging in the classroom
  2. Enabling students with social media
  3. Students can take more free online courses than ever before
  4. 3D printing is coming soon to a classroom near you!


  1. Universities are finally embracing e-books
  2. Counseling is going high-tech
  3. Game-based learning is leveling up
  4. BYOD is becoming a standard way to bring edtech into the classroom
  5. More schools will be putting their resources into the cloud
  6. Schools will continue to embrace open textbooks

Those are just a few of the trends we’re watching right now. There are still plenty of other big changes happening to education right now. It’s happening slowly though. Don’t get too excited now. In fact, education is notorious as an industry that takes it’s time to revolutionize. That’s because there are so many moving parts, vested interests, and a lot at stake. You don’t want to screw up a student’s future or understanding of a key concept just because you chose to embrace a few wrong trends. It’s a tough call, so do your research on all these trends!