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Every company that is selling a product or service utilizes what is called a marketing communications mix. This mix consists of five things; advertising, sales promotions, public relations, personal selling and direct marketing (Armstrong  amp; Kotler, 2006). Each category involves individual specific tools to communicate with consumers.

Recently I bought a new 2007 Ford Mustang from Sanderson Ford here in Phoenix. I utilized the internet first to research how much I was willing to spend and who had the best inventory close to my residence. After my research narrowed down a couple of dealerships to visit, I then went to these dealerships to see what they had to offer. The dealerships both utilized the personal selling approach as neither had any promotions going on at the time. Sanderson Ford had the best personal selling approach as it was no pressure and the inventory that the salesperson showed me allowed me to have choices on the vehicle I wanted. I was able to haggle with the salesperson to finally get the car at the price I wanted. I think the no-pressure sales approach is the best marketing tool that a car dealership can promote because everyone knows how car salespeople can be pushy for a sale. Because the dealership was so easy to deal with I have recommended this dealership to my friends and family when they need a new vehicle.

I also purchase Honey-Nut Cheerios on a more regular basis. The reason that I choose this cereal over others is because it appeals to the whole family. It has the sweetness that appeals to the kids and the nutrition that appeals to us as adults. The advertising of Cheerios is what mainly attracted me to this brand and the sales promotions kept me as a customer. Seeing the advertising in magazines and on television brought this product to the forefront by stressing the nutritional goodness along with the sweet taste. Usually along with the print advertising they would include a sales promotion by way of a coupon for a discount. The coupon allowed me to try the product at a discounted price which made their product stand out from the rest as far as pricing goes.

A company needs to utilize a good marketing communication mix in order to sell their product or service. The company should use more than one of the five in order to attract the most consumers but even using one like my example of Sanderson Ford can attract more customers. In my example of Sanderson Ford one thing (personal selling) led into another (direct marketing) by me acting as an advertiser for the company through recommendations. Get Expert SEO Services in San Diego for recommendations of advertisement for the firms. The charges will be under the funds of the person for increasing the rankings of the site.