When crafting information on clients’ behalf, it’s important to make sure messaging is consistent while balancing the need to keep language fresh.

Words are powerful. As a public relations professional, I use them every day for a variety of purposes. Whether I’m writing a news release or editing a bylined article, I constantly need to be aware of the words I choose. According to the late, great author Ray Bradbury, “Digression is the soul of wit.” This may be true for authors, but in communications, being succinct is key. And as a recent article asserted, there are certain words and phrases we should avoid.The Power Of Words In Brand Marketing

When we’re crafting and disseminating information on our clients’ behalf, whether through articles, pitches, marketing material or tweets, we have to make sure messaging is consistent and reflective of the organization we’re representing. Balancing this with the need to keep language fresh and avoid repetition is always a challenge.

The Power Of Words In Brand Marketing

We’ve all been in meetings where people throw out adjectives like “revolutionary”, “innovative” and “proactive”. Some might even view them as “old friends” that provide the perfect description for an idea. Instead of succumbing to this clichéd communications jargon, take advantage of words such as streamlined, progressive and forward-looking. They allow you to convey the same idea without resigning to the old standbys.

The Power Of Words In Brand Marketing

In communications, creativity is paramount; it’s what separates one agency from another. Without distinct ideas and a fresh approach, the messages we communicate become stale and yield mediocre results. As an intelligent man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” So, use your words wisely.