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In this digital age, the ever-increasing dependency on internet of things, e-commerce, and Artificial Intelligence have made life almost impossible without computers. However, the perks do not come without consequences. Where the world is accessible only with a click, it can also make your computer prone to malware, abnormally functioning operating systems, and whatnot. Therefore, these measures can protect your system from such issues. Moreover, you can also check out for more such tips and solutions. 

  1. The most common threat is, spyware attacks: The most common of them all is Remote Access Trojan. They can easily invade your privacy and access all the confidential data. It is important to deal with this issue before it actually infects your system. This can be done with the timely updates of security fixes, anti-spyware, and besides that, you should also take special care with the issue of phishing as that is also increasing day after day. 
  2. Firewalls: it is a great measure to ensure safety since we are always connected to the internet. It is a network security system that filters and manages the incoming as well as outgoing network traffic. However, it is an additional measure and not the only measure to protect your system. It has a diverse range and can be chosen depending on personal usage and needs. 
  3. Trusted antivirus software is the first towards cybersecurity, it is quite vital to choose an antivirus that has real-time scanning, is not fake and does not have an embedded malware falsely disguised as software. There are a few options in the market that cater to such needs. Hence, investing in a good antivirus software even if it is a bit costly is justified.
  4. Keeping your computers clean. This is something, all have heard of but only a few really implement. Apart from cybersecurity, keeping your computers clean works wonders on increasing their life and preventing malfunctioning of the operating system. As overtime dust particle starts to accumulate on your device affecting its performance. 
  5. Carrying them correctly: another crucial step is to carry them correctly to prevent spilling, cracked screens, weather damage, and a few other odds and ends. For that, you can get yourself protective cases and get your devices insured as well. 
  6. Encryption is the key: Your Computer hosts a lot of sensitive data that can be protected through encryption which prevents any invasive activity. It demotivated any hacker to break through your system as encrypted data requires a lengthy process to decrypt it. There is no dearth of such resources and hence, it would be easy to access a reliable one. In fact, different options are available for your PC as well as mobile phones to access and use your data safely. 
  7. Using a VPN is another such encryption resource, while you work. It creates a wall of the server and provides a choice on location. It is extremely useful to prevent your work from falling prey to any malware activities.

These are the top 7 tips that you need to keep in mind in order to take proper care of your computer without spending any extra money.