Pokemon Go is one of the most popular augmented reality games available to be played on smartphones. The game got many people addicted as soon as it was released and in fact, became the most downloaded one within a month of its release. The game involves collecting Pokemon which are virtual characters to collect and engage them in battles. A player can engage in collecting and training pokemon that can be captured virtually from real geographic locations around a player. This is done by using The GPS of mobile phones. 

The game is available for IOS and Android users. The game started with around 200 Pokemon species that can be located and captured by the players virtually. However, the game pushed many updates and thus the number of pokemon available have hiked up to 600. The game has also promoted itself as a means of increasing physical activity as players are supposed to walk and locate pokemon around them. The game has various attractive features to gather the player’s interest which often turns into an addiction. Players can use the money to buy various in-game purchases that can add up to the items in the game. 

Which Pokemon Is The Best In The Game? 

The game features various pokemon and the numbers are on a continuous hike as there are updates now and then featuring new pokemon with various abilities. With so many pokemon available and that too with varying abilities, it is often difficult to rate them. However, one can rate them based on their types and abilities. One can rate the pokemon based on their strengths like raiding, defending and attacking. Also, on needs to look at different basis on which they can be ranked. 

Which Are The 6 Best Attacker Pokemon In Pokemon GO? 

Damage amount matters a lot when one is ranking attack pokemon. However, the damage amount varies according to the level of Pokemon, they can be ranked fairly by considering their base damage. Following are the top 6 attacking pokemon: 

  • Mewtwo

Mewtwo is considered to have the best damage even though it’s moving are not that perfect. Shadow Ball is the charged move while confusion is the quick move which Mewtwo performs. 

  • Rayquaza 

Rayquaza is the second-best in terms of damage and exceptional moves. This Pokemon is considered to be dominating against many others. 

  • Kyogre 

Kyogre turns out to be one of the best when it comes to water attacks. It is the best water type pokemon. The waterfall is the quick move performed by Kyogre while hydro jump is its charged move. 

  • Lucario 

Lucario is a quick attacking Pokemon that can take down one of the top defenders easily through quick attacks. The counter is the quick move of this Pokemon while aura sphere is the charged move. 

  • Dragonite

Dragonite turns out to be one of the strongest Pokemon that can win battles easily through the quick move called dragon tail and a charged move called outrage. 

  • Garchomp 

Garchomp is a similar Pokemon to Dragonite and has similar attacks too. It also has the same quit move and charged move called dragon tail and outrage respectively. The only difference is that it is less bulky than Dragonite. 

The above 6 pokemon can be considered the best attackers in Pokemon GO. A player can win battles and attack gyms successfully by using the above six pokemon. It is difficult to read the best Pokemon how to all pokemon available but one can surely read the best attackers and defenders based upon their base ratings. Pokemon Go is a great game with lots of interesting pokemon available and a lot more awaited in the coming updates. One can also visit online Pokemon shops like https://pokemongoaccshop.com/ and have enhanced gaming experience.