The gaming of Pokemon GO is one of the interesting gameplay ever. Elite charged TM is an item from pokemon GO items that provide access to different moves for pokemon’s move by choosing a new move that pokemon can grasp. 

However, elite charged TM is one of the special items of pokemon GO feature that allow the trainer to have better gameplay. We are here suggesting for best elite charged TM in pokemon GO that has a differentiation between regular charged TM and elite ones. To attain comprehensive comprehension, continue reading until the end. 

What is elite charged TM in pokemon go?

When you are in a battleground with other trainers, then it is required that your pokemon has a smooth movement so that they can sustain the battle for a longer period. Additionally, these elite TM can be attained by the trainer as a prize in season end. Pokemon GO is all about winning various prizes when you compete in GO battle league.

New prizes allow you to have more powerful moves for GBL along with various raids. It is necessary to grasp that using their elite TMs, in the beginning, shouldn’t be practiced. Wasting your powerful and exclusive moves on less powerful pokemon is nothing but useless. With the elite charge, TM exclusive move that pokemon can learn is psychic type move, shadow ball. This one has 100 base power also can be taught to numerous pokemon from spoink to gardevoir. Legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo, can only be taught from an elite charge TM, and that is the only one. 

Mewtwo is easy to teach with shadow ball; however, only through an event that has passed long ago. This particular reason plays a vital role in proving its best use of an elite charger TM that is available in legacy moves. Mewtwo’s power can be used in smacking down in tough battle due to its exclusive moves and power. Pro players would have surely able to nab a Mewtwo of their own in the Kanto throwback event. 

For attaining shadow ball, the new catch is perfect for using an elite charged TM. Players having this specific move-in pokemon GO battle can be proven miraculous in both PVE and PVP battles. At the beginning of the new season, pro players and even newbies would want to attain ranks for attaining prizes such as elite charged TMs. If you are at home, then it is best to play or finish the game also can use this time for completion of the Johto throwback event that is currently taking place. So, we can say that it is home-friendly as well. 

For winning elite-charged TMs, prize players can surely look forward to seeing dot community day event that introduces the shiny versions of seed’s changing line. You can now start playing pokemon GO on your android and iOS devices as it is free to use over there. 

Types of Elite TMs

Two types of elite TMs can be attained as a reward in the battleground league. 

Elite fast TM: in this particular technical machine, you can choose a fast attack to teach to a pokemon. 

Elite charge TM: this one allows you to choose a charged attack for teaching to a pokemon. 

Both of these TMs help have a special advantage in-game that you lack in normal TMs. 

Elite TMs

Having elite TMs is different as here you get to choose the move that your pokemon will learn, and it can be surely turned out to be helpful for you. Teaching pokemon legacy and community day exclusive moves would be helpful surely. For attaining elite TMs as reward trainer has to reach rank seven or above in GBL. These elite are rare and highly valuable in the game. 

Normal TMS

When it comes to normal TMs, then pokemon gets to learn a random fast or charge from the current move pool. It is easily available with participation in GBL matches or raid battles. These regular TMs are valuable, however, not rare as elite ones.

The final judgment 

in the final judgment, we can conclude to the aspect that elite charged TMs is the best thing to win as the reward at the end of the season when you have win GBL. Unlike regular charge TMs, the elite one is different, which not teaches pokemon a new random move but an exclusive pokemon move that will help defeat your competitor in tough battle. 

Additionally, it is incredible for players to attain in a battle league that would simply add to their powers in the gameplay, which is surely a plus point in every battle that you would be participating in. We hope the details stated above make sense to you in the comprehension of the best elite charged TMs in GBL.